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With the fate of New York's animal population at stake, rats Phil and Mike work to pull off Roachella, a music festival designed for all the different animal species. At the event, a bunny ticket scalper decides to watch out for an Amish turtle having its first concert experience, while a troublemaking gang looks to cause mischief.

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So You Think You Won't Treason?!
Privates Phil and Mike face the music for committing an unforgivable act of treason against a great nation.

Watch Animals. Season 3 Episode 9 Now

The Democratic People's Republic Of Kitty City
Estranged rat friends are forced back together on a trip into hostile feline territory.

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The Trial.
The animal community gathers for the trial of the century.

Watch Animals. Season 3 Episode 7 Now

At A Loss For Words When We Needed Them Most Or…the Rise And Fall Of Grabbagville.
The "grabbags" are members of an interspecies group shunned by the rest of animal society, but they find themselves at the dawn of a new age when they are given the ability to communicate with one another, though ferret leader Yumi struggles to keep them all together. Meanwhile, geckos Phil and Mike plot to reclaim the aboveground.

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After a freak accident brings an assorted pile of random objects to life, the sentient items experience all of life's ups and downs.

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In the new classist society that's been established among the equine community, a rich horse's daughter finds herself in a love triangle with a suitor approved by her father and a carriage horse from the wrong side of the tracks.

Watch Animals. Season 3 Episode 4 Now

The heroic saga of a diminutive, but fiercely heroic bird who makes his way to Pigeon Heights, where he is tasked with saving the day.

Watch Animals. Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Struggling to adapt in a post-owner world, dog Phil fights to maintain his independence and his longtime addiction to human dependence.

Watch Animals. Season 3 Episode 2 Now

Three years after the green bomb wiped out humans in New York, rats Phil and Mike traverse the city following a wild, drunken night, searching for a missing car and encountering multiple species and terrors along the way. The Season 3 premiere.

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Created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano, and produced by the notable comic geniuses Mark and Jay Duplass, the HBO animated series Animals. is a distinctively humorous and edgy take on the genre. Running from 2016 to 2018, the show turns the lens onto the everyday lives, thoughts, conversations, and experiences of the non-human inhabitants of New York City, from the tiniest pigeon to the tallest giraffe. Jacqueline ‘Jacquie’ Barnbrook, a versatile voice actress, is one of the stars of this innovative show.

Unlike traditional anthropomorphic critters that oftentimes take on childlike personalities, Animals. gifts the animal kingdom with unabashedly adult dialogues and problems. It's characterized by starkly contemporary humour interspersed with some doses of subtle sentimentality and philosophical musings. This is no cuddly children's cartoon but an ambitious creation that often walks the line between the profound and the absurd.

The show’s main characters are typically pairs, with Jacquie Barnbrook expertly providing her voice to a variety of roles. Often these animals are embroiled in the grayness of modern-day life, twisting through plots that echo human reality. Whether it’s rats dealing with issues of marriage and monogamy, bedbugs facing mid-life crises, or pigeons experiencing heartbreak, these creatures navigate the complexities of existence, all within the deep and dense urban jungle of New York.

Each episode of Animals. stands essentially on its own, making it more of a collection of short stories than a serialized epic. The show functions as an ensemble piece with each episode focusing on a different species. Sometimes, they touch on the larger arc involveding the city's human population, but for the most part, the issues are wonderfully animal-centric.

Matarese and Luciano provide the voices of the main characters in the show, while Barnbrook, known for her work in animation and virtual reality, breathes life into several roles. Her performances are noteworthy, as she imbues each creature, regardless of size or species, with unique qualities and quirks. It demonstrates her striking talent and versatility as a voice actress.

Animals. features a variety of guest stars, adding another interesting angle to every episode. Each animal’s journey acts as a backdrop against which these diverse guest voices perform, breathing more complexity and depth into the narrative as a whole.

Visually, the series exhibits a unique animation style that's distinct from many mainstream animated shows. It boasts a markedly raw and hand-drawn aesthetic, which complements the gritty realness that often characterizes the storylines. Animals. plays heavy on mundane backgrounds with understated tones, allowing the vibrancy of the characters to stand out. It lets the authenticity of the narratives and the verbal humor dominate, while the animation punctuates the drama and the comedy.

The creators’ bold conceptual choices and the ingenious script work well together, coloring the urban landscape from a fresh perspective. The result is an engaging balance between the hilarity and cynicism, layered with thought-provoking ideas.

Musically, Animals. highlights indie bands and musicians whose vibes ethereally match the storylines. Most episodes end in a sort of musical way, either with a live-action video or with animation set to the tune of a selected song. This decision adds a hint of melancholic beauty to the close of each narrative, enhancing the overall effect of the episode.

Indubitably, Animals. isn't an easy watch for everyone. It moves away from the typical, eschews the expected trappings of animated television, and instead, plunges head-on into the bustling and often chaotic diversity that is life in New York - seen from an animal's perspective. It's darkly humorous, wittily subversive, a touch surreal, and at times, brutally honest.

In summary, HBO’s Animals. is quite unlike anything else in the animated genre. Occupying a unique space between satire and sincerity, mockery and melancholy, it’s a show that revels in its own originality. As part of the talented voice cast, Jacquie Barnbrook adds a special touch to this distinctive series, which balances the grim realities of life with moments of absurd joy, all viewed through the lens of New York City’s varied animal inhabitants. Watch it for its inventive concept, its unusual but engaging storytelling, and its fearless dive into the awkward muchness of creaturely existence.

Animals. is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 30 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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