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Party Night/The Mask Of Braino
After learning that Rudy won't attend Vanity's (recurring guest star voice talent JANE WIEDLIN) big party, Elmyra begins sobbing uncontrollably. To stop her crying, Pinky and The Brain use the Patty Ann suit to lure Rudy to the event.

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Fun, Time And Space/Hooray for Meat
Pinky and The Brain create a black hole inside a jar and plan to sell the creation. But because of Elmyra, events soon spin wildly out of control.

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Mr. Doctor/That's Edutainment
Elmyra takes Pinky and The Brain and several other pets to the veterinarian's office. When the doctor wants to publicize her bizarre cat/dog, Pussy Wussy, the mice must act to prevent discovery by The Circle.

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Teleport A Friend
A teleportation device goes awry, fusing The Brain and Elmyra into a two-headed being. Captured by a sinister carnival owner, their rescue is in Pinky's hands.

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The Ravin!/Elmyra's Music Video/Squeeze Play
In this story told in poetic stanzas, Pinky and The Brain attempt to survive a typical day with Elmyra. When Rudy steals their Solar Ray, Pinky and The Brain must get it back.

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Wag the Mouse/A Walk in the Park
Pinky and The Brain become Elmyra's campaign managers after she is nominated for class president. However, politics proves tricky, as they must manipulate Rudy Mookich into opposing Elmyra's opponents.

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Yule Be Sorry/ How I Spent My Weekend
In a parody of Frank Capra's classic holiday film, "It's A Wonderful Life," The Brain dreams that he is back at Acme Labs. He soon learns what existence would be like if Elmyra replaced Pinky.

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At The Hop/Pinky's Dream House
The Brain invents a powerful scent that draws people to whoever wears it. But Elmyra inadvertently takes the scent to her school dance.

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The Icky Mouse Club /The Man From Washington
Pinky and The Brain build a clubhouse where children can gather without being hassled by adults. The Brain desires to use their unhappiness with society as a launching point for a revolution.

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The Girl With Nothing Extra/Narfily Ever After
The two mice pose as reporters in an attempt to make Elmyra popular. According to The Brain's theory, being popular should give her more friends--giving Pinky and The Brain more time to take over the planet.

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My Fair Brainy!/The Cat Who Cried Woof
In order to obtain all the world's money, Brain must reprogram a satellite orbiting the Earth. Luckily, NASA is offering the opportunity for one child to go on the next space shuttle mission.

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Cute Little Alienhead/Better Living... Through Cheese
Pinky (series star ROB PAULSEN) and The Brain barter with an alien for advanced technology. But, the trading stalls when Elmyra mistakes the creature for a furry "bunny.

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Patty Ann/Gee, Your Hair Spells Terrific
The Brain constructs a girl robot named Patty Ann to create a media event when she is "rescued" from a sewer. To earn the money for a scheme, The Brain enters Elmyra in a spelling bee.

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Pinky and the Brain is an iconic American animated television series produced by Warner Bros., which graced TV screens from 1995 to 1998. The show focuses primarily on two characters- Pinky and the Brain- who are genetically spliced lab mice living in Acme Labs, a large, multistory, scientific research center. They continually plot and scheme, trying to take over the world.

The Brain, aptly named for his intellectual prowess and imposing cranium, is the main strategist and leader of the duo. He is brilliantly intelligent, always thinking and planning elaborate schemes to conquer the world. His unyielding rationalism often conflicts with the whimsical, eccentric, and utterly random statue of his companion, Pinky, who, despite seeming absurd and quite dim, frequently poses unpredictable challenges to the Brain's master plans. The juxtaposition between the characters' personalities provides a comical undercurrent for the show's episodic plots – Brain’s high-brow, sophisticated plans meet the unpredictable, often non-sensible interruptions of Pinky, and hilarity ensues.

Their plans are usually complicated, spanning across different locales worldwide, often involving intricate machines, disguises, mind-control devices, or time-altering gadgets. Despite the complexity and scale of their ambitions, their plans always seem to fail at the last moment due to unforeseen circumstances, Pinky's misinterpretations or errors, and sometimes due to Brain's overconfidence.

The title characters are complemented by a number of minor characters who personify various scheming, misguided humans, animals, and even alien species. These interactions not only provide an additional layer of comedy but also serve to enhance the show's multi-structured appeal, ensuring it entertains viewers of all ages.

The animation style of Pinky and Brain is classic old-school, with each character's distinctive design reflecting their unique personalities. From Brain's tall, stern expression with expansive forehead, indicative of his superior intellect, to Pinky's slimmer structure, with considerably larger ears, and a more carefree demeanor, everything from their form to their movement is carefully rendered to bolster their contrasting characters.

One of the hallmarks of the show is the witty dialogue, filled with pop culture references, historical and scientific anecdotes which reward careful listeners. It is a testament to the series's creative writing team that the humor and wit feel so timeless, that still today, decades after the series's conclusion, the jokes are still funny, the humor sharp, and the dialogue memorable.

The show is also notable for its theme song, an energetic and catchy melody that lays out the premise of the show with clever wordplay and remains one of the most memorable aspects of 90s animated television. It contributed significantly to the show's strong and unique identity.

Throughout its 65 episode run spread across four seasons, Pinky and the Brain won numerous awards. Its accolades include several Daytime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Animated Program, as well as the prestigious Peabody Award. Despite its relative brevity, its cultural influence has been profound, with references to the series appearing in numerous other TV shows, films, and even music.

In conclusion, Pinky and the Brain is an intricately crafted animated series that intertwines clever humor, eccentric character dynamics, and outlandishly ambitious plotlines. At its core, it is a playful, tongue-in-cheek ode to friendship, ambition, failure, and persistence that continues to captivate audiences to this day. And above all else, it reminds us to laugh, even when our plans to take over the world might not turn out quite as we expected.

Pinky & the Brain is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 78 episodes, the show debuted on 1995. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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How can I watch Pinky & the Brain online? Pinky & the Brain is available on Warner Bros. with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Pinky & the Brain on demand at Amazon online.

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