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365 Days: This Day is a direct sequel to the controversial and widely-discussed film 365 Days (also known as 365 DNI), which premiered in 2020. The sequel, which was released in 2022, continues the steamy narrative that left audiences divided with its portrayal of romance and dynamics of power. Both films are based on a trilogy of novels by Polish author Blanka Lipińska, which have gained a significant following for their adult-themed content and complex relationships.

This sequel brings back Anna-Maria Sieklucka as the protagonist Laura Biel and Michele Morrone as the enigmatic and domineering Don Massimo Torricelli. Their fiery chemistry is a core component of the storytelling, as they explore the dynamics of their relationship following the events of the first film. Simone Susinna joins the cast, adding a new layer of tension and intrigue to the plot.

As we delve into 365 Days: This Day, we find Laura and Massimo attempting to navigate the complexities of their intense relationship, which has emerged from a darkly unconventional beginning. The storyline picks up where its predecessor left off, following the fraught romance between the two primary characters as they grapple with trust, loyalty, love, and the demons from their past. Laura, hailing from a more modest lifestyle, continues to acclimate to the lavishly opulent world of Massimo, who is a member of the Sicilian mafia.

The film showcases an array of expensive locations, luxurious lifestyles, extravagant parties, and high fashion. The aesthetic is one of polished grandeur, ensnaring the audience in a beautifully shot backdrop that is meant to visually echo the passion and intensity of Laura and Massimo's relationship.

The sequel intensifies as Laura and Massimo enter the world of matrimony, with Laura striving to find her place within Massimo's realm, not just as a lover but as a partner with her own voice and power. Yet, her transition into this role is anything but smooth. The couple faces myriad challenges that test their bond. Trust issues surface, and with Massimo's notorious controlling tendencies, Laura must assert herself to avoid losing her identity.

A significant aspect of 365 Days: This Day is its exploration of Laura's psychological journey. As she adjusts to her new life, she is confronted with the difficult task of maintaining her sense of self while being enveloped in the dangers and opulence of Massimo's world. This internal conflict is compounded by external threats that loom over their relationship, including rival mafia factions and betrayal within Massimo's inner circle.

Adding a spicy twist to the narrative, a rival love interest is introduced in the form of Nacho, portrayed by Simone Susinna. This character sets the stage for a complex love triangle that serves as the main source of conflict and dramatic tension throughout the film. Nacho's presence forces Laura to reflect on her choices and desires, challenging her beliefs about what she wants from her relationship with Massimo and from life itself.

365 Days: This Day has been crafted with the intent to surpass the graphic sensuality of its predecessor. The film relies heavily on erotic scenes, presenting them with a highly stylized cinematic approach. These moments are choreographed to capture the rawness of the characters’ physical connections while attempting to delve deeper into their emotional landscape.

Criticism around the franchise often focuses on the film's representation of romance and consensual dynamics. The first film sparked debates due to its controversial handling of these themes, and the sequel continues to navigate these contentious waters. Yet, the filmmakers seem intent on embracing this divisiveness, pushing boundaries and aiming to both shock and entice their audience.

This sequel adds layers of complexity to its characters, providing backstories that attempt to humanize and rationalize their actions and creating arcs that reveal vulnerabilities. Strong themes throughout the film include possession, jealousy, redemption, and the quest for true partnership versus mere ownership.

Fans of the first 365 Days film will find in 365 Days: This Day a continuation of the elements they enjoyed: the whirlwind romance, opulence, danger, and the deepening relationship between Laura and Massimo. For new viewers, the film provides an entrée into a world where love and power collide in equal measure.

365 Days: This Day aims to provide audiences with an escape into a world of glamor, intensity, and drama. Both the returning and new characters guide viewers through a labyrinth of passions as they uncover what truly lies beneath their desires, fears, and connections. As a provocative and bold piece of cinematic escapism, it strives to leave a lasting impression on those who are drawn to tales of passionate and complex love.

365 Days: This Day is a Romance, Drama movie released in 2022. It has a runtime of 110 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 2.7..

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