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Deborah does everything in her power to ensure that her second run at Late Night is bulletproof. Meanwhile, Ava fields a dream offer, and Jimmy and Kayla meet with a rising star in an effort to grow their company.

Watch Hacks Season 3 Episode 9 Now

Yes, And
A calendar mix-up finds Deborah double booked ... just as an unfortunate supercut of her most problematic early jokes starts circulating.

Watch Hacks Season 3 Episode 8 Now

The Deborah Vance Christmas Spectacular
Deborah braces for Kathy's attendance at her Christmas party, while Jimmy and Kayla refuse to call it quits on the comedian's Late Night dreams.

Watch Hacks Season 3 Episode 7 Now

Par for the Course
Deborah participates in a golf tournament to get face time with the cable affiliates who could decide her future.

Watch Hacks Season 3 Episode 6 Now

One Day
As Deborah contends with writer's block and Ava with a broken heart, the pair decide to clear their heads in the woods.

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Join the Club
Deborah is invited to hang with some of her favorite comedians, Jimmy finally lands a general meeting with Winnie, and Marcus recruits Ava for trivia.

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The Roast of Deborah Vance
After learning there's a Late Night vacancy, Deborah snaps into high gear to make sure everything -- and everyone -- is perfect for her upcoming roast. While Ava consults Kiki about boundary-setting, DJ invites Deborah to speak at her NA meeting.

Watch Hacks Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Better Late
After finally agreeing to appear on Late Night, Deborah gets an unexpected opportunity, while Marcus leverages a cottage industry into

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Just for Laughs
In Montreal to receive an award, Deborah finally gets a chance to break out a custom gown that

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Hacks, a brilliant dark comedy series, aired on HBO Max in 2021. The show is a captivating exploration of the complex dynamics in the entertainment industry, geniusly interspersed with several layers of reflective humor and pointed satire. It is a show that digs deep into the grind and glamour of the comedy world, taking viewers on a captivating journey.

The story centers around two protagonists-Deborah Vance (Jean Smart), a seasoned stalwart of the stand-up comedy scene in Las Vegas, and Ava (Hannah Einbinder), an impudent 25-year-old writer doomed by a scandal that leads to her being ostracized by the comedy community in Los Angeles. While Deborah represents the past era with her charisma and wit, Ava embodies the 'woke' culture of the present era.

Deborah Vance is a veteran comedian whose decades-spanning career is shown to be under siege. Despite her undisputed stardom and work ethic, she finds her charms waning, drawing fewer audiences, and struggling to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing entertainment world. In contrast, Ava Daniels is a young, up-and-coming comedy writer who is a product of the millennial generation, with different sensibilities, humor, and a distinctive style of her own.

When Ava's promising career takes a nosedive after a controversial Tweet leads to her cancellation, she finds herself forced to take up the uneasy task of freshening up Deborah Vance's material in a desperate attempt to save her sinking career. The duo initially struggles to find common ground due to generational clashes and personalities that don't exactly mesh. Still, as the series advances, they create a relationship that's a unique blend of mentorship, friendship, and mutual respect.

Hacks deftly weaves a narrative that underlines the nuances and power dynamics within the entertainment industry. It showcases how ageism, sexism, and changing trends can affect any relationship and are especially impactful on those who find themselves facing a crossroads in their careers.

The series further explores the comedy landscape, including the immense effort that goes into crafting a winning humor act, the cut-throat competition amongst comedians for prime slots, and the shades of politics in maintaining one's popularity. It empathetically portrays the infuriating and dehumanizing ways older women in the industry are sidelined. Moreover, it’s unafraid to depict the ruthless, often necessary, ways that same population fights to maintain their space and relevance.

Emblematic in its presentation, the show subtly addresses how the glitz and glamor seen in entertainment often masks years of immense dedication, professional struggles, and personal sacrifices. It underscores the unforgiving nature of the comedy business and how it influences artistic integrity and personal relationships.

The show is designed to be a treat for comedy lovers, keen observers of society, and anyone who enjoys genuine human connections portrayed on screen. The humor is both sharp and sensitive, inherent in the lines delivered by the endearing cast of characters who populate the world of ‘Hacks.’

Notably, Deborah's character provides a masterful showcase for Jean Smart's talent, expertly juxtaposing her transition from a legendary However, it’s the overall chemistry between Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder that stands as the heart and soul of the series. Though they start off as drastically different characters, their richly written arcs ultimately form a layered, truly empathetic bond.

With smart writing, engaging performances, well fleshed-out characters, and great comic timing, Hacks expertly captures the authenticities of the comedy business, making it an unmissable viewing experience. Whether it's the trials and tribulations of a comedy legend fighting for her legacy, the struggle of a young writer trying to redeem her career, or the compelling dynamics between both women, the narrative is imbued with a simultaneous depth and light-heartedness that characterize the best of television writing.

As the show proceeds, it continues to surprise the audience with its complex outlook on culture, age, fame, self-image, and the art of humor itself. Despite the odds stacked against them, both women learn to collaborate, challenge each other, tear each other apart, and eventually, build each other up. The complexities of their professional collaboration slowly turn into a personal bond, forming the crux of this captivating series.

In conclusion, Hacks is more than just a comedy series; it's a remarkable and relatable portrayal of resilience, reinvention, survival, and the unlikely friendships born out of challenges. Its unique storytelling approach, combined with stellar performances, make it an engrossing tale that delivers both laughs and poignancy in equal measure.

Hacks is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 27 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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