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It Takes a Village
Found guilty of Susan's murder, Bob is sentenced to life – but dies in jail a few months later. Seeking closure for the murder of his wife Kathie, her family files a suit against Bob's estate, now controlled by his second wife, Debrah.

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Mostly the Truth
Bob takes the stand to tell his version of events, but on cross-examination finds prosecutor Lewin better-prepared than he anticipated.

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The Unluckiest Man in the World
Stewart Altman, Durst's attorney, is accused of dodging questions during interrogation; Durst makes an unusual choice to take the stand as a murder defendant.

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Saving My Tears Until It's Official
At trial, prosecutors revisit the 1982 disappearance of Bob's first wife Kathie and make the case that Susan helped Bob cover up the crime.

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Friendships Die Hard
From jail, Bob makes frequent calls to people who've helped him in the past, including a longtime friend who is keeping his own secret.

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Why Are You Still Here?
As new evidence is revealed, Robert Durst is arrested and charged with Susan Berman's murder. But who will support Bob in his time of need?

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The Jinx is a riveting investigative documentary series that first premiered on HBO in 2015. Through six intense episodes, it explores the life of Robert Durst, a real estate scion connected with three murders spanning three decades. The series, produced and directed by Andrew Jarecki, combines the elements of mystery, true crime, and a profound human study to create a masterpiece of documentary storytelling.

The central figure is Robert Durst, the eldest son of the wealthy Durst family who control a significant part of New York City real estate. Robert has been a figure of interest in multiple murder investigations, including the disappearance of his first wife, the execution-style killing of a close friend, and the dismembering of a neighbor. However, his wealth and the resulting legal resources have kept him largely untouched by the law, adding numerous layers to his enigmatic persona.

The series dives into these cases with meticulous scrutiny, all the while maintaining the intrigue inherent to true crime. Each episode is constructed with remarkable precision, blending interviews, reenactments, archival footage, and legal documents. The narrative is grippingly suspense-filled, drawing the viewer into the labyrinth of Durst's life and the various mysteries swirling around him.

Among the many interviews featured in the series, the most striking ones are the conversations between the director, Jarecki, and Robert Durst himself. The elusive Durst agreed to be interviewed by Jarecki, allowing the audience a rare window into his mind and shedding more light on the cases from his perspective. The substance of these interviews is sprinkled throughout the series, heightening the tension and feeding the curiosity about what lies beneath the surface of this complex character.

The Jinx does not shy away from depicting the grisly details of the crimes linked to Durst. It examines them through a refined, investigative lens, rendering the series a captivating watch for those interested in true crime or investigative journalism. Yet, beyond the haunting crime scenes, The Jinx delves into the nuances of Durst’s psyche, making it a gripping psychological study and an exploration of American justice, or possibly its insufficiencies.

A reoccurring theme in The Jinx is the exploration of wealth and privilege, and the sway they can have over the delivery of justice. Jarecki takes care to frame Robert Durst as a man from a privileged background rather than as an isolated, eccentric figure. The series demonstrates the convoluted link between affluence and the legal realm - how wealth can potentially manipulate evidence, sway public sentiment, and even mold court outcomes. The viewer is provoked to question if money can really buy innocence, which gives the series its socio-political edge.

The Jinx's thematic content is brilliantly complemented by its aesthetics. With chilling re-enactments, haunting music, and judiciously used archival footage, the series juxtaposes the opulence and prestige affiliated with the Durst family against the horrifying crimes linked to Robert Durst. Additionally, the series sharply contrasts the dignified, civilized image of Durst in court with the disconcerting narratives surrounding the crimes. This contrast amplifies the haunting and macabre tone of the series.

The series ends with a grand finale that is a testament to the power of persistence and investigative journalism. Without unveiling any spoilers, the conclusion is as surprising as it is chilling, serving as a perfect ending to the series' multi-layered narrative.

HBO's The Jinx is a perfect blend of thrill, mystery, and socio-political commentary. It grips the viewer from start to finish, narrating a chilling tale of wealth, power, and murder through an investigative lens. The series is a triumph of storytelling, showcasing complex realities through a fine blend of brilliant direction, profound narratives, and compelling visuals.

The Jinx is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.6.

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