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Episode 10
Now that school's over, everyone's in the mood to celebrate. Tammy decides she's ready to lose her virginity, but not to Ed or Luke.

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Episode 9
Ed tries to make things right with Tammy, but that's the least of his problems. As finals approach, he's not sleeping -- and he's starting to lose his mind.

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Episode 8
Ed needs a car to drive a hot girl to her prom, so his friends help him cheat at a contest to win a car. Tammy finds out that Ed is no longer a virgin.

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Episode 7
Scarlett faces expulsion and the prospect of leaving town forever. Before she goes, the five friends set out to pull off the ultimate day of fun.

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Episode 6
The five become Brisbane's most wanted when a prank doesn't go as planned.

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Episode 5
The five become Brisbane's most wanted when a prank doesn't go as planned.

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Episode 4
When a friend puts the gang on the list at a popular club, Ed experiences a couple of steamy meetings. Meanwhile, Scarlett discovers her father's online dating profile and decides to intervene.

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Episode 3
Tammy's intention to meet the band leads to a night locked in a fire escape.

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Episode 2
After the party, Scarlett's dad forces the gang to clean the hotel and pay for the damages. When Ed discovers a phone, the friends team up for another crazy scheme.

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Episode 1
It's Ed's birthday, and the new girl, Scarlett, decides to host a secret party for him at her dad's hotel. In one wild, unpredictable night, five friends form a bond.

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Slide is an energetic, groundbreaking presentation of teen life in Brisbane, Australia, through the captivating lens of five teenagers as they make their transition into adulthood. With an exhilarating depiction of Aussie youth culture, the series, which aired on TeenNick in 2011, takes the viewers on a thrilling adventure of love, friendship, and adolescent transformation.

The ensemble cast consists of memorable young performers. Adele Perovic plays the character of Eva Lee, an individualistic outsider with an artistic lean striving to hone her cinematographic skills. Ben Schumann portrays the carefree character of Ed Newman, who is navigating his own sexual identity while dealing with the pressures of stereotypes. Gracie Gilbert plays the role of Tammy Lane, a girl juggling her dreams of becoming a professional singer while dealing with complex family relations and responsibilities. Emily Robins, on the other hand, plays the role of Scarlett Carlyle, a wild party girl with a heart of gold, who is trying to find her own path amidst her tumultuous family. Lastly, Brenton Thwaites is Luke Gallagher, an aspiring professional skateboarder struggling with the weight of fame, friendship, and love.

Set in the vibrant urban panorama of Fortitude Valley, this compelling series explores the trials and tribulations of these teenagers as they embark on their final year of high school, while simultaneously navigating individual dreams, family drama, and complex relationships. Although these characters are entrenched in their unique struggles, their journeys cross each other's paths, creating an intriguing web of relations characterized by love, betrayal, and friendship.

'Slide' captures the essence of the fleeting teenage years by presenting an honest and beautifully crafted narrative that is unafraid to tackle mature themes. Beyond the conventional high school drama, it explores broader societal issues such as sexuality, art, identity, responsibility, and aspiration, successfully making a powerful connection with teenagers and adults alike. As the series progresses, viewers are subjected to intimately personal narratives, which provide insight into each character's transformation. Despite their endless list of disagreements and complications, the five main players deeply care for each other, and their camaraderie becomes the heart of the show.

The series does a phenomenal job of visually illustrating Brisbane's pulsating nightlife and distinct urban culture. Behind each fast-paced dialogue and pulsating dance track, viewers are treated to an explosion of color and aesthetics that captivates and draws audiences into the world of 'Slide'. This is of significance because the TV show goes beyond mere visual cues and is particularly commendable for its remarkable characterization and character development throughout the series.

One of the main attractions of 'Slide' is its contemporary and alternative soundtrack. Featuring a range of well-loved Australian musicians, the series incorporates music seamlessly into its storytelling, adding an extra layer of emotional depth to each storyline. The series was also recognized for its absorbing plotline and its mix of drama, humor, and meaningful personal growth stories that strike a chord with its audience.

'Slide' stands out for its raw authenticity in portraying adolescence, and it plays out in a manner that is both heavy and heart-warming, with the perfect blend of angst, exploration, excitement, and sorrow. Each character follows a distinct arch towards maturity, making mistakes, learning lessons and eventually growing stronger through their experiences. Each episode is a depiction of the rollercoaster ride that is being a teenager.

While the series may seem quite specific to youth, it manages to deliver universal themes that are relatable to everyone, evoking memories of the joy and pain that accompany the journey to adulthood. Hence, Slide has the power to resonate with viewers of all ages, regardless of cultural or geographical differences.

In conclusion, Slide is a compelling story of teenage life that is filled with all the confusion, heartbreak, and euphoria that comes with growing up. Five young lives, interwoven in the structure of friendship and fueled by self-discovery, struggle to navigate the complexities of these transformative years, making Slide a subtly powerful and genuine depiction of adolescence. Watch this show to accompany Eva, Ed, Tammy, Scarlett, and Luke on their unforgettable journey towards the precipice of adulthood.

Slide is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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