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On The Precipice
Everyone must decide on their plans for the future, including Spencer, who must choose between going away to college or staying in L.A.

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Taking Seconds
Coming soon

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Past, Present and Future
Everyone's life has become about choices. Chelsea has to choose between Glen and Sean. Aiden has to choose what's next in his life. And Spencer has to choose whether going to college means leaving home--and leaving Ashley.

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Better Late Than Never
Glen finally realizes his feelings for Chelsea just as Sean blows back into town, looking to scoop her up for himself. Will the new-and-improved Glen watch her slip away?

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Love and Kisses
Spencer's falling into Lily's hipster crowd and loving every second of it--especially the seconds she spends making passes at Jonica. Meanwhile, Aiden would be falling for Sasha, if she didn't keep, y'know, being herself.

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A Very Inconvienient Truth
Now that Kyla's been humiliated on national television, she decides that the only way to redeem herself is to put the lies behind her and come clean to Ashley. Ashley needs someone she can trust, because she feels like Spencer's already eyeing up her replacement.

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Spencer's 18th Birthday
It's the weekend of Spencer's eighteenth birthday, and her grandmother's flying in to celebrate with the family. Spencer needs to find a way to tell her grandmother that she's gay, but Paula's doing all she can to keep it a secret.

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Career Day
Spashley's back! After a night they'll never forget, Spencer and Ashley are ready to pick up where they left off.

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Gay Pride
Spencer wants someone to help her show her pride, but everyone's too busy worrying about themselves.

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Saturday Night is for Fighting
Jake's working hard to make Kyla the new It girl, but when she finds out that Ashley's poised to out-It her, It hits the fan. Aiden's there to see it splatter, and realizes that he might be splattering along with it.

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Fighting Crime
Spencer's done with Carmen, and just in time too. Ashley needs her support, because an old friend from New York is ready to make her famous.

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The Truth Hurts
As Spencer tries to protect Carmen from Ashley, Aiden tries to protect himself from himself.

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Spencer's New Girlfriend
While Spencer spends the day at Chelsea's studio with Carmen, Ashley is having a hard time figuring out who she wants to be with, especially after Aiden puts his foot down with the way she leads him on. Meanwhile Madison learns what Jake has in store for her when she goes back to his place for a romantic dance lesson.

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The It Girls
Tired of living her mother, Ashley decides to move out and asks Kyla if she wants to purchase a loft with her. Now that they're living together, the girls start acting more like sisters when they bond at a fashion show's after-party.

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Can't Buy Me Love
When Ashley and Kyla get their inheritance from their father's estate, Ashley thinks the money will give her the opportunity to get away with Spencer. However, when Aiden decides he wants a second chance with Ashley, it throws a major dent in her plans.

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The Valley of the Shadows
The season 3 premiere episode will take place shortly after the High School Prom Shooting.

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South of Nowhere is a groundbreaking American teen drama television series aired on TeenNick from 2005 to 2008 that delves into the lives of the Carlin Family from Ohio who have shifted to Los Angeles, California. Over the course of its three-season run, the show gained critical acclaim for its nuanced handling of relevant societal issues and for its authentic representation of adolescent struggles. The focus of South of Nowhere is on teen life from the perspective of the Carlin Family, particularly the three teenagers: Spencer, Glen, and adopted son Clay. Matt Cohen portrays the role of Aiden Dennison, a sporty heartthrob and Glen's best friend, while Maeve Quinlan takes on the complex character of Paula Carlin, an ER nurse and the mother of the Carlin family. Spencer Carlin, the middle child and younger sister to Glen, becomes the central protagonist as the series progresses. Her emotional journey of self-discovery is at the heart of South of Nowhere, giving the series its definitive narrative arc. She grapples with arising feelings for her new friend Ashley Davies, leading to a close look at the exploration of sexual identity within a high school setting. South of Nowhere also tackles racial and cultural identity through the prism of the adopted eldest son Clay Carlin. The African-American teen's experiences in predominantly white spaces amplify the discourse on race and societal pressure within the series. Glen Carlin, the biological son of the Carlins, star jock at school, and best friend to Aiden, tries to navigate through his fears, biases, and the constant pressure of his sporting dreams. His character throws light on the tumultuous journey towards growing up and the battles against stereotypes that several teenagers fight daily. Aiden Dennison, portrayed by Matt Cohen, is the quintessential high school jock and the object of affection for many girls in his high school. His relationships with both Spencer and Ashley add many layers to the plot, making him more than just a typical 'sports guy', enhancing the diversity of the character arcs in the series. His interactions with his best friend Glen often provide comic relief, offering a break from the intensity of the show's main themes. Maeve Quinlan, as Paula Carlin, the family matriarch, juggles the challenges of relocation, a demanding professional life, and grappling with the complexities her children face. Paula’s journey depicts the struggles of a modern mother in dealing with socio-cultural shifts, understanding her children’s individual identities, and accepting their choices. Her character becomes a mirror reflecting the concerns, apprehensions, and dilemmas all parents face during their children's challenging teenage years. South of Nowhere deftly maneuvers its narrative through complex themes of self-discovery, societal pressure, sexuality, familial bonds, and friendship. The show also significantly addresses issues of race, religion, and culture, paving the way for more inclusive and authentic storytelling in teenage dramas. This TeenNick series has effectively broken conventional norms by painting a vivid image of the Californian metropolis through the lens of the Midwest-origin Carlin family. The intricate blend of drama, comedy, romance, and elements of a fish out of water story, as the Carlins acclimate to their new surroundings, elevates this show from the pool of ordinary high school dramas. South of Nowhere is about acceptance - of change, of individual identities, of choices, and ultimately, of love. It is about self-discovery and breaking stereotypes. With its incredible character arcs, relatable narratives, and a fine mix of humor and drama, South of Nowhere emerges as an engaging viewing experience that speaks volumes about the tribulations and triumphs of teenage life in contemporary society.

South of Nowhere is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 39 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

Maeve Quinlan, Danso Gordon, Aasha Davis, Gabrielle Christian, Chris Hunter, Eileen April Boylan, Mandy Musgrave, Matt Cohen, Rob Moran, Austen Parros
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