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Hitler and the Occult is a riveting documentary produced by the National Geographic Channel in 2007. Revealing an unusual, often overlooked aspect of World War II, the series delves into the dark and mystic ideologies that inspired one of the most notorious dictators in human history - Adolf Hitler. The one-hour-long film scrutinizes the lesser-known domains of the occult, mysticism, and esotericism that provided a profound impact on the formation of the Nazi ideology. It also explains how these mystical concepts influenced and at some level, perhaps even guided, Hitler's actions throughout the war. The narrative intertwines historical facts with fascinating exploration into arcane subjects, offering a unique perspective on Hitler's ideological development. It begins by shedding light on Hitler's early life, focusing on his struggle to recognize an appropriate ideology in his quest to ignite a transformative revolution in Germany. Hitler and the Occult explores Hitler's profound interest in the closed-door societies of early twentieth-century Vienna and probes how his attraction to the mysterious and the bizarre inspired the formation of his worldview. Enigmatic organizations such as the Thule Society, an occult group that believed in an ancient Aryan race's superiority, significantly influenced Hitler's ideological viewpoints, specifically his beliefs concerning racial supremacy. The documentary ventures into Hitler's complex relationship with figures such as Dietrich Eckart, his early mentor and a devoted follower of occultism, and Julius Streicher, an infamous anti-Semitic publisher. Hitler's association with people passionate about the occult further nurtured his interest in mysticism. Historians, anthropologists, and various scholars oversee Hitler and the Occult's hardcore analysis. Interviews with experts and the use of archival footage and photographs provide viewers with a comprehensive flow of evidence and analysis. The series goes to great lengths to maintain the balance between scholarly examination and lively storytelling, making it a must-watch for history enthusiasts, students, and educators alike. Furthermore, Hitler and the Occult is then punctuated with incarnations of esoteric symbols like the swastika, a symbol of peace and divinity, twisted hideously by the Nazis into an emblem of hate. The documentary dissects such profound links between the Nazi regime and esoteric symbolism, indicating how the usage of such symbols aligned with Hitler's destructive ambitions. At its core, Hitler and the Occult scrutinizes the grotesque amalgamation of pseudoscience, racism, and mysticism masterminded by Hitler, which led to the widespread execution of the Holocaust. Viewers will gain an understanding of how Hitler, often described as the embodiment of evil, was not merely influenced by political ideologies but stretched his belief system to the boundaries of occult mysticism and para-scientific theories. The series, however, does not suggest the occult as the primary propelling force behind Hitler's war atrocities. Instead, it emphasizes the inclusion of this mystical perspective as an additional angle in the already multi-faceted analysis of Hitler's motivations and actions. It underscores the unfathomable depths of Hitler's ideological extremism only to highlight the extensive reach of his fanaticism. Aside from shedding light on the origins of Nazi ideology, the documentary also provides a broader perspective on the seductive power of mysticism, compelling the viewers to think about the susceptibilities of the human mind. It shows how the allure of the unseen and the promise of knowledge beyond the ordinary can launch people, societies, and even the world into chaos and destruction. In conclusion, Hitler and the Occult is an illuminating look behind the historic façade of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. It moves beyond the surface, navigating uncharted waters and providing a distinct perspective on the well-cataloged horrors of World War II. In doing so, it successfully manages to add another riveting layer to the existing historical discourses, urging us to revisit and rethink the many influences that shaped Hitler's reign of terror.

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