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Search & Destroy
As Naomi decodes the message in the notebook, Tali urges Shira to leave the country. Segev finds himself caught between two powerful forces.

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Prose & Cons
Naomi races to get her story to press in time to save Segev. Tali asks Assaf for help with the Omer situation.

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Part & Parcel
While reeling from another painful blow, Segev stumbles on secret messages from his wife. Tali learns the truth about why Danielle was targeted.

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Hide & Seek
Segev spots a familiar face at JFK and sets out in pursuit. Meanwhile, Tali gets in trouble at work, and Naomi brokers a meeting with the CIA.

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Flesh & Blood
Tali identifies the man from Segev's wedding video, the police close in on Ron, and Naomi seeks intel from a New York Times reporter.

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Breaking & Entering
A visit to the New York dance company sends Segev on a desperate search for clues to his wife's past. In Israel, Assaf is interrogated by his captors.

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Friends & Foes
In New York, two old friends from the Mexico days help Segev track down the elusive Isaac. The Wexlers host a memorial service at their home.

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Love & Loss
Segev begins to question the nature of the accident as more clues emerge to Danielle's mystery caller and the car's driver.

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Hit & Run
As his American wife departs for a dance audition in New York, Israeli tour guide Segev finds his world thrown into chaos by a sudden tragedy.

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Hit & Run is a mesmerizing and high-stakes thriller series that graced Netflix in 2021. The series is an exhilarating collaboration between Israeli and American television industries, showcasing an engaging fusion of cultures while maintaining an emotive core. Hit & Run highlights a unique blend of suspense, action, and drama that effectively captivates viewers with its compelling storyline, dynamic performances, and exceptional presentation. The plot revolves around the life of Segev Azulai, a former Israeli special forces operative who leads a peaceful life as a tour guide in Tel Aviv. His life takes an unexpected turn when his wife, Danielle, a famous American dancer, dies in a hit-and-run accident. Devastated, Segev vows to uncover who was responsible for his wife's untimely demise. Viewers are positioned to embark on a nail-biting journey intertwined with mystery, deception, and intrigue. With an unshakeable desire to avenge his wife's death, Segev demonstrates extraordinary resilience and determination. His journey to justice extends from the bustling streets of Tel Aviv to the contrasting atmosphere of New York, augmenting the captivating narrative with a robust cultural backdrop. Hit & Run is not an ordinary story of revenge and justice. It skilfully delves into the deeper layers of human emotions and relationships. The dynamics between the characters serve as a stirring exploration of loyalty, deceit, love, and loss. The characters and their relationships aren't static; they evolve as Segev’s investigation progresses, adding depth and richness to the storyline. Segev Azulai, portrayed by the acclaimed Israeli actor Lior Raz, is a compelling protagonist. His performance seamlessly blends strength, vulnerability, and relentlessness, making viewers empathize with his loss and quest for justice. The supporting cast also features remarkable performances, contributing to the series' overall excellence with their genuine portrayals. The contrasting settings of Tel Aviv and New York act as more than just scenic backdrops. They contribute significantly to the series' mood and storyline. The bustling streets of Tel Aviv teeming with local culture and the gleaming high-rise buildings of New York symbolize different phases of Segev's journey. From its vibrant cityscapes to the tense, close-quarter scenes, Hit & Run's visual storytelling is truly compelling. Also notable is the thrilling action sequences, an integral part of the series. They are rigorously choreographed and skilfully executed, contributing to the electrifying pace of the narrative. The use of authentic Israeli martial art Krav Maga by Segev further accentuates the authenticity of the show. Hit & Run's narrative structure is interestingly crafted. The time shifts between different pivotal moments in Segev’s life, fostering an engaging and sophisticated viewing experience. As the intricacy of the narrative unfolds, the viewers navigate through the thrilling paths of unforeseen discoveries and shocking revelations. The show also appreciates a strong musical score. The soundtrack blends perfectly with the narrative, successfully enhancing the emotional impact of significant scenes. During intense sequences, the music adds tension, and during the softer moments, it brings out the emotional depth. By fusing gripping storytelling, impressive performances, and impeccable visuals, Hit & Run captivates viewers from the get-go. Its deep-rooted mystery makes for a volatile viewing experience that keeps you at the edge of your seat, eager for answers. Concurrently, the emotional depth of the characters and their relationships add a heartfelt touch, making Hit & Run not just a journey of revenge, but a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Hit & Run does more than just entertain; it urges you to question, speculate, and empathize with its riveting storyline and distinct characters. Every episode leaves you yearning for the next, making the series an effective and engrossing binge-watch. To sum up, Hit & Run is a dynamic action-thriller that promises a whirlwind of emotions. With its thrilling plot, superb performances, and engaging direction, it's a series that will indeed be remembered for combining suspense and emotional depth creatively and effectively. So, ready for a thrilling ride into the world of Hit & Run? Be prepared for a roller-coaster journey of suspense, action, and complex human relationships that will leave you both emotionally moved and on edge for more.

Hit & Run is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 9 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

Lior Raz, Kaelen Ohm, Moran Rosenblatt
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