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Great World of Sound is a drama/comedy movie about two men who become music talent scouts in search of the next breakout artist. Martin (Pat Healy) and Clarence (Kene Holiday) are hired by a record company called Great World of Sound to travel around the South, holding auditions in hotel rooms and club basements for potential stars.

At first, the two men are enthusiastic about their job, but as they travel further into the South and audition more and more people, they begin to realize that their job is not what they thought it was. They are asked to take money from the performers in exchange for a demo tape, and it is quickly revealed that their job is more akin to a scam. Martin is more ethical and wrestles with his conscience, while Clarence is more of a seasoned veteran, matter-of-factly stating that "it is just business."

As they continue their journey, the auditions become more ridiculous and the performers more desperate. They meet a man who performs a "soundtrack to his life" and a woman who sings an ode to her cat. They also find themselves mixed up with some unsavory characters who threaten them with violence if they don't pay up for some questionable promotional materials.

The film takes a humorous look at the entertainment industry, but also carries a deeper message about the exploitation of artists. The performers are all amateurs, and many of them are from disadvantaged backgrounds. They see their audition as a chance to make it big, but they are taken advantage of by Martin and Clarence, who are also pawns in a larger scheme to make money for the record company.

The acting is strong, with Pat Healy and Kene Holiday both delivering nuanced performances. They play off each other well, with Martin's increasing idealism contrasting with Clarence's jaded pragmatism. John Baker also delivers a strong performance as Delbert, a fellow talent scout who tries to warn Martin of the shady tactics of the record company.

The cinematography is also well-done, capturing the seedy underbelly of the South through its dingy hotel rooms and dark alleyways. The music in the film is also noteworthy, with performances ranging from country to hip hop to gospel.

Overall, Great World of Sound is an entertaining film that shines a light on the exploitation of artists and the cutthroat nature of the entertainment industry. While it may be a bit unsettling at times, it is also a heartfelt reminder that the pursuit of one's dreams should not come at the cost of one's integrity.

Great World of Sound is a Comedy, Drama, Music movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 106 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 72.

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Craig Zobel
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