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Backstage Babs
A call from the principal's office inspires Babs to improve on her parenting skills when she takes Mondo to a music festival. Ironically, Jenna is impressed.

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Surf Legend
Woodie loses a surf competition and is concerned he's lost his "stoke." To bring it back, the boys seek help from Woodie's surf hero, Duke Sanchez, for conquering an infamous wave.

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Virgin Hangover
Mondo, Woodie and Wadska skip school in hopes of finding a nudist beach.

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Mondo Mia!
Mondo attempts to discover the identity of his father by hacking his mother's Facebook account.

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Red Tuxedo
Mondo asks his pregnant classmate to the junior prom, not knowing that Jeena has dumped Turk and is going by herself.

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The Grass Is Always Greener
After Woodie's sister is forced to pick Mondo as her date for her episode of "My Super Sweet Sixteen," Mondo enjoys her wealthy world a bit too much.

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Breast Friends
Jeena launches a mobile breast-exam initiative, inspiring the boys to cross-dress so they can attend and observe the event.

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The D-List
After a race through freezing water, Mondo accidentally drops his pants and humiliates himself. Milan reveals "The D-List," which ranks the very thing that Mondo exposed to the whole school - and now he's at the bottom.

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Don't Blow Your Wadska
When Mondo finds out that his dream girl's parents are out of town, he uses her eccentric (and possibly under-medicated) brother Wadska to get close to her during a sleepover that goes terribly wrong.

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Tech Rehab
Ms. Teets and all the parents are frustrated by the kids' dependence on technology. So they send them to a tough-love program in the wilderness.

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The guys discover a loophole that allows them to drink on the open seas so they launch a party off the shore. But when they decide to shut down the party, anarchy breaks loose.

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Take a wild ride with the A-list cast and creators behind-the-scenes of this raucously funny show, and stick around for an exclusive sneak peek!

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The Beach Party Begins
Take a wild ride with the A-list cast and creators behind-the-scenes of this raucously funny show, and stick around for an exclusive sneak peek!

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Good Vibes is an American adult animated sitcom that graced MTV's screen back in 2011. It was produced by reputed producers Mike Clements and Brad Ableson alongside creator David Gordon Green, who is acclaimed for his diverse filmography ranging from indie dramas to blockbuster comedies. The unique blend of this production team promised a show that would be marked by characteristic comedy, sharp wit, and emotional depth, and indeed, Good Vibes did not disappoint.

Right from the very first episodes, Good Vibes was lauded for its boldness and the refreshing charm of its narrative concept. The show is primarily set in a fictional coastal town of Playa Del Toro, a laid-back beach town in California, which through its vibrant setting and interesting character dynamics, offers a ripe set for endless comedic encounters. Laden with sun, surf, and sand, each episode unfolds against this vivid, colorful California backdrop, with the ocean and the beach never too far away from the narrative.

The story follows the misadventures of two high school friends Mondo Brando and Woodie Stone. Mondo is a husky, good-hearted teen who has just moved to California with his voluptuous and fashionably bold mother. On the other hand, Woodie is a perpetually stoked-out, loveable native inhabitant of Playa Del Toro. Together, these two protagonists provide an appealing contrast and highly engaging dynamic, laying the groundwork for a rich vein of humor.

The series' charm stems from its ability to strike a balance between traditional sitcom conventions and novel narrative elements. It often uses established themes such as teenage explorations, family relationships, and social dynamics in a high school setting. At the same time, it isn't afraid to veer off the beaten path, intermixing typical humor with sharp cultural commentary, parody, and the essence of beach culture.

Good Vibes gleefully oscillates between the nuanced and the outlandish, deftly weaving meaningful relationships and character development. Mondo's crush on the out-of-his-league Jeena, Woodie's unique friendship with him, the love-hate relationship with the local bully Babs, and Mondo's interplay with his chic mother serve as key plotlines, carrying the narrative forward.

Elevated by a talented voice cast, Good Vibes boasts earthy, engaging performances from Adam Brody, Jake Busey, and Tony Hale, among others, who breathe life into the show's characters, imbuing them with authentic, relatable personalities. The voice acting will undoubtedly resonate with MTV's young adult demographic, infusing genuine warmth and quirkiness into the entire storyline.

A strong suit of the series is its consistent hilarity, featuring humor that is cheeky and fun but never degrading or hurtful. The humor often lands with grace, featuring a mix of impromptu jokes, slapstick comedy, and surprisingly deep character-based humor. This distinct comedic voice is then complemented by the excellent tone-setting visuals. Employing a vibrant, appealing animation style, each frame of Good Vibes titillates with the warm glow of beachside sunshine.

The show also features an impressive roster of guest voices, including notable Hollywood Heavyweights like Danny McBride, Alan Tudyk, Olivia Munn, and Josh Gad. They enhance the proceedings, adding further authenticity and charm to the beautifully diverse characters in the show.

Good Vibes also decidedly embraces the MTV spirit, featuring a dynamic soundtrack with a blend of popular tracks that adds a rhythmic, lively nuance to the narrative. The feel-good music makes it a staple of the show, keeping the 'vibes' lively and celebratory.

A significant strength of the series is its commendable character development. Mondo and Woodie, alongside a compelling range of secondary characters, grow and mature across the episodes. Their interactions routinely reflect the trials and tribulations of teenage life, exploring themes like friendships, romantic relationships, body positivity, and parental relationships.

The coming-of-age elements mingles delightfully with the broader comedy, ensuring that the humor never outweighs the heart of the narrative. Each episode refreshingly uses humor to tell a story, often leaving audiences with more than just laughs.

The series ended after only one season, but despite its short run, Good Vibes is a colorful, beachy breath of fresh air that crackles with MTV's youthful energy, blending animation, humor, and the timeless allure of the sea into a memorable concoction. A must-watch for ardent fans of animation and sitcoms alike.

Good Vibes is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

Debi Mazar, Danny McBride, Tony Hale, Olivia Thirlby, Josh Gad, Alan Tudyk, Jake Busey, Adam Brody
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