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The Newest Little Person
Baby Kinzley arrives; Dawn divulges one of Lila's deepest secrets; Jazmin makes a difficult decision.

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It's Go Time
DJ asks Jason a loaded question. Meanwhile Dawn learns more about Lila's scandalous love life.

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Jason Gets His Groove Back
When Dawn and David dig up the past, things get explosive. Meanwhile, Jason has a confession to make to DJ, and an unwelcome guest crashes Katie's baby shower.

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A Rough Patch
The group is finally introduced to Katie's boyfriend PJ but things don't go so well when they express their concerns about the health of Katie and her baby.

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Into The Wild
As the rift between Dawn and Jazmin increases, Jason tries to plan a peaceful weekend away for the group that quickly erupts. A secret is revealed that rocks the group and puts someone in danger.

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Agree To Disagree
A night of belly dancing gets heated when Jazmin confronts Dawn about being a disappointing sister-in-law. Meanwhile, one of the girl's receives shocking news about her baby.

Watch Little Women: NY Season 2 Episode 2 Now

New Roommates, New Drama
While Jason surprises everyone with his new love interest, one of the girls makes a big announcement.

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Little Women: NY is a riveting reality television series on Lifetime that first aired in 2015. The show, a spin-off from the successful Little Women: LA series, courageously invites the world into the lives of a unique group of intelligent, ambitious, and dynamic women with one shared characteristic - they all have dwarfism.

The show navigates us through the tight-knit circle of friends living in the sprawling metropolis of New York City. The show's original cast members are Jordanna James, Misty Irwin, Dawn Lang, Jazmin Lang, Kristin Zettlemoyer, and Jason Perez. Each of these women, remarkable in their own right, bring an array of diverse backgrounds, professions, personalities, and perspectives to the screen.

Jordanna, the ringleader of the group, is known for her outgoing and flamboyant nature, often acting as the glue that holds the group together. She is a professional performer, seasoned in the art of burlesque. Misty Irwin, a model, draws audiences with her vivacious and effervescent spirit, often dishing out wit and humor in dire situations. Dawn and her sister Jazmin are two outspoken individuals, never daunted to speak their minds. Dawn, a paralegal, and Jazmin, an aspiring fashion designer, stretch and challenge societal norms in diverse ways. Then there is Kristen, a psychology grad student and a professional drummer with a bubbly demeanor. And we can't leave out the only male in the group, Jason, who is a logical and level-headed voice within the group of fiery personalities.

Throughout the show's span, viewers are taken on a tumultuous yet heartwarming journey, as the cast faces an array of distinctly common and unique challenges. The women have to deal with everything from career aspirations, romantic relationships, family issues, health conditions, and the added complexity of having to overcome about daily life situations in a world that isn’t necessarily built to accommodate their size.

Far from focusing solely on the troubles and hurdles these women face, the show spotlight also pivots on the joys and triumphs. Characters like Misty advocate body positivity within the fashion industry, attempting to reshape the industry's narrow standards of beauty. Jazmin continuously pursues her dreams in the fashion world with tenacity and an indomitable spirit. The series highlights the women's progressive journeys and growth, both individually and as a group, as they learn to navigate the waters of life.

Above all, Little Women: NY focuses on the struggles, resilience, and survival of these women. It also captures their extensive network of friendships and their unwavering aptitude for fun, flirtation, and the notorious, yet desirable, drama. The push and pull of their relationships maintain the central point of intrigue in the audience's eyes. Even amidst the exciting life of New York City, their bonds – whether strained and fractured at times by disagreements or fortified by shared experiences – remain at the heart of the show.

The show is known for its relatability to audiences. Despite the unique backdrop of dwarfism, viewers can identify with the universal experiences of love, friendship, ambition, heartbreak, disappointment, and joy. While allowing a glimpse into the daily challenges faced by individuals with dwarfism, the show does not exploit or sensationalize the women's experiences. Instead, it seeks to educate and awareness about their arguably less-known lifestyle.

In conclusion, Little Women: NY, in its raw, authentic, and sometimes chaotic depiction of life, implores us to look beyond physical differences and focus on the humanity within. It not only affords a different perspective of life in the Big Apple but also sheds a spotlight on an often overlooked subset of society. The show thoughtfully treads the line between entertainment and advocacy, ensuring viewers are engaged, informed, and inspired in equal measure. It's an exceptional selection for anyone looking for not just a regular reality TV show but a real-life journey of resilience, self-discovery, and an unyielding celebration of life.

Little Women: NY is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 17 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.2.

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