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Alaska Special
Soldiers endure the bitter cold temperatures and conditions while they train in Alaska. Weapons included are the Stryker mobile gun system, the M56E1 smoke generator and the Arctic warfare super magnum sniper rifle.

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Kill Zone
A bomber plane which runs with no personnel aboard, that can take off and land on an aircraft carrier is featured.

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Israel Special 2
A return to Israel and a look at the newest weapons being designed for the Israeli armed forces, including a missile protection shield for tanks, one of the world's toughest main battle tanks that fires super-smart rounds, and a state-of-the-art cruise missile and the air defense system which is rivaled by none.

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Hard Target
Includes a look at inflatable armor, a shoulder firing grenades that doubles the range of the weapon, the A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack plane, an assault rifle round that stays supersonic out to 1200 yards.

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Future Warrior
A look at a new state of the art weapon in which an assault rifle can convert into a sniper rifle in a matter of seconds.

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Future Weapons goes big on guns starting with the rapid-fire cannon that's fast becoming a huge hit with the U.S.

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A look at the weaponry used by the Israel Defense Forces.

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Close Protection
Devices to stop terrorists from smuggling weapons onto passenger jets; a multi-caliber combat weapon; a naval gun; close-quarter weapons.

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Non-lethal Special
Examining the Taser and its applications for military use. Also: a vehicle-stopping device that uses a high-tech net to trap suicide bombers.

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The third-season opener includes a device that disarms terrorist bombs, a squad weapon for ambush protection, a surface-to-air missile and the Army's latest sniper rifle.

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Future Weapons, a dynamic series aired by Discovery Channel in 2006, captivated the viewers’ attention worldwide by illustrating the cutting-edge advances in military technology. The central figure of the series was the late Richard Machowicz, a former United States Navy SEAL operator, who proficiently utilized his in-depth knowledge and first-hand military experience to demonstrate each weapon's functionality with great precision. The core concept of Future Weapons was designed with an innovative perspective that explores the power and technical expertise behind firepower. Every episode dives deep into diverse aspects of modern warfare technology and weaponry, effectively breaking them down for the audience and unveiling their wondrous, yet often frightening capabilities. Richard Machowicz, endearingly known as "Mack," was not your typical host. Boasting a decade-long service in the U.S. Navy SEAL and a specialist in Naval Special Warfare, he delivered each episode with a mix of enthusiasm and professionalism. With his military background, he convincingly explains the nuances and technical specifications of the weaponry, often demonstrating them himself, which adds an authentic touch to the show. A key feature of Future Weapons was the global selection of equipment and technology showcased in the series. From personal defensive weapons to high caliber ballistic missiles, Future Weapons traversed the full spectrum of military quiver. The show did not limit itself to weapons that were currently in service either; Prototype weapons and developmental technologies that were still in testing phase at the time were also included in the series. The hallmark of the show was its in-depth analysis and presentation style. Every episode introduced a particular military technology or weapon system, illustrated its design and explained its operation. The host, Richard Machowicz, would often visit military testing grounds and manufacturing facilities to demonstrate these weapons and systems in action. This unique approach, coupled with expert interviewing key personnel involved in their development, offered viewers a behind-the-scene look at the future of military technology. The series is excellently paced and strikes a perfect balance between information and entertainment. Its episodes are action-packed, featuring live demonstrations and thrilling re-enactments, making the otherwise technical subject matter accessible and engaging for a broad audience. The series does not shy away from the destructive capacity of these weapons, often showcasing their devastating firepower in realistic scenarios. Moreover, the creators also ensured Future Weapons had an educational aspect. The show successfully combined science, technology, engineering, and math principles, painting them in a practical light. This is often achieved by delving into the processes of development, testing, and eventual utilization of some of the deadliest and most technologically advanced weapons in the world. But beyond just highlighting weaponry, Future Weapons subtly educates its viewers about the necessity of these lethal tools in maintaining global security, national sovereignty, deterring aggressors, and supporting peacekeeping operations worldwide. It also fosters a deep respect for the servicemen and women who operate these systems, often in the face of extreme danger. In summary, Future Weapons is a comprehensive, educational, and insightful series that takes viewers on an exciting journey into the future of warfare technology. Its host, Richard Machowicz’s military expertise, charisma, and dynamic showmanship anchor the series, ensuring each episode is as informative as it is thrilling. It is a must-watch for any military enthusiast and general viewers alike, providing a unique and gripping insight into the transformative nature of global defense strategies and the innovative technologies that underpin them.

Future Weapons is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 29 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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