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Phil sips a famed Scotch whisky on the Isle of Skye. In Edinburgh, he scarfs sweets, devours haggis and dines with award-winning actor Kelly Macdonald.

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Phil licks his plate after an amazing meal in Taipei, savors the tantalizing aromas of Jiufen Old Street and dines with NBA star Dwight Howard.

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"The Real" Orlando
Look beyond the theme parks to find Orlando's diverse food scene, where Phil digs into porchetta, Filipino ice cream and paella -- plus a hefty cookie.

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Cultures converge in Dubai, home to what Phil calls the "best burger ever." He also visits a traditional teahouse and sits in on a Ramadan iftar.

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Iceland's natural beauty dazzles Phil, who visits a popular bakery and chomps on street hot dogs -- but is not so keen on taking a dip in icy-cold waters.

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Kyoto's artful approach to dining makes Phil hungry for more as he slurps soba, meets an omurice virtuoso and wanders a market beloved by foodies.

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Washington, D.C.
After enjoying an epic chili dog, Phil does an intense rowing workout and meets members of Washington D.C.

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After a tasty tour of Mumbai's bustling street food scene, Phil joins dabbawalas in delivering meals. A legendary chef is honored at The Bombay Canteen.

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"Somebody Feed Phil" is an engaging culinary travel show available on Netflix since 2018. The series is a delightful spectacle displaying a celebration of food, culture, and human connections across the globe. The star of the show is the vibrant and vivacious Phil Rosenthal, the creator of the eternal fan-favorite sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond". He is not a chef, not a food critic, simply a food enthusiast with an overarching love for eating and making friends worldwide.

If you've seen Phil in his previous show "I'll Have What Phil's Having" from PBS, you'll have a good idea of the charming and joyful energy he brings to "Somebody Feed Phil". The primary focus of the series is to take viewers on a global culinary exploration, slurping noodles in Hanoi, devouring tacos in Mexico City, indulging in a fresh croissant in Paris, and beyond. Each episode accurately captures the essence of the places Phil visits, making you feel as if you're tagging along on his adventures and sharing in his awe, enthusiasm, and, of course, appetizing savories.

The show is unique in its presentation as it takes us off the beaten trail, rather than pompously showcasing gourmet haute cuisine or fine dining experiences that are out of reach for many. Phil instead choosing to spotlight everyday cuisines and local favorites, promoting the message that food is a universal language that transcends cultural barriers and bridges human connections. It reflects his philosophy that food is more than sustenance — it's a human experience.

With a refreshing blend of comedy, warmth, and empathy, Phil proves to be the heart and soul of the show. His positive outlook and friendly demeanor make him a captivating host as he interacts with local people, listens to their stories, and savors the food they make. He brings a genuine sense of humor to the table, whether it's through his innocent, borderline-childlike delight at trying new dishes, his self-deprecating jokes, or his waving and saying a cheerful hello to complete strangers.

As viewers, we get to accompany Phil on his adventures through the bustling streets of Bangkok, the quaint bistros of Lisbon, the fresh markets of Tel Aviv, and many other exciting locations. Each hour-long episode is like a mini-vacation, saturated in the tastes, smells, and sounds of new cultures, making the experience fully immersive and visually stunning. Notably, the show stands out with its bright and vibrant cinematography that captures the dish in all its glory, every tantalizing detail presented as a feast for the eyes.

"You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll get hungry" is truly the mantra that embodies this show. Sometimes, the series even tugs at your heartstrings when Phil’s parents, Max and Helen, show up on video calls, adding a touch of endearing family love.

The series prides itself on promoting diversity and encouraging a broader understanding of different cultures. The local chefs, restaurant owners, and everyday people Phil meet along his journey share their traditions and histories through their food, giving viewers a sense of connection and a deeper understanding of the broader world.

Phil’s love of food connects him to cultures and people from around the world, and he brings us along for the ride in "Somebody Feed Phil". This show is much more than a food and travel program. It’s about an adventure of experiencing joy, bridging cultural divides, and celebrating diversity through the medium of food.

All in all, "Somebody Feed Phil" is a welcomed dollop of warmth and positivity in an often-bewildering world. Every episode leaves you with a satiated wanderlust, an appreciation for global cuisines and cultures, and an invigorated sense of shared humanity. Whether you're a foodiek, a travel enthusiast, someone seeking to explore different cultures, or you just enjoy feel-good television, "Somebody Feed Phil" is a must-watch. Despite its title, this show isn’t just about feeding Phil — it’s about feeding our souls with laughter, love, and a shared appreciation for the delightful, diverse menu of the world.

Somebody Feed Phil is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 41 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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