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Angels Crest is a moving drama film from 2011 that portrays a small community in rural Montana and how they cope with the tragic loss of a young child.

The movie introduces the viewers to the main character, a young father named Ethan (played by Thomas Dekker), who takes his three-year-old son Nate on a hunting trip in the winter woods. After a brief moment of distraction, Ethan loses sight of his son, and when he turns back, Nate is nowhere to be seen. Despite desperate efforts to find him, Nate is eventually found dead from exposure to the cold. This tragic event shakes the town, and Ethan is quickly blamed for not watching his son.

As the movie progresses, viewers get to see how the small town's people deal with the devastating loss of a child. The townspeople begin to blame Ethan for his son's death, and he becomes an outcast in the community. Ethan's ex-girlfriend, Cindy (played by Lynn Collins), is particularly angry at him and blames him for Nate's death. Meanwhile, Ethan's mother (played by Elizabeth McGovern) tries to hold her family together through the ordeal while coming to terms with her own tragic past.

The movie also introduces other characters who are connected to the central story and who deal with loss in different ways. There's the local sheriff (played by Jeremy Piven) who is investigating Nate's death and has to navigate the complex emotions of the town. There's also the town's bar owner (played by Mira Sorvino) who offers comfort to Ethan but has her own issues to deal with.

As the movie progresses, the characters' stories overlap and intersect in interesting ways. Through their struggles and emotions, the movie explores themes of grief, love, forgiveness, and redemption. It shows how the tragic loss of a child can tear a community apart but also bring them together in unexpected ways. The film's portrayal of the human condition is raw and realistic, reminding viewers of the inescapable nature of loss and pain.

What sets Angels Crest apart is its ability to portray deep emotions without reducing the plot to melodrama. While the movie is heart-wrenching, it never feels exploitative or manipulative. Instead, the film focuses on its characters, using their experiences and emotions to create an emotionally charged yet respectful story.

The cinematography and the setting of the movie are also worth mentioning. The film's shots of the Montana landscape in winter are breathtaking, and the contrast between the starkness of the forest and the warmth of the town's homes is particularly striking. The soundtrack is also evocative and haunting, amplifying the emotions of the film's poignant moments.

In conclusion, Angels Crest is a moving drama that tackles challenging themes with sincerity and realism. Its portrayal of a small town grappling with loss is both heart-wrenching and respectful, offering viewers a glimpse into the complex emotions that accompany tragedy. The acting, direction, and storytelling all come together to create a memorable and emotionally charged film. This is a movie that will stick with you long after the credits roll.

Angels Crest is a Drama movie released in 2011. It has a runtime of 92 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 38.

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