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Obligations Under the Taxation Act
As the Australian Tax Office launches an investigation into World Wide Group's shady tax management, Ray attempts to consolidate his relationship with his ex-wife and daughter.

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Systems Analysis
While Don's stomach problems force him to see a psychologist, Ray tries to sell the Dog Wash franchise.

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Diversification of Capital
Don escapes his creditors when he and Ray film a late night TV ad for the Don's Dirty Dog Wash franchise.

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Export Fluctuations
After he asks his estranged daughter to do the graphic design for the Dog Wash, Ray tells Don why they stopped speaking six years ago.

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Human Resources
Don's plans to start up a dog wash franchise are interrupted when his kids turn up at the office.

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Basics of Team Building
Don needs a senior journalist for the World Wide Group, and finds Ray, a former journalist with The Australian.

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Very Small Business is an Australian television comedy series that aired in 2008, presented by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The six-part series stars renowned actor Kym Gyngell, who is known for his comedic prowess and has a career spanning several decades in Australian theatre, film and television.

The series features Gyngell in the exaggerated yet strikingly realistic character of Don Angel, a small-time entrepreneur with lofty aspirations. A skilled yet somewhat problematic businessman, Don Angel is the proud proprietor of the "Worldwide Business Group", a meager organization that showcases an array of underperforming small businesses.

Don's business empire mostly consists of publications with minimal circulation such as The Menswear Dog magazine or the Yachting Mishap Monthly. However, this "business king" has a flare for everything and everyone unique, no matter how eccentric. Nonetheless, his professional zeal combined with a lack of in-depth knowledge tends to create comedic, sometimes disastrous situations, providing the show with an abundance of hilarious moments, misunderstandings and wonderfully clumsy spectacles of entrepreneurship.

Very Small Business takes a delightful, revelatory look at the life of a man who, despite having the odds stacked against him, is relentless in his pursuit of business success. His offices are located in the back of an old warehouse and his lonely career seems as disheveled as his personal life. Don is a deft amalgamation of a deluded entrepreneur, a tragic character, and a person trying to make sense of the late capitalist era, making him both endearing and incredibly funny.

When it comes to Don's staff, it's a two-man operation, with the inclusion of Ray Leonard (Wayne Hope). Ray is an ethically conscientious, suburban-based journalist who's been hired by Don to write for his various niche magazines. A fine example of an introverted and somewhat neurotic character, Ray's professional life takes a sharp turn for the hilarious when he accepts Don's offer, and it is Ray and Don's interaction which forms the soul of the series.

The extraordinary dynamic between the two is a significant aspect of the show's appeal. Don’s audacity and ceaseless determination are in stark contrast with Ray’s anxiety and hesitations. Consequently, the humorous synergy between Gyngell and Hope is consistently delightful and forms the core of the show.

The clever writing, combined with stellar performances from Gyngell and Hope, makes Very Small Business a smart, funny and entirely authentic portrayal of small business life in suburban Australia. Filled with dry wit and a nuanced understanding of Australia's corporate culture, the show oscillates between hilarity and cringe-worthy moments that masterfully reflect the trials and tribulations of running a small business.

The series, created by father and son duo Wayne Hope and Robyn Butler, excels at employing subtle humor to point out the oftentimes ridiculous aspects of the business world, making it a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a hearty laugh while learning about the intricacies of Australian small business life.

The cinematography and production design are grittily realistic - the cluttered offices, the outdated computer monitors, and the vaguely despairing atmosphere are a perfect representation of struggling small businesses. This only further enhances the show's humor, providing the perfect backdrop to the chaos that ensues.

Set in the heartland of Melbourne's outer suburbs, this series thoughtfully captures the essence of small-time Australia. With its authentic characters, insightful humour, and a strong sense of place, Very Small Business is a television show that both provokes laughter and incites empathy for its well-meaning though slightly misguided characters.

Very Small Business provides a unique, whimsical, and reflective take on the often mismatched readiness and reality of owning and operating a small business. With both light-hearted comedy and relatable characters, the show presents an opportunity for viewers to immerse themselves in the intricacies of entrepreneurship in suburban Australia - making it a hugely enjoyable watch.

Very Small Business is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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