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From the creators of Full Metal Jousting, now comes TILT. TILT is a reality series full of action and humor traveling the world with the crazy sport of Jousting.

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Episode 9
It's come down to the Final Table of the World Championships of Poker and only one player will be left standing. Which one, is yet to be determined, but the winner will certainly take all.

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Episode 8
Eddie (Eddie Cibrian), Clark (Todd Williams) and Miami (Kristin Lehman) step up their play, picking off Matador's (Michael Madsen) cohorts one by one to advance in the World Poker Championships. In addition to hustling the players around him, Clark hustles the FBI to get his former associates off his back.

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Episode 7
To secure a legitimate minority stake in the Colorado, the Matador (Michael Madsen) must win the bracelet at the World Championship of Poker. He recruits Jimmy Towne, Eddie's father, for his cause.

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Episode 6
Clark (Todd Williams), Miami (Kristin Lehman) and Eddie (Eddie Cibrian) attempt to pick up the pieces after their devastating loss. Eddie visits his mother to find comfort and extra funds but stumbles upon his father instead.

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Episode 5
Molloy (Michael Murphy), Lowball (Don McManus) and The Matador (Michael Madsen) all receive a visit from a gaming commission officer, and must figure out a way to win his favor. Eddie (Eddie Cibrian), Miami (Kristin Lehman) and Clark (Todd Williams) find their stashed bankroll and decide it's time to enact their master plan.

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Episode 4
Still reeling from Seymour's (Ken Welsh) death, Eddie (Eddie Cibrian), Miami (Kristin Lehman) and Clark (Todd Williams) decide the time is near to take on the Matador (Michael Madsen). Miami grieves by throwing herself into her craft 24/7.

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Episode 3
Don "The Matador" Everest lures an old rival back to The Colorado for their annual poker dual, and insists that Eddie be at his side for the competition. As Everest takes down his nemesis with Eddie's help, Eddie gets an inside look at Matador's cheating ways.

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Episode 2
Eddie begins to make himself very public so "The Matador" will take notice and invite him into his fold. Meanwhile, Seymour continues to warn Eddie that although this is a pivotal point in their plot to bring down "The Matador", Eddie should tread lightly.

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Episode 1
Eddie Towne (Eddie Cibrian), Miami (Kristin Lehman) and Clark Marcellin (Todd Williams) - three young, determined and very able poker pros - descend upon the Colorado Casino in Las Vegas to amass a fortune and execute a scheme that will hopefully take down Don "The Matador" Everest (Michael Madsen). As the three begin to infiltrate the dark and sometimes dangerous gambling underworld, they learn that working together might be harder than working alone, and that The Matador along with his associate Bart "Lowball" Rodgers (Don McManus), has created a seemingly impenetrable wall of cohorts and underlings in his attempt to be all-knowing about all things on the Strip.

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Tilt is a dramatic television series that debuted on ESPN in 2005, delving into the hidden world of high-stakes poker. The drama unfolded in nine episodes, offering viewers a thrilling exploration of the dark underbelly of Las Vegas, the capital of indulgence and gambling. While ESPN is most recognized for broadcasting a vast variety of sports programming, Tilt proved its adeptness at delivering a scripted drama series with an intriguing edge that kept audiences episodically entertained. The series is co-created by Brian Koppelman and David Levien, the creative duo behind the cult poker film "Rounders," which garnered a considerable audience due to the recent upsurge in poker's popularity. They brought a wealth of knowledge about poker and Las Vegas to Tilt, combining both the glitz and charm of Vegas and the deep-seated world of professional poker. Tilt places the seedy world of underground poker under the microscope, as seen through the eyes of its three main characters: Eddie Towne, played by Eddie Cibrian, Miami, played by Kristin Lehman, and Clark Marcellin, played by Todd Williams. These three professional poker players have very different styles and personas but share the common goal of dethroning the poker legend, Don 'The Matador' Everest, deftly played by Michael Madsen. From unscrupulous opponents and crafty swindlers to the wealth and allure of the professional poker scene, the protagonists navigate their way through a labyrinth of intrigue, deceit, and danger. With the glittering backdrop of Las Vegas and the captivating world of poker as its core setting, Tilt provided viewers with a captivating portrayal of a landscape few have had a glimpse into. The enigmatic character of 'The Matador' is an embodiment of the poker world's glamour and ruthlessness. As the reigning king of this world, Everest's character effortlessly demonstrates the insatiable greed, cunning, and manipulative prowess that tops the ruthless landscape of professional poker. His character introduces the audience not only to the tricks of the trade but also to the deceptive maneuvers, elaborate schemes, winner-takes-all mentality, and fierce competitiveness needed to survive in this breathtaking world. But Tilt is not solely about the moral wilderness of the poker world. The series strongly emphasizes the importance of strategy, risk-taking, and portraying poker as a mind game rather than just a game of chance. It educates its audience on the intricacies of playing professional poker, its code of conduct, and some of the tactics used while providing a dramatic narrative that engrosses the viewer. The series excels in exploring the physical and psychic toll the game can have on players who get too entrenched in the competitive, high-stake environment that engulfs them. It underscores the fact that the game isn't for the faint of heart and that the flashy lights and infinite flow of cash can be menacingly deceptive. The narrative circumstances portrayed vendettas, loyalty, double-crossing, and tension that heightened with each episode, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Each episode had its fair share of twists and unexpected turns, further shedding light on the multi-faceted individual personalities of the characters. Tilt boasts an engaging blend of vivid cinematography and edgy performances, which combined to bring the quirky characters and neon-bathed Las Vegas to pulsating life. It successfully transported its viewers to the heart of Las Vegas, where fortunes can be won or lost with a single flip of a card. Though the series had a baseball atmosphere, it maintained an air of authenticity which was undoubtedly due to the input of its creators, who themselves are avid poker players and enthusiasts of the game. And while the characters may appear larger-than-life, they present an accurate representation of the uncommon and dynamic personalities that inevitably gravitate towards the extravagant world of professional poker. Despite its short run, Tilt certainly left its mark as a unique, suspense-filled drama, providing a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the immense pressures and potentially destructive tempter of high-stakes professional poker. It is a must-see for poker enthusiasts and a fascinating glimpse into human psychology, desire for power, and desperation for those unfamiliar with the poker world.

Tilt is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

Michael Madsen, Chris Bauer, Kristin Lehman
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