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Episode 8
The death of Malachi shows everyone that the investigations carried out by Bernardo Gui have not served to unravel the mysteries that surround the abbey. Adso does not give himself peace for the girl's fate and asks William to do everything to help her.

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Episode 7
The arrest and the trial of Remigio help Bernardo Gui to make the Dispute fail and to involve the Franciscans themselves in the charge of heresy. The cellarer is subjected by the inquisitor to a harsh interrogation that forces the monk to confirm all the accusations that are made against him.

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Episode 6
Anna, thanks to the fog, dresses up as a boy and manages to infiltrate the abbey. The woman is looking for Remigio to ask him to give her back the letters that Dolcino had given him before being arrested and killed.

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Episode 5
In the forest, the Occitan girl finds Anna wounded and unconscious and caring, restoring her strength. Meanwhile, at the abbey, the climate between the two delegations is increasingly hostile and wary.

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Episode 4
The autopsy on Berengario's body reveals that the monk died drowned, but William discovers strange black spots on his fingers and tongue, similar to those seen on Venantius's corpse. During the night, Baskerville and Adso succeed in entering the library again, in search of the "Finis Africae" mentioned in the code of the dead miniaturist: is it perhaps the room where the key to the crimes is hidden?

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Episode 3
Adso was the victim of a drug: one of the many tricks used to stop unwanted visits to the library. And, while William continues his investigations, the novice cannot resist the charm of the red-haired girl and flees again to meet her.

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Episode 2
On the order of Abbot Abbone, and while the death continues to upset the life of the abbey, William asks the monks to try to shed light on the facts and all traces lead straight to the library, a sort of inaccessible maze of which only the librarian knows the secrets. Meanwhile, the brutal inquisitor Bernardo Gui, directed to the abbey with his armed escort, performs a bloody massacre in a refuge of Dolciniani heretics, exterminating the family of Anna, daughter of Dolcino and Margherita.

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Episode 1
Adso, a young German soldier who wishes to take his vows, meets William from Baskerville, a cultured and intelligent Franciscan monk, and decides to follow him. The two head to a Benedictine Abbey in the Alps, famous for its library, where a dispute will take place on the role of the Church and its wealth.

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The Name of the Rose Trailer
A murder mystery in an abbey.

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The Name of the Rose is a riveting 2019 TV series, an adaptation of Umberto Eco's internationally acclaimed novel of the same name. Produced by Sundance TV and filmed in Italy, the eight-episode miniseries is a fusion of historical realism and gripping mystery, transporting viewers to a medieval world teetering on the brink of calamity. Set against the austere backdrop of a Benedictine monastery, the series is painted with an intriguing palette of mystery, faith, intrigue, and political machinations.

John Turturro leads the star-studded International cast, stepping into the shoes of the Franciscan friar William of Baskerville, once a renowned inquisitor known for his astute logical reasoning. Alongside him, German actor Damian Hardung portrays the role of Adso, Baskerville's novice apprentice, who also serves as the narrator of the story, documenting the dangerous journey in a manuscript.

The plot unfurls in the 14th Century, when Baskerville and Adso arrive at a secluded Benedictine abbey hidden amidst the robust Italian Alps. They have been dispatched to mediate a theological dispute between Franciscans and the Pope’s envoys. However, their arrival coincides with a series of bizarre deaths - a mystery that consumes the rest of the series. With each passing day, the bodies start piling up, causing the walls of the monastery to tremble with profound dread and suspicion. Following these mysterious events, William of Baskerville with his Holmesian insight takes up the challenge to unravel the bewildering mystery and reveal the perpetrator.

As a veteran inquisitor, Turturro's Baskerville skillfully cocks his ear to every whisper of the abbey, looks for patterns in the monks' routines, and interrogates every aberration beneath the structured monastic life. With his keen intellect and deductive skills, he stands as the voice of reason and logic in an environment swamped with superstition and fear. At the same time, Turturro's compelling portrayal introduces us to a compassionate man of faith, who is torn between his devotion to God and his commitment to uncovering the truth.

Hardung as Adso perfectly embodies the naïvety and earnestness of a young apprentice. As his mentor unravels the mystery, Adso accompanies him, learning from his intellectual prowess, and recording the tumultuous events. His wide-eyed contemplation of the grim world around him reflects the viewers' profound shock and curiosity.

As the series steadily navigates through the winding plot, the audience is introduced to a gallery of interesting characters. Italian actor Fabrizio Bentivoglio stars as the stern Remigio da Varagine, providing the narrative with unexpected twists and layers. Rupert Everett and Michael Emerson, with their polished acting, impeccably embody the adversarial pontifical faction, bringing in a political subtext to the story. James Cosmo, Richard Sammel, and Sebastian Koch each carve out unforgettable characters, contributing to the overarching atmosphere of intrigue and suspense.

Stefano Fresi and Greta Scarano add a distinct color to the series, traversing the complicated realms of love, desire, and sin within the rigorous religious framework. Their performances spark off a slew of stimulating discussions about faith and morality.

The Name of the Rose impresses not just with its compelling narrative and performances, but also with its picturesque cinematography and commendable attention to historical detailing. The dark corridors of the abbey, the antique library, the meticulously reconstructed medieval interiors, and haunting liturgical choruses together create a palpable sense of eerie familiarity. Every frame is meticulously crafted to bring out the spellbinding charm of the bygone era.

Moreover, the carefully picked costumes and exquisite production design add authenticity to the viewing experience, making the narrative more convincing and immersive. The series does an incredible job of balancing the iconic historical setting with the suspenseful murder mystery. It truly reflects an enriching visual and explorative experience of reading Eco's novel.

In conclusion, The Name of the Rose, though set in a distant historical past, engages the viewer with its timeless narrative – its exploration of faith and reason, adherence and rebellion, power and poverty. It's a captivating representation of a world soaked in ecclesiastical history, teetering on the knife-edge of change. The series is a must-watch for history buffs, mystery aficionados, and fans of gripping drama. Hold your breath as you embark on this medieval journey of suspense and intrigue!

The Name of the Rose is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 9 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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How can I watch The Name of the Rose online? The Name of the Rose is available on SundanceTV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch The Name of the Rose on demand at Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play online.

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