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The Breakthrough
In the season finale, the team finally reaches the void space under the waterfall, giving them a glimpse of what lies inside. But excitement is short lived when unexpected visitors get in the way.

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Dead Ends And New Beginnings
When a dead end in the tunnel threatens to close the door on exploration, a back door opens. Using their recently decoded Golden Lily map, the team discovers new access points, hoping to get under the waterfall by any means necessary.

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We're Not Alone
As the team finally gets to the bottom of Breach 6, startling new evidence suggests they might be too late. Meanwhile, the miners trigger a hazard in the tunnel that threatens their safety.

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All Over The Maps
John and Rick work to decipher a Golden Lily map while Breach 6 reveals its first piece of treasure. Meanwhile, Levi and Geo come up with a creative solution to get past a mysterious collapse in the tunnel.

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A Bone To Pick
Left with no other option, John plans to drill across the mountain to get underneath the waterfall, but the weather won't make this an easy task. Meanwhile, Rick finds an artifact at Breach 6 that could confirm Japanese military presence on the mountain during World War II.

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An Explosive Discovery
Exploration of the tunnel is put on hold after an explosive find. Meanwhile, another promising clue at Breach 6 leads Rick to believe they're on the right track.

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Mud & Blood
John is determined to find a way in as new evidence suggests the location of a possible treasure vault beneath the waterfall. But mother nature is wreaking havoc on his plans.

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A Dying Declaration
American treasure hunter John Casey returns to the Philippines with a new team and new technology, in a continued effort to solve one of the greatest mysteries of World War II. It's all hands on deck, when an advanced satellite scan of the mountain reveals massive metal deposits underground.

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Lost Gold of World War II, aired by the History Channel in 2019, is a gripping series that delves into one of the most enduring mysteries of the 20th century. This non-fictional documentary series is an exploration of an intriguing wartime legend that has intrigued historians and treasure hunters for decades. At its heart, it revolves around the incredible but controversial tale of the Yamashita Treasure, an alleged hoard of gold and other precious belongings, that it is said to have been looted across Asia by Japanese forces during the Second World War. Unveiling the story in tantalizing detail, Lost Gold of World War II offers a profound look at this captivating folklore, which suggests that as Japan conceded defeat in 1945, General Tomoyuki Yamashita, dubbed 'the Tiger of Malaya', managed to bury a colossal treasure in the Philippines. It is portrayed as an intricate puzzle buried beneath the surface, laced with a multitude of traps and obstacles that have so far successfully deterred adventurers from unearthing these ancient riches. In this captivating series, the narrative primarily follows a daring group of American explorers on their riveting mission in the present-day north of Luzon, where they are set on a daunting quest to unearth this historic fortune. The series showcases their use of modern technology and the latest excavation techniques as they are determined to piece together clues on the ground. In addition, they try deciphering various riddles inscribed on the maps they possess, filled with cryptic symbols and bewildering codes, that could eventually lead them to the much-anticipated treasure. Lost Gold of World War II tells not just an enthralling tale of treasure hunting and adventure, but also about greed, deceit, and the price they had to pay to uncover the secrets buried through time. The series taps into the psychological factors that underscore such high-risks undertakings and explores the emotional toll it takes on the treasure seekers. It is a testament to the human spirit of curiosity and exploration, as well as a fascinating investigation that sheds light on an intriguing and contentious chapter of World War II. Every episode combines the tension of their current exploration, with historical context, offering a wholesome perspective to viewers. It encompasses voices of various historians, archival footage, expert testimonies, and dramatic re-enactments, maintaining a seamless coherence between modern-day treasure hunting and past events. Lost Gold of World War II raises fascinating questions about wartime looting, along with the ethics of treasure hunting. It elicits awe and wonder, the thrill, and the inevitable danger, offering a rich tableau that treads between history and adventure. It provides viewers with a tantalizing blend of archaeology, history, and exploration, making for an engaging series that quenches the thirst for mystery and intrigue. In essence, Lost Gold of World War II provides viewers with an unforgettable journey that pays homage to the enduring allure of hidden treasures and the fascinating mysteries that surround them. In meticulously recreating the saga of the Yamashita treasure, it encourages viewers to question our understanding of history and ponder the thrilling possibilities of untold fortunes lying in wait under our very noses. This is a riveting tale of dedication, technology, teamwork, and the driving human interest in unraveling secrets, with each episode inviting viewers to join the treasure hunters in their high-stakes quest, fueling the love for adventure within us. Whether the crew will ultimately find this legendary treasure or stumble upon an even more significant historical revelation is a journey worth watching.

Lost Gold of World War II is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

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