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I'd Trade All My Friends For That Magnavox Cd Player
Marc Summers classes it up with a jacket and tie in this episode, I imagine because he had a job interview to get to after the taping.

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Slime In My Bloodstream
Marc Summers torments one of the show's producers by making her display her Canadian accent.

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Throwing Anchovies At My Best Friend
In this episode a boy earns twenty dollars for knowing President Eisenhower's first name, then is offered forty dollars to put potato-sized grains of fake rice into a bucket using enormous chopsticks.

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Search Through Giant Pancakes For Flag
Andrew and Stacy are the Atomic Toasters and they are ready to have any quantity of food hurled in their faces in exchange for a plastic watch and electronic keyboard.

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Squeeze Them Oranges Right On My Head
The Skipper-Doos face off against the Lightning Bugs. But when the object of the game is to let your friend throw an egg in your face for forty dollars, does anyone really win?

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The Misfits vs. The Slimy Shishkabobs
Marc Summers opens this episode with a surprisingly frank discussion with two best friends, one of whom is going to the Bon Jovi concert while the other one's mother will not let her go.

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Color of Marc Summers' Sport Coat: Light Beige
It's a celebrity episode with some kid stars from 80s sitcoms, but don't think that excuses any of these hot-shots from having their parents chuck pineapples at their faces.

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Super Sloppy Double Dare, Vol. 2, is a highly energetic and entertaining TV series replete with non-stop action and, of course, messy, slimy, and sloppy challenges that made Nickelodeon such a sensation. The children's game show ran from 1986 to 1989 and it was characterized by its wildly amusing physical stunts, tricky trivia questions, and an ample dose of competition, an innovative concept during that era that kept the viewers glued to their TV screens.

The show's structure is a brilliant mix of mental and physical tasks, designed to challenge the ingenuity, team-work, and even the agility of its young participants. In essence, the series involves two teams battling it out through a series of dares, double dares, and, of course, super sloppy double dares. Teams are usually paired into “Blue” and “Red”, each consisting of two partners who are either friends or siblings. During the game, they engage in answering trivia questions or taking on the physical challenges.

The show's launch into each episode starts with a toss-up challenge. Both teams compete in a physical stunt that has as much purpose in getting the participants messy as it does in determining which team gets initial control of the trivia round. Success in the trivia round is crucial as the winning teams can dare their opponents to take on a physical challenge, and if they refuse, the dares can be bounced back as double dares - often leading to even messier situations! And if refused again, this brings us to the highlight of the show, the “Super Sloppy Double Dare,” showing off more outlandish, complex, and messy physical challenges.

A key part of Super Sloppy Double Dare is that the physical challenges aren't just thrown in for the fun of it; they tide the game by controlling points allocation, which determines which team eventually leads to the final obstacle course round. The final stage is essentially a gauntlet of eight distinct physical challenges in a rapid-fire format, where the teams must complete the obstacle course in the shortest time possible.

As part of the Super Sloppy Double Dare tradition, the obstacle course is lined with some absurdly named and tailored challenges that puts the 'sloppy' in Super Sloppy Double Dare, such as the "One-Ton Human Hamster Wheel," "The Sewer Chute," and "The Sundae Slide." Each obstacle completed means an additional prize for the contestants, infusing the game's final moments with palpable tension and excitement.

The show’s host, Marc Summers, played a significant role in the series’ appeal. His natural rapport with the young contestants and his infectious enthusiasm for the game lent the show an enjoyable viewing experience for audiences of all ages. He had a distinct ability to foster a light-hearted atmosphere, instantly connecting with the participants and viewers by injecting his commentary with humor and wit.

Beyond the incontestable fun, Super Sloppy Double Dare, Vol. 2 was a pioneer in a new genre of children’s programming, establishing a viewing experience that was more than just a television show, but a platform for the active participation of children. The show innovatively combined educational elements with pure entertainment, using trivia to test the participants' knowledge and then balancing it out with the wacky physical challenges.

Nickelodeon’s Super Sloppy Double Dare, Vol. 2 is a great representation of the quintessential children's game show of the 80s – blending fun, education, and slime all in one bundle. Its success and enduring popularity can be measured by how it laid the groundwork for many similar shows that followed it. Even decades later, the show continues to be fondly remembered for its audacious physical stunts, trivia contest, and vibrant energy that revolutionized children's television programming during its time.

Super Sloppy Double Dare, Vol. 2 is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 14 episodes, the show debuted on 1986. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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