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Check Point is a thrilling action movie from 2017, directed by Thomas J. Churchill, and starring Kenny Johnson, Bill Goldberg, and William Forsythe. The plot of the movie surrounds a group of veterans who come together to stop a terrorist attack on their small town in New Mexico. Churchill draws on his experience as a US army veteran to create a realistic portrayal of a group of heroes who are willing to risk everything to protect their community.

The story begins with a bizarre incident where a mysterious individual washes up on the shores of a small town in New Mexico. This event leads to a sequence of events that threatens the safety of the community as a dangerous group of terrorists plan on planting a catastrophic bomb that would lead to loss of lives and devastation.

The main character of the story, Sergeant Jack Myers (Kenny Johnson), is an ex-soldier who is trying to adjust to life after returning home. Jack is a former Green Beret and has seen combat, but now he is struggling to find meaning in his life. The movie smoothly delves into Jack's backstory to showcase his struggle with PTSD and the effect it has had on his personal life. One night while at a diner, Jack and his friend TJ (Tyler Mane) overhear a conversation between a group of shady-looking men that don't sound very friendly. Jack instantly senses that something dangerous is going on and reports it to a local police chief.

From there, the plot picks up speed with the group of veterans, led by Jack, teaming up with the sheriff (William Forsythe) and his men to stop the terrorists from carrying out their plan. But as they investigate further, they realize that the terrorist threat may be only the tip of the iceberg. Soon, the group discovers that the terrorists have planted a bomb at a popular checkpoint, where they plan on attacking innocent civilians.

The group of veterans is a powerhouse team, each character bringing their own unique strengths and experiences to the table. Goldberg, playing the character of T.J, the chaotic but loyal sidekick of Jack's, delivers a humorous tone to the movie, and the audience is continually kept on the edge of their seats with the twists and turns of the story. William Forsythe's character, Sheriff Streak, is a true-blue western lawman who is fair and just — but more than capable of holding his own in the face of danger.

One of the high points of this movie is the action sequences where the veterans go body-to-body with the terrorists. The perfect blend of sound effects and camera angles make the action scenes thrilling to watch. The movie is packed with exciting shootouts, high-speed chases, and heart-stopping moments of tension.

The movie also dives into the dynamics of PTSD and how it affects soldiers as they try to adjust to life outside of the military. The audience can see that each of the veteran characters has been profoundly affected by their experiences in the war. The emotional depth of the story is balanced with a fast-paced action antidote that keeps the audience engrossed from beginning to end.

In conclusion, Check Point is a movie that does not disappoint action lovers. The movie packs a lot of excitement and has a strong underlying message of patriotism and teamwork. The military-inspired story of regular people taking on the difficult task of keeping their country safe is inspiring, and the message is clear: there are everyday heroes all around us. Thomas J. Churchill successfully directs the brilliant cast of skilled actors to deliver an action-packed thrill ride of a movie. There are not many movies out there that have a combination of patriotism, action, and emotional depth like Check Point.

Check Point is a Action movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.2..

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