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Episode 10
The Brotshul and Duncan families battle it out in a race against the clock to claim their cash! Watch as one family uses their feet to fill a wine bottle, toss a tofu and egg soup on somebody's head, and take on the obstacle course for the grand prize!

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Episode 5
The Kudla & Stern families face off in a fierce competition to take home prizes! See who's a sharp shooter in the OK Corral, who cleans up in the Supermarket Sweep, then watch the Human Hamster Wheel roll in the final obstacle course for the big win!

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Family Double Dare is a classic piece of Nickelodeon's programming history that ran from 1986 to 1988. This innovative and highly entertaining children's game show was known for its jubilant spirit, energetic pace, and interactive games that tested both physical skills and intellectual prowess. Today, it's often remembered fondly for its fun, messy challenges that became a hallmark of the Nickelodeon brand. The show was hosted by the jejune and lively Marc Summers, whose amicable and vibrant presentation style brought fun and excitement to the show, forever cementing his place in Nickelodeon lore. He was assisted by John Harvey, often known as "Harvey," who served as the announcer and sidekick. Robin Russo was also there, helping out with demonstrations and cleaning up the messes from the various physical challenges. The concept of Family Double Dare was simple yet brilliantly effective. Two teams, each consisting of four family members, compete against each other in a series of trivia questions and physical challenges. The trivia segments required quick thinking and a broad base of general knowledge, while the physical challenges – the show's most memorable aspect – required agility, teamwork, and a willingness to get downright messy. The challenges were the high point of the show, ranging from tossing pies into giant clown heads to diving into a giant "sundae" filled with all manner of messy and gooey elements. The teams would accumulate money based on their performance in these tasks, but the game's real draw was the Double Dare itself. If a team wasn’t sure about an answer to a trivia question, they could dare the opposing team to answer it for double the dollars. However, the daring could go back and forth, ultimately becoming a "Double Dare" worth four times the original value. If a team didn't wish to answer a Double Dare, they could take on a Physical Challenge, which was often more entertaining for the audience than a correct trivia answer. The grand finale of every Family Double Dare episode was the Obstacle Course. This was a gauntlet of eight messy and crazy challenges. The family had 60 seconds to complete the course, with each successfully completed obstacle earning them a prize. A feat of teamwork, speed, and guts, these courses were fan favorites and often remembered long after the show ended. The timeless appeal of Family Double Dare shines through in its commitment to wholesome family entertainment, hilarious physical humor, and challenging brain-teasers, which keep the audience engaged and entertained. The show celebrated the spirit of family unity, competitiveness, and mutual support, signified by the fact that the teams included a mix of adults and children. This led to hilarious scenarios where kids often outshone their parents or vice versa, all while plowing through a messy and energetic challenge. However, the show didn't shy away from messiness – it reveled in it. Viewers enthusiastically watched contestants get doused with green slime, splattered with pie fillings, and flailing around in gigantic fake food items. The messier the challenge, the louder the audience cheered, and the more fun the contestants had. This willingness to embrace the messy and silly was truly refreshing, creating loads of laughter and unforgettable moments. Family Double Dare didn’t just make a splash on Nickelodeon; it left a lasting impact. It was an anarchic, boisterous celebration of the unruly, the messy, the challenging, and the downright fun. It set the standard and laid the groundwork for many imitators to follow in the children's television game show genre, marking a defining moment in children's programming. The show was pure, unadulterated fun – a chance for families to showcase their competitive spirit, knowledge, and teamwork skills, all while getting covered in goo. The format, energy, and chaotic fun of Family Double Dare have made it a staple in the annals of children's television history.

Family Double Dare is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 23 episodes, the show debuted on 1997. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

Bruce Jenner, Jason Harris Katz, Marc Summers, Billy Dee Williams, John Harvey, Joseph Maher
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