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That Darn Cat is a 1997 comedy thriller film that is directed by Bob Spiers and produced by Robert Simonds. It is a remake of the 1965 movie of the same name. The film stars Christina Ricci, Doug E. Doug, and Dean Jones in leading roles. It tells the story of a cat who helps the FBI solve a kidnapping case. The movie begins with a narration of how the protagonist - Patti Randall (played by Ricci), a young teenage girl, hates her dull hometown of Edgefield, Massachusetts. However, her life takes a swift turn when she finds out that bank teller Zeke Kelso (played by Doug E. Doug) has been kidnapped by two robbers - "Lizard" and "The Beard." Patti soon realizes that the kidnappers used her cat, D.C. (short for Darn Cat), to deliver a plea for help to her via a watch bracelet. Patti takes her concerns to the FBI office in Boston, where she is met by Special Agents Zeke Kelso (Jones) and Peter Strickland (Peter Boyle). While the FBI initially dismisses her claims, they later decide to take her seriously and use D.C. to lead them to the kidnapped Kelso. The rest of the movie follows Patti, D.C., and the FBI as they attempt to solve the case and track down the kidnappers. They soon find evidence that suggests that the kidnappers are part of a bigger crime ring that includes illegal animal trading. Patti and Kelso become closer as they work together to solve the case. Kelso is shown to be a jazz musician who tries to connect with Patti through their shared love of music. Meanwhile, Patti's parents are constantly away, so she finds solace in her friendship with D.C. As the investigation deepens, Patti and the FBI team find a connection between the kidnappers and some local business owners. They use D.C. to obtain crucial evidence, which helps them to piece together the final parts of the puzzle. In the end, the FBI triumphs, and the kidnappers are brought to justice. Kelso is rescued, and Patti is hailed as a hero for her role in the resolution of the case. The movie’s soundtrack is a mix of 90s pop and jazz numbers, which add to the film's playful tone. The movie also features several references and nods to the original 1965 movie, such as the “D.C.” nickname for the cat, and the various antics that the cat gets up to throughout the film. Overall, That Darn Cat is a playful and entertaining family movie that showcases Christina Ricci's noteworthy performance skills in her younger years. With a catchy soundtrack, a comedic mystery, and a cute furry lead character, it makes for a fun movie that the whole family can enjoy.

That Darn Cat is a Kids & Family, Comedy movie released in 1996. It has a runtime of 89 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 36.

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Bob Spiers
Christina Ricci, Doug E. Doug, George Dzundza, Peter Boyle, Michael McKean, Bess Armstrong
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