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Look Who's Squawking
Eliza is determined to play vet to some penguins, and misinterprets a penguins request for food, bringing the bird to a base for observation.

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The Anniversary
Grandma Sophie and Grandpa Frank surprise the Thornberrys with a visit to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary, but when Eliza and Grandpa want to climb Mt. Fuji, everyone thinks they are respectively too young and too old.

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Hello Dolphin
When Debbie's e-mail boyfriend, Sven, breaks up with her, Eliza tries to cheer her up by getting a reluctant Debbie to swim with dolphins. Debbie takes to the water and soon the kids and Darwin are out to sea in a small boat, where they encounter a deadly tiger shark.

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New Territory
The Thornberrys run out of gas and meet a family who could be their Aussie doubles. Eliza hits it off with Bethany, but is awkward and overprotective when she realizes she's in a wheelchair.

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Hot Air
Eliza tries to talk Darwin into taking a hot air balloon ride, knowing full well that he's afraid of heights. After being pushed around one too many times, Darwin stands up to Eliza and refuses to go.

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Operation Valentine
When Eliza gets a bad stomach, she assumes the Valentine cookies Debbie baked for Sven made her ill. But when she goes rock climbing with Darwin and Donnie, her pain worsens and Donnie takes off, prompted by a "rescue sense.

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Island Trade
When Debbie drives Eliza and Tyler to the marketplace to trade items, Debbie and Tyler accidentally trade the commvee for a dress that Debbie wants.

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Happy Campers
When the Thornberrys visit the "land of happiness" to film the black-necked crane migration dance, they are stopped at the border - due to tourist limits, only two of them can enter the city. After it is decided that Marianne and Debbie go, Eliza and Darwin sneak inside the border.

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Queen Of Denial
When Eliza overhears Tyler complain that she always gets her own way, she vows to Darwin that she'll do everything Tyler's way for a whole day. When they fall into in a underground burial chamber, Eliza has to hold her tongue as Tyler leads them through a series of booby traps.

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All Work and No Play
Eliza and Debbie are supposed to take inventory of supplies, but Eliza is tempted by the call of exploring and leaves to explore a beaver dam. When she talks one of the beavers into showing her around, he ducks his out of his building duties which in turn causes the dam to give way.

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The Wild Thornberrys is an animated television series that brought a refreshing and educational perspective to the world of children's entertainment. The venture of Nickelodeon was part of the network's commitment to delivering quality content with a blend of entertainment and learning. The show was initially aired from 1998 and had a successful run up to 2004. This fun and adventurous series showcased the talents of a diverse voice cast, including Lacey Chabert, Tom Kane, Flea, Danielle Harris, Jodi Carlisle, and the distinctive Tim Curry. The Wild Thornberrys centers around Eliza Thornberry, a young girl with a unique ability to talk to animals, a power provided by an African shaman. Voiced by Lacey Chabert, who viewers might recognize as Gretchen Wieners from "Mean Girls," Eliza is the sharp, adventurous, and compassionate twelve-year-old protagonist whose love for wildlife and nature takes viewers on a series of thrilling adventures. Set against the backdrop of a constantly changing environment, the show follows the Thornberry family as they travel around the world making wildlife documentaries. Each family member brings a unique character trait to the show. The ever-enthusiastic, albeit somewhat eccentric, father Nigel Thornberry is a wildlife documentarian, and Tim Curry lends his unique voice to this character. Eliza's mother, Marianne Thornberry, voiced by Jodi Carlisle, is the dedicated director-camerawoman of the family's wildlife show and the anchor that keeps the family grounded. Eliza's teenage sister, Debbie Thornberry, voiced by Danielle Harris, epitomizes adolescence with her constant complaining and seeming disinterest in the family's unusual adventures. However, she often finds herself dragged into Eliza's escapades. Also traveling with the family is their adopted son, Donnie Thornberry, who was found in the wild during one of their documentary filming trips, with his distinct nonsensical jabbering brought to life by musician Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Rounding off the family unit is Darwin, a sophisticated chimpanzee who is Eliza's loyal best friend and confidant, voiced by Tom Kane. The show earns points for its unique concept, proving to be both entertaining and subtly educational. The series takes kids on a journey around the world, introducing them to different cultures, ecosystems, and the importance of conservation in an engaging and exciting way. It strikes a balance of being a children’s show while simultaneously pushing older viewers to question humanistic elements related to culture and nature. One of the defining features of The Wild Thornberrys is its pristine animation style. The animators did a commendable job of bringing a wide range of settings to life, from the forested heartland of Africa to the icy expanses of the Arctic. They also succeeded in personifying the vast variety of wild animals the Thornberrys encounter, making them more relatable to the viewers. Another distinctive feature of the series is the way it addresses family dynamics. It portrays an unconventional yet loving family whose closeness and mutual support is heartwarming. Despite the family’s inherent differences, they find a way to communicate and work together, striving to put acceptance and understanding at the heart of everything they do, offering an essential lesson to all viewers. In conclusion, The Wild Thornberrys is a classic tv series that combines exploration, cultural education, animal conservation, and family dynamics in a humorous and entertaining way. Through Eliza's adventures, children and adults alike have the chance to discover and understand the various wonders of the world, the beauty of its wildlife, and the importance of respecting and preserving both.

The Wild Thornberrys is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 103 episodes, the show debuted on 1998. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

Tom Kane, Danielle Harris, Lacey Chabert, Jodi Carlisle, Tim Curry
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