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The Arc of Sirius
Mikhail confronts Yevgraf, but he's already consumed the Ark. With Yuliy and Willard aboard, the airship flies toward the final confrontation.

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Calling in Blood
As Willard and the Jaegers fly towards Karafuto, Bishop makes his move. With Ryoko and Iba as backup, Yuliy confronts the vampires and his brother.

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Memories of the Abyss
Willard and the Jaegers find an artifact related to the Ark and set out after Yuliy, who's almost reached both the sanctuary of the Ark and his father.

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Father's Shadow
Yuliy and Bishop meet an old man who knew Yuliy's father, Alexei, but he refuses to say anything further. In town, they run into Ryoko and Iba.

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The Sanctuary of Sirius
Alone, Yuliy heads to southern Karafuto/Sakhalin on the trail of the Ark of Sirius. His brother and the vampire prince Yevgraf are already there.

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True Confession
The military interrupts the vampire assault on the mansion. Mikhail and then Kershner tell Yuliy about the Ark and how it relates to his past.

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Mockingbird's Song
The vampires determine that the Ark of Sirius isn't in Tokyo, but they still have one task left in the city. Willard learns something urgent at the bar.

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The Frankenstein
Aboard the train, Yuliy meets someone he thought was dead: his brother. When a group of bandits attacks the train, they make a strange discovery.

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Beginning of Trickery
The team investigates the researcher's death, and Willard crosses paths with a secret agent. Yuliy and Dorothea head to Shizuoka.

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Indelible Memories
Shaken by his encounter with one of the vampires during the attack, Yuliy recalls his childhood and how he came to meet Willard.

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Deprived Talent
After Agatha's attack, Yuliy recovers at the house of a doctor conducting advanced research. Agatha hasn't given up yet.

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The Revenant Howls in Darkness
Yuliy and the Jaegers plan an assault on a vampire meeting in Shanghai, then follow the ringleaders across the sea to Tokyo.

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Sirius the Jaeger is a visually stunning and captivating anime series released by AT-X in 2018. Set in the bustling city of Tokyo in the 1930s, the show presents a unique blend of noir, action, thriller, and supernatural elements to craft a rich and intriguing narrative. The story seamlessly infuses historical backdrops with fictional conspiracies, offering a vivid and immersive viewing experience.

In the heart of the plot are the "Jaegers," a group of bounty hunters determined and skilled, whose prime objective is hunting down vampires around the world. The Jaegers, a term derived from German for 'hunters,' comprise a racially diverse team, making the storyline even more intriguing by introducing varied cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Each member of the group is uniquely talented and possesses a distinctive weapon, contributing to the dynamic, action-packed sequences that come to define the essence of Sirius the Jaeger.

One particular member of the Jaegers, Yuliy, is a werewolf from a tribe of Sirius and proves to be the story's main protagonist. The narrative unfolds to reveal Yuliy's backstory and his relentless hunt for the vampires that destroyed his village. This hunt becomes intensely personal for Yuliy, creating a layered narrative that delves into themes of revenge, loyalty, and redemption.

Furthermore, the series introduces a sacred relic known as the "Arc of Sirius," which becomes the central focus of the conflict between various factions, including the Jaegers, the Vampires, and the Sirius tribe. This artifact, also connected to Yuliy's past, binds the plot together and sparks controversies and battles that enhance the story's thrilling atmosphere.

What makes Sirius the Jaeger stand out is its mature portrayal of characters and complex relationships. Every character is meticulously designed and undergoes substantial growth and development as the series progresses. The shifting bonds between characters, taut with both camaraderie and tension, play a significant role in advancing the plot and maintaining viewer engagement.

The animation quality of Sirius the Jaeger is high-brow and consistent with the show's dark and gothic undertones. The stylish art style, characterized by lavish backgrounds, sharp details, and fluid movements, significantly elevates the viewing experience. The series also capitalizes on its historical setting, showcasing eye-catching aesthetics that range from the smoke-filled jazz bars of Tokyo to the snowy landscapes of the werewolf village.

Another notable element of the show is its superb choreography of fight scenes. The diverse violin-themed weaponry of the Jaegers and the menacing claws and fangs of the vampire enemies result in breathtaking battle sequences that are both intense and gratifying. Each confrontation is beautifully executed, combining skillful movements, tactical plays, and raw power displays that keep the audience on their toes.

The soundscape of Sirius the Jaeger, too, plays a critical part in its success. The soundtrack is filled with orchestral tracks that fit the mood and ambiance of the series and the opening theme song, "Sirius," by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets, sets the tone perfectly for the action and suspense that unfolds.

Yet, Sirius the Jaeger isn't just about action and violence. Despite the grim and intense themes, it balances the dark elements with moments of warmth and friendship among the members of Jaegers, revealing their shared humaneness and unity amid the chaos. This mixture of high-octane action and strong emotional core creates a deeply compelling viewing experience that leaves lasting impressions.

All in all, Sirius the Jaeger offers a sophisticated and exhilarating anime experience. It combines a well-structured and revolving storyline, rich character development, beautiful animation, stirring confrontations, and resonant music into a cohesive whole. For fans of supernatural action thrillers, this series is a fantastic addition to the genre and a testament to the creative excellence of modern anime.

Sirius the Jager is a series categorized as a cancelled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

Yûto Uemura, Ken'yû Horiuchi, Nanako Mori
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