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Everything Goes Away
The Huskies get the attention of Division 1 and 2 colleges with hopes of launching their careers -- but first, they need to put away West LA.

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Jump Stops Will Change Your Life
A zip-lining exercise bonds the team before the regional playoffs where they're in a down-to-the-wire game. Dez opens up about being a good father.

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You Go, I Go
The Huskies put on a clinic in front of some VIPs, but the games get more intense as the playoffs draw near. The pressure takes a toll on Josh.

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Mr Mosley Was a Good Man
After some setbacks, the team gets an attitude adjustment from Mosley and begins to gel. DC speaks up about living in his father's shadow.

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Game Hunters
As the Huskies drop in the polls, Mosley shakes up the rotation. COVID-19 cancellations have the team searching for opponents -- so they hit the road.

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Father, Consume Me
Mosley tries to find the pulse of the team while a frustrated Shemar is a no-show, Bryan storms out of the workout and ELAC plays a nail-biter.

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The Heart of the Program
DC's ego gets him booted from practice, Bryan struggles to overcome his Division 1 failure and Shemar's situation looks grim despite his talent.

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When I'm Playing Basketball
Mosley and Rob look for starters while the team prepares for a tough three-game stretch. Damani has a health scare.

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Last Chance U: Basketball is a gripping and inspiring Netflix original docuseries that first premiered in 2021. The show marks a deviation from the established Last Chance U series, which initially focused on football. In this spin-off foray into the world of basketball, filmmakers revisit the junior college athletics program while shifting their focus from the football field to the basketball court. This series continues the successful Last Chance U franchise's notable tradition of passionately examining the lives and struggles of athletes at a crossroads, seeking one last shot at reaching the top. Located in downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles College (ELAC) forms the backdrop of the series. The college's talented basketball program, populated by young athletes on their second chance, takes the center stage. Often from difficult backgrounds, these athletes journey through personal hardships, academic difficulties, and highly tense competitions. This gritty examination of the pursuit of hoop dreams offers a fresh perspective on the determination and sheer talent that exist within the community college sports arena. The head coach, John Mosley, is a central figure of the series. A strict but compassionate father figure, he is more than just a coach. Mosley works tirelessly to mold his young men not only into exceptional athletes but also into successful students and responsible adults. He implements discipline and rigor both on and off the court, reminding his players that they are student-athletes, with the "student" part coming first. This is vitally important considering that for many players, their ultimate goal is to secure scholarships at Division I universities. Throughout the series, viewers get a glimpse into different, sometimes contrasting sides of the players: their strength and vulnerability, their dreams and disappointments, their victories and defeats. The high stakes of their journey create tensely thrilling moments that could change their lives forever. What's more, the series doesn’t shy away from portraying the harsh reality of the athletes’ lives off the court, which adds a substantial layer of depth and authenticity to their stories. Documentary-style filming, interspersed with candid interviews, paints an intimate portrait of the lives of these athletes, while also highlighting the ongoing social issues impacting them. Education, poverty, race, and redemption are some, among many, integral themes that resonate throughout the series, making it much more than just a sports documentary. It is a profound social commentary embedded within the captivating and formidable world of basketball. However, what sets Last Chance U: Basketball apart from other sports documentaries is its emphasis on the importance of education alongside athletic prowess. The series underscores the idea that the target is not just about winning games and championships; it is about these young men building a better future for themselves despite the odds stacked against them. They dream, fight, and persevere to seize the opportunity that may change their destiny. The series pays equal attention to their basketball prowess and their academic diligence, leading to a multifaceted portrayal of college sports that is rarely seen on screen. The heart of Last Chance U: Basketball lies in its ability to weave compelling, layered stories of resilience and redemption against the backdrop of sports. The series offers a stark and gritty up-close-and-personal look into the lives of these talented basketball players who aim to transform their lives, one dribble at a time. Highlighting not just the grueling physical demands but also the immense psychological pressure these athletes face, the series scrutinizes the reality and challenges of collegiate basketball. Last Chance U: Basketball persistently offers intense, emotional, inspiring, and occasionally heartbreaking moments that encapsulate the pursuit of dreams, the overcoming of obstacles and the triumph of spirit over adversity. It captures the essence of what sports, and life, are all about - the tenacity, resilience, and unyielding determination of human spirit to rise, despite daunting challenges. All these elements combine to ensure that the series continues to deliver highly engaging, deeply human stories in the world of community college sports. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or someone who appreciates uplifting and human-centered storytelling, this series makes for a must-watch.

Last Chance U: Basketball is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

Dezmond Washington, Rob Robinson, John Mosley
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