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Up the Town
Wrexham faces either promotion or the dreaded playoffs.

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Worst Case Scenario
With promotion still up in the air, co-Chairmen Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds bring in friends and sponsors to help raise the club's profile.

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Family Business
Family is everything for the members of Wrexham AFC; meeting the fathers, mothers,daughters and sons behind some key people.

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Hand of Foz
Wrexham AFC and Notts County clash at the Racecourse in the biggest match in the history of the National League.

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Yn Codi
The Wrexham women's team battles for promotion and tries to set a Welsh attendance record at the Racecourse.

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The darkest day in Wrexham history looms over the team and town as they try to shift to a winning mentality.

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Glove Triangle
The return of Rob Lainton complicates the goalie situation while Co-Chairmen Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds make a difficult roster decision.

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The Grind
Injuries, the weather and a brutal schedule test Wrexham AFC as the team enters do or die time.

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Giant Killers
The FA Cup provides Wrexham a chance to live up to its storied past and to take on teams playing many leagues above them.

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The most dominant football team in Wales takes the pitch as it races toward promotion while players juggle their day jobs.

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First Losers
After a second place finish last season and with Notts County challenging for first place, Wrexham AFC focuses on building a winning mentality.

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Shaun's Vacation
Some self-inflicted chaos unfolds in Wrexham, thanks to co-chairmen Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, much to the frustration of Executive Director Humphrey Ker.

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Nott Yet
Wrexham is playing well but their hopes for promotion are under threat thanks to the amazing play of a surging rival, Notts County.

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The Quiet Zone
Wrexham striker Paul Mullin tackles challenges on and off the pitch; introducing Wrexham superfan Millie Tipping.

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Welcome Back to Wrexham
A new football season begins as the town, the team and owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney prepare to welcome King Charles III.

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Welcome to Wrexham is an awe-inspiring television docuseries that keeps us riveted by providing a behind-the-scenes look into a different kind of sporting venture. What sets this series apart is that its subjects are not regular sports tycoons but beloved Hollywood actors, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds. This captivating series first premiered in 2022 and has quickly garnered plaudits for its inspirational narrative, witty writing, and intriguing concept. The series follows Reynolds and McElhenney, who are best known for their on-screen roles, as they step into their new off-screen responsibilities of becoming Wrexham AFC's owners, one of the oldest football clubs in Wales. It documents their journey in their new role, tracking the hopes, dreams, and challenges they experience while attempting to reinvigorate this community-based football team. Touching on various elements such as the culture of soccer in the United Kingdom, the financial responsibilities of owning a team, the local community's involvement and support, and the unique ups and downs in managing a high-pressured sporting institution; the show does a commendable job blending sports, culture, and entertainment. But it isn't just about Reynolds and McElhenney's journey; this series also focuses heavily on the Wrexham community and their unwavering support for Wrexham AFC. The town's residents, club staff, and hardcore fans are also in the spotlight, sharing their perspectives on the club's current direction under new management. The deep-seated love for soccer within these individuals wonderfully highlights the profound influence sports can have on communities, transcending categorical boundaries such as age, occupation, or social class. Welcome to Wrexham has dynamic characters, both in the stars and the townsfolk, but it's the unique storyline that truly stands out. Many celebrity sports team owners have existed in the past, but few have had their experiences documented so candidly. This stirring exploration offers audiences worldwide a chance to follow along as their favorite actors transition from the glamour of Hollywood to the raw, unfiltered world of grassroots football. There are genuinely emotive moments that resonate with viewers and show the real emotional investment Reynolds and McElhenney have in the team and their drive to lead it to renewed success. Beyond the day-to-day management and decisions, the series beautifully encapsulates their motivations to restore the club to its former glory and the local pride associated with Wrexham. The series is also not void of humor, as the candid, sometimes hilarious interactions between Reynolds and McElhenney provide an unexpected yet refreshing comedic touch. Their chemistry is undeniable, allowing audiences to experience not just the heavy, real-world decisions, but also the intentional (and unintentional) humor these two friends bring to the table. Adding to Welcome to Wrexham's appeal is the creative direction led by executive producers Nick Frenkel and Humphrey Ker, who do a phenomenal job capturing the essence of both the football and acting worlds. Their storytelling expertise shines brilliantly, turning this potentially mundane subject into a riveting docuseries. Welcome to Wrexham provides a fascinating look into both the business and human aspects of owning a sports team. It's a series daring to bridge the gap between Hollywood and grassroots soccer, illustrating the struggles, victories, high-stakes, and unifying spirit encapsulated within the world of sports team ownership. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, a fan of either McElhenney or Reynolds, or just someone who loves a good, high-quality television series, this series hooks you and keeps you eagerly anticipating each upcoming episode. In summary, Welcome to Wrexham is an engaging, highly watchable TV series that seamlessly blends sport, culture, drama, and entertainment. At its heart, it's a fascinating exploration of what happens when two Hollywood actors purchase a historic football club, place their stake in the ground, and embark on a journey to elevate it to its former sporting glory with unparalleled spirit, passion, and a healthy dose of humor.

Welcome to Wrexham is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 33 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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