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A Farewell to Kings
Writing the material took about six months, and recording the episode took about a seventeen years in the studio to finish. Also Bug becomes a titan of industry.

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According to a 1998 interview, the episode is based on Clay's frequent nightmares. The birds heard in Hemispheres were recorded outside near Ben Jones's Studios near the YMCA.

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Power Windows
The show's producers didn't want them to do another "concept" episode. They ignored that advice and found large commercial success which allowed them to chart their own course moving forward.

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Caress of Steel
A galaxy wide war results in the union of all planets under the rule of the Cheeseburger Island. Also Bug masters the culinary arts.

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Their previous episode cemented their bombastic destiny. Stone Quackers V never tries to emulate their past achievements, but instead gives you something to talk about.

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The episode eventually became known as one of Quackers most obscure and overlooked works. Diehard SQ fans feel the episode is underrated.

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One Last Bad Prank
Whit, Clay, and Barf decide to pull one last big prank, but what starts out as a simple goof quickly sends Cheeseburger Island into chaos. Known affectionately as the "Brown Bomber," Stone Quackers I is one of the pillars of the first season.

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One Last Bad Prank
After being reprimanded by Dottie, the guys commit to one last prank before confessing. The situation quickly escalates out of control but no one knows why.

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Snakes, Dial Tone, Officer Barry Checks In
After the full on assault of Stone Quackers II, Stone Quackers III finds the group taking a step back through a milder approach. Also Barf suggests skinny dipping.

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Blue Feathers
A weekly block of animated shorts, featuring the series Lucas Bros. Moving Co., Stone Quackers, High School USA! and Axe Cop.

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Stone Quackers II
Barf goes on a rope swing and his weight brings down the cliff. The guys try to help Clay overcome his obsession for Simmy Sue, while Dotties behavior has the cat in fear of his life.

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Stone Quackers V
Stone Quackers were never a group of settlers. Their previous episode cemented their bombastic destiny.

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Stone Quackers is an unconventional, adult-oriented animated comedy series that aired on the FXX network between 2014 and 2015. The show captures a unique blend of humor, surreal adventures, and endearingly bizarre characters. It is set in the small, often peculiar, coastal town of Cheeseburger Island, rendering a visually attractive slice of Americana mixed with absurdity.

The series was created by Ben Jones, the ex-frontman of the punk band, "Paper Rad." Reflecting the creator's alternative comedy and underground music background, the animation style of the show relies heavily on traditional hand-drawn techniques yet transitions smoothly through various aesthetic influences. The show showcases strong comic book influences, surreal colors and scenes, and stark contrasts to deliver a visually distinctive experience. The meta-humor helps draw the more discerning audience who are willing to invest time in unearthing layered narratives.

The protagonists of Stone Quackers are two anthropomorphic ducks, "Whit" and "Clay", their friend "Barf", and Whit's sister, "Dottie." The series chronicles the exploits and adventures of these eclectic and often dim-witted characters in their everyday lives. Whit (voiced by Whitmer Thomas) is the more responsible and cautious one of the duo, while Clay (voiced by Clay Tatum) comes across as the free-spirited and reckless counterpart. Barf (voiced by Ben Jones) is a loveable, unusually tall blue heron, and Dottie (voiced by Heather Lawless), Whit's older sister, is a perfectionist, hard-working, and a symbol of sanity amidst all the chaos.

The series also features appearances from their eccentric and endearing friend "Officer Barry", a hapless police officer who befriends the ducks and sometimes even gets dragged into their escapades. "Buddy", their pet hillbilly possum, also contributes to the show's humor and charm. Another recurring character, "Waffle", an albino mole, keeps the storyline unpredictable with his mischievous antics and subplots.

It is noteworthy that the voice-over cast also includes celebrities like Heather Lawless, Alia Shawkat, John C. Reilly, Paul Simon and renowned character voice actor, Tom Kenny, known for his work in "SpongeBob Squarepants". This eclectic ensemble brings a distinctive charm to the absurdity of the characters, further enhancing the show's appeal.

One of the distinguishing factors about Stone Quackers is the narrative style. The show prides itself on its unpredictable narrative arcs, meandering between slice-of-life commentary one moment and spiraling into improbable comedic situations the next. The series relies heavily on situational humor and absurd dialogue, which frequently straddles the line between the profound and the nonsensical. While each episode has its individual story, the running theme revolves around the protagonist’s unserious approach to life, their attempts to make sense of their strange little world, and their constant run-ins with surreal and outlandish situations.

However, beneath its superficial silliness and outrageous humor, Stone Quackers is truly about friendship, acceptance, and making the best out of life's absurdities. Many episodes subtly highlight deep themes like resilience, empathy, adventures in the mundane, and personal growth. The intermittent emotional depth offers a stark contrast to the seemingly chaotic world inhabited by the characters, drawing in viewers who appreciate layered narratives.

Stone Quackers pushes the boundary of adult animation, blending surreal escapades with mundane life, all steered by a bunch of good-hearted, albeit not too bright, protagonists. Its unique animation style and a distinctive blend of humor set it apart from other shows in the same genre. Wacky, humorous, and surprisingly touching, it is a show that is likely to intrigue and entertain those fond of alternative comedy.

Stone Quackers is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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