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Power Powder Respect
Tommy orchestrates the grand finale of his long game to take over Chicago's drug world. When he is faced with devastating personal sacrifices, he finds that he might just lose more than he ever stood to gain.

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No Loose Ends
Tommy and Diamond suspect a snitch and put their inner circle to the test. Mireya gives Tommy a key piece of information.

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Tommy and Diamond suspect they have a snitch in CBI and put their inner circle to the test. Mireya gives Tommy a key piece of information.

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Tommy makes bold moves to connect CBI directly with the Cartel as he hustles to stay ahead of the many adversaries out for his blood. Vic scrambles to avoid the consequences of his actions.

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Tommy and Diamond continue gaining territory behind Miguel's back, but Diamond is pulled in other directions. Jenard disregards Shanti's long game with Tommy and gets more than he bargained for.

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Tommy and Diamond expand their coalition by bringing Vic and Jenard into CBI. Another opportunity arises for Claudia when an old flame re-enters her life.

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Crown Vic
Heightened police presence threatens Tommy and Diamond's bottom line, and they form a coalition with a rival gang; Jenard hits rock bottom, and the Flynn family loyalties are tested with devastating results.

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Tommy and Diamond keep dangerous secrets from each other, Jenard clashes with his crew, and Vic teams up with Claudia one last time. D-Mac ends up entangled deeper in the drug game than he ever intended.

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Tommy and Diamond expand their business to prisons, the Feds put together a task force to take down CBI, and Jenard struggles to maintain control. Tommy finally faces off with Walter and gets one step closer to avenging Liliana's death.

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Jenard's crew seeks revenge as Tommy learns of a rivalry between Miguel and the Serbs that he and Diamond leverage to CBI's advantage. Meanwhile, the Feds pursue a task force with Tommy at the center of the investigation.

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Tommy and Diamond hustle to keep CBI's game ahead of Jenard's new faction in the streets, while Tommy makes solo moves to avenge Liliana's death. All the while, Tommy hasn't forgotten his ultimate goal of taking over Chicago's entire drug network.

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Power Book IV: Force is the highly anticipated drama series, a spin-off from the critically acclaimed television show, Power. This installment of the Power sequels is brought to us by the widely successful producer, Courtney A. Kemp, in partnership with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson through their respective production companies, End of Episode and G-Unit Film and Television. The series, first aired in 2022, further develops the intricate Power universe while introducing new characters and bringing back favorites from the original show.

In Power Book IV: Force, Joseph Sikora returns to reprise his role as Tommy Egan, a theme common within the Power franchise, where main characters are carried from the original series into their independent stories. Tom Egan, a well-established character from Power, was a ruthless drug dealer and the best friend of the main protagonist, James "Ghost" St. Patrick. Notorious for his impulsive and captivating character, Tommy starts anew in this series as he leaves his notorious past in New York behind, heading to the city of Chicago.

The intriguing narrative examines Tommy’s efforts to breach into the competitive and cutthroat criminal underworld of Chicago, to re-establish his ‘power’ and dominance, hence the title, Power Book IV: Force. With a new city comes new alliances and adversaries; this narrative uncovers the intricacies involved in Tommy's quest for supremacy and survival in the Windy City.

The writing in Power Book IV: Force is sharp and captivating, much like its predecessor. The plot threads are well-crafted and engaging, designed to hook the audience and keep them guessing. We get to see Tommy Egan in a whole new light – a man who is not only trying to reclaim his position at the top of the criminal hierarchy but also dealing with personal and emotional struggles in a new environment. The city of Chicago, in its vibrant and gritty depiction, becomes a stand-in character itself, lending depth and richness to the story's overall landscape.

In terms of casting, alongside Joseph Sikora, the show brings on board a slew of talented actors who add depth and dynamism to the narrative. Key cast members embrace their respective roles, each adding a new layer to Tommy Egan's story, making the series as inclusive and comprehensive as possible.

Power Book IV: Force doesn't shy away from the raw and hard-hitting themes ubiquitous in the Power universe. Audiences can expect to see violent power struggles, intense episode climaxes, and moments of intimate vulnerability between characters. This particular installment of the Power universe proves to be a show that is as much about the characters' personal development as it is about their quest for dominance and power.

As a crime drama, Power Book IV: Force maintains the elements that have drawn viewers to the franchise. The pulse-pounding excitement, the brilliant character development, and a plot thick with twists and turns all contribute to creating a riveting viewing experience. Viewers can anticipate intense scenes filled with unexpected developments, maintaining a steady frequency of the quintessential thrilling excitement that has been the benchmark of the Power franchise.

As well as delivering high-stakes drama, Power Book IV: Force immeres its narrative into a richly detailed world, finely elaborating on the workings, politics, and consequences of the criminal underworld. It transcends the conventional mafia genre through the introduction of intricate cross-over plotlines, well-explored characters, and a profound exploration of its thematic elements.

In conclusion, Power Book IV: Force is a thrilling and unyielding continuation of the Power legacy. It successfully retains the captivating essence of the original series while boldly venturing into new territories. As it shines a spotlight on Tommy Egan's journey, the show keeps fans at the edge of their seats, proving itself as a worthy addition to the Power franchise and a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike.

Power Book IV: Force is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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How can I watch Power Book IV: Force online? Power Book IV: Force is available on STARZ with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Power Book IV: Force on demand at Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Apple TV Channels, Starz, Apple TV, Amazon online.

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