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Double Or Mutton
Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf exchange good mornings as they punch in for work. As soon as work starts, Ralph is up to no good trying to steal sheep and Sam as usual is right there when it happens to stop him.

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Sheep Ahoy
Ralph the Wolf waits for the brief interlude between watchdogs before making off with a sheep; however, every attempt by Ralph is thwarted by Sam the Sheepdog.

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Don't Give Up the Sheep
Sam Sheepdog defends a flock of sheep from pesky Ralph Wolf. Ralph makes various attempts to steal the sheep, but Sam always seems to be one step ahead of him.

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Ready Woolen and Able
Sam the Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf work together but don't like each other. All day they play tricks to try to make the other work harder than he should.

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Woolen Under Where
It is another day at work for Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. Ralph's job is to try to steal some sheep and Sam's is to prevent him from succeeding.

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A Sheep In The Deep
Both Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog clock in for another day of work. The usually daily activities occur: Ralph tries to steal sheep, and Sam prevents him.

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Steal Wool
Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog punch in at work together. Ralph's job is to try and steal the sheep while Sam's job is to protect them.

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Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog is a classic animated series from Boomerang, which debuted in 1963 and ran sporadically until 1969. The show is an outright embodiment of the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of comedy short films produced by Warner Bros. Utilizing the ingenious narrative approach of visual humor and slapstick comedy, the show presents a unique and entertaining conflict between two seemingly contradictory characters in a wonderfully absurd world of animal personalities. The series pivots around two main characters - Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. Ralph, the hungry wolf, is always trying to catch one of the unsuspecting sheep that Sam, the sheepdog, fiercely guards. In each episode, Ralph employs all sorts of tricks and strategies to succeed in his mission, only to be constantly foiled by Sam. Sam Sheepdog, large, burly, and devoted to his job, outsmarts Ralph in almost every encounter, sometimes obviously and at other times subtly, often with a level of nonchalance that accentuates the comedy. Ralph Wolf, despite his perpetual failures, never loses his spirit or enthusiasm. Apart from his insatiable appetite, one of his defining traits is his endurance and persistence. The familiar cycle of the wolf attempting to seize a sheep and the dog thwarting his efforts gives each episode a predictable but delightful repetition that stands as a hallmark of the show. Despite their adversarial relationship during the workday, Ralph and Sam demonstrate a professional respect for each other, even sharing small talk during their lunch breaks and punching a time clock to signal the beginning and end of their workday. The setting of the series takes place on a pastoral hillside, where the sheep graze peacefully, oblivious to the cartoon chaos happening around them. Sam is always vigilant, ensuring the safety of the flock from Ralph's persistent attacks. He almost always stands motionless, watchfully guarding the sheep until he needs to stop one of Ralph's schemes. While the series might seem repetitive at first glance, its charm lies in the various ways Ralph tries to outwit Sam, each time employing new yet doomed-to-fail plans. Each episode presents fresh, ridiculous attempts by Ralph, from cross-dressing as a sexy ewe to using a myriad of Acme products like rocket sleds, dynamite, and more. Along with this, the clever and calm approach of Sam as he flippantly stops Ralph in his tracks with minimal effort brings in a hearty dose of laughter. The highlight of Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog is the humor, delivered via outrageous sight gags, physical comedy, and explosive action. Each episode is a montage of wit and slapstick humor, yet the comedic moments never overshadow the developing relationship between the main characters. The animation style of Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog is evocative of its time, with the hand-drawn animation and vivid colors, drawing viewers into the lively world of Looney Tunes. The character designs for both Ralph and Sam are expressive and visually unique, allowing audiences to recognize them quickly. Moreover, the voice acting talent behind Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog also deserves a mention. The unmistakable voice of Mel Blanc, who famously provided voices for several other iconic cartoon characters, breathes life into Ralph Wolf, capturing the character's woeful yet hopeful spirit in each episode. As part of the Boomerang's classic cartoon lineup, Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog transports viewers back to an era of straightforward and cheerful entertainment, with each episode providing a dose of amusement and nostalgia. It is a timeless reminder of the appeal of simple, unadulterated enjoyment, and the universal language of comedy that doesn't require complex plots or character arcs to be genuinely entertaining. The charm of this series lies in its simplicity and the quirky, never-ending clash between Ralph and Sam. In conclusion, Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog stands as a classic example of timeless animation, unfaltering humor, and endearingly relentless characters. Whether you're a longtime fan of Looney Tunes or are discovering this marvelous world for the first time, Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog offers a hearty journey into the delightful realm of animated rivalry.

Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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