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The Big Picture
In the series finale, Stephen meets with Tom to discuss ways to improve sales for the energy bar recycling program as part of his five-year self-improvement plan, S.T.

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Hells Yeah, Tokyo
Tom, Tony and Rick travel to Japan to meet with big brand representatives, hoping to take TerraCycle's personal care waste collections global.

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Design teams up with R&D to create a gamified recycling bin as part of an interactive recycling initiative for Pepsi. Tiff and Darshan meet with Rick to plan how to scientifically measure changes in recycling rates.

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Episode 7
The Zero Waste team lands a major deal with Loctite, the world"™s largest adhesive brand. Tom stresses the importance of this deal; finding a solution to recycling industrial adhesives will open the doors to other potential clients.

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Young At Art
Last year"™s upcycled Art Show is returning for a second year and Tom has plans to make it bigger and better than ever. Tiff and Darshan are commissioned with curating the show by selecting featured art from independent artists, creating art pieces for five brands, AND creating signage.

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Episode 5
Last year's upcycled Art Show is returning for a second year and Tom has plans to make it bigger and better than ever. Tiff and Darshan are commissioned with curating the show by selecting featured art from independent artists, creating art pieces for five brands, AND creating signage.

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We'll Always Have Harris
The science team joins forces with German company Einhorn to tackle an outrageous waste stream -- condoms. Dan gives his two weeks notice, leaving a limited time to finish his Terracycle bucket list and remaining work obligations.

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You, Me & 3d
In order to secure a 3D printer for the Design team, Tiff and Darshan must work with the science team to create a recycled filament using Terracycle's waste streams. New employee Gina tries to assimilate into Terracycle's unique work environment.

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It's In The Bag
Steph is challenged with replicating the success of Terracycle UK's public locations program here in the United States. Dan's position as "Zero Waste Box Sales Machine" is threatened by Rhandi's new hire to the department, old-school Rich.

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In the season three premiere, Tom works to secure an investment that could change the future of TerraCycle, and tasks Tony with creating the perfect presentation. Dean plans a surprise party for Dara's 10-year work anniversary.

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Human Resources, a 2014 series launched by Pivot, is a unique take on reality television that banks on eco-friendliness and sustainability. The series takes viewers on a wild and revealing ride into the strange and fascinating world of TerraCycle, a New Jersey-based company that's at the forefront of the green movement.

TerraCycle’s innovative business model centers around "recycling the unrecyclable": turning everyday waste products into usable and marketable goods, thus making a vital contribution to curbing the impact of waste on our environment. Human Resources introduces viewers to the dedicated team responsible for promoting the sustainability-initiative while also running a profitable enterprise.

The show primarily focuses on the human factor within the company, giving viewers an in-depth glimpse of what it’s like to work at TerraCycle. The scrappy, diverse crew is the heart of the show, their engaging personalities drawing viewers in with a blend of warmth, humor, innovation, and passion for their work. From CEO Tom Szaky who strives to inspire a global movement, to the designers, scientists and free spirits who maintain the company's forward momentum, the series introduces the audience to the individuals who make TerraCycle tick.

The show is rich with the challenges, dramas, and triumphs typical of any workplace, but seasoned with the particular flavor of TerraCycle's mission and culture. The employees consider themselves environmentalists, their shared vision for a greener world keeping them motivated through intense brainstorming sessions, exploratory projects, and launches of upcycled products. One might see the TerraCycle team working on anything from wrangling used cigarette filters to create plastic shipping pallets, or turning discarded chip bags into fashionable tote bags.

What distinguishes Human Resources from other reality shows is its blend of entertainment and education about vital environmental issues. It invites viewers to rethink their own consumption habits and engages them in a larger dialogue about sustainability and waste. By making recycling process fun and relatable, the show raises the profile of recycling and repurposing and seeks to inspire audiences to be more mindful of their contributions to waste.

Entrepreneur Tom Szaky has been credited with a pioneering vision and his company's philosophy of making trash valuable permeates the show. Under his stewardship, TerraCycle has involved more than 60 million people worldwide in the task of recycling everything from drink pouches to pens, raising millions of dollars for schools and charities along the way. Throughout the series, Szaky provides thoughtful and passionate commentary on the importance of rethinking our relationship with waste, and embracing the potential value hidden in the garbage.

Yet, despite its serious underpinnings, Human Resources is not heavy-handed. It keeps the tone light and entertaining, giving viewers a fun and quirky insight into the office dynamics at TerraCycle. Whether they are participating in a quirky science experiment, setting up a gallery showcase for their newest upcycled products, or tackling daily office disputes, the members of the TerraCycle team keep the viewers entertained with their camaraderie and humor.

Human Resources balances its focus on environmental challenges with a candid look at the regular trials, tribulations and triumphs of running a business with a bold vision. It shows the highs and lows of working at a company that is equally committed to progress as it is to profit. The intrigue of office politics, the thrill of a successful product launch, and the satisfaction of making a difference—Human Resources combines all these elements to create a captivating portrayal of a unique work environment.

In summary, Human Resources is a reality TV show unlike any other. With humor, heart, and inspiring insights into the world of green business, it brings to life the story of one company's mission to change the world using everyday waste. It is an engaging blend of behind-the-scenes office dynamics, ecological concerns, and a unique vision of a greener world. If you’re looking to be entertained and educated, Human Resources is a show that definitely belongs on your watch-list.

Human Resources is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 30 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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