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Daughter Don't Preach
Shelly's mother Beverly finally admits to Yusef, Shelly's father, that she is carrying his child, and Shelly questions Yusef's ability to be a father again. Meanwhile, Janie finds out that Rita is having Botox parties after hours at DivsStyle.

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Daddy's Home
Shelly is surprised when her estranged father Yusef shows up after being absent for years, and she is even more shocked when her mother encourages her to give him a second chance. A curious Janie finds a large amount of money in Rita's purse, and decides to find out where she got it.

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Donovan on the Brink
Everyone finds out that Donovan was a pop star in England when a rapper asks his permission to sample one of his hits; then Shelly tries to impress the man with her raps.

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Shelly and Janie cajole Rita to pretend she wants to get back together with Brenda after learning she's the buyer for a department store where they hope to display their clothing line. Donovan enlists Nick's help to win the money he lost in an expensive bet with J.

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Seperate, But Unequal
Nick finally finds a woman he wants to date exclusively, only to have her tell him she's married. Meanwhile, Shelly discovers that Rita thinks her apartment is haunted.

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To Sir, With Mom
When J.T. fails an exam because of a stupid mistake, his overbearing mother tries to persuade the professor to give J.T. a retest; and Marty considers becoming a professional bowler. Shelly tries to help Rita set up her new apartment.

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Rules of Engagement
Shelley thinks she can be friends with her ex-boyfriend Grant, but her theory is tested when he announces he's engaged during a lunch date, and he wants her to meet his fiance. Rita moves into her new loft.

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Oh Brother
Shelly finds out that Janie's baby brother Paul still has a crush on her after all this time, but she doesn't know how to handle the situation now that Paul is an adult.

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Mo' Money Mo' Problems
The success of DivaStyle brings big bonus checks to the ladies, but also brings big problems for Shelly when she goes on a wild shopping spree. Janie learns her husband wants to quit his job.

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Diva Day Care
Shelly believes she's unfit to ever be a mother when Janie brings her cousin's infant to DivaStyle and Shelly drops the child. Meanwhile, Nick plays for an all-gay basketball team, but hurts his teammates with his insensitivity.

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Banishing Acts
J.T.'s new girlfriend Rochelle is threatened by his former relationship with Shelly and his friends, so she demands that J.T. choose between her and his friends. Janie decides to change her outlook and attitude when one of the waitresses mistakes her for Shelly's mother

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All About Eve
While spending Christmas at her mother's, Shelly wants to deck more than the halls when one of her mom's students, who's also staying there, replaces Shelly as the center of attention. J.

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Marty in the Middle
Janie overhears Marty's flattering comments about Shelly and becomes convinced he still has an interest in her. She then accuses Shelly of trying to steal her man.

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Brit, Better Have My Money
Rita hires a firm to produce DivaStyle's new line, but the women get unwanted press when it comes out the company is a sweatshop. Donovan convinces Nick and J.

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Janie, Shut Up!
Janie spills some of the gang's secrets on a live radio show with Tom Joyner, affecting the budding relationship between Rita and Nick. Meanwhile, Shelly is in hot water with J.

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Model Behavior
Shelly and Janie select a hot young model to represent the new DivaStyle line, and discover that Rita is modeling for a rival brand. Meanwhile, Nick is tempted by J.

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Break Up to Make-Up
Rita wants to be the face of DivaStyle, but Shelly and Janie oppose the idea, so Rita threatens to leave their partnership.

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The Price of Friendship
A severe storm makes the gang confront issues concerning greed and faith: Shelly squabbles with Janie over her lottery winnings, while Nick has a religious experience.

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THe Lyin' The Witch and the Wardrobe
A night of grazing on junk food leads the gang to realize they can each stand to lose some weight, but Shelly cheats on her diet, and crosses the line when she can't fit into her clothes. Also, the diet agreement is put in danger when Janie enlists the gang to help her prepare for her church bake sale.

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Three Divas, No Style
Rita and Janie, realizing that Shelly ignores their creative input in DivaStyle, decide to start their own line of items, which causes a fierce competition between the women. J.

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Shelly And....
An excited Shelly starts planning her wedding to J.T., but an unexpected visit from her mother might make her rethink the decision she made. Meanwhile, J.T. gets accepted to medical school. Donovan finds a way to stay in the U.S. as a legal citizen

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How Will I Know
Shelly has to decide between two marriage proposals, by J.T. and Grant. Donovan, who skipped his flight back to England, is now living as an illegal citizen and he has to decide what to do with his life.

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Eve is a light-hearted comedy series produced by United Paramount Network (UPN). The show, initially titled "Opposite Sex," premiered on the 15th of September in 2003 and ended on the 11th of May in 2006. The dynamic show ran for three seasons with a total of 66 amusing episodes.

The show's lead character, Shelly Williams, is portrayed by popular American rapper and actress Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper, popularly known as Eve. She excellently brings the character to life, embodying a successful and independent woman who strives to find love in Miami, Florida while juggling her booming fashion business. The show is directed by some of Hollywood's finest directors such as Leonard Garner Jr., Brian K. Roberts, and others who bring together a seamless combination of comedy and romance.

Shelly, who owns and operates a fashion boutique named DivaStyle with her friends Janie and Rita, embodies a quintessential modern woman exploring themes related to career, friendship, and love. Her character's journey through various life experiences forms much of the show's central narrative. Shelly's pragmatic friend Janie, a marriage therapist, is played by talented actress Natalie Desselle-Reid while her fun-loving, free-spirited friend Rita Lefleur, a former supermodel, is voiced by Ali Landry.

In addition to the entrepreneurial trio, viewers are introduced to J.T. Hunter, a suave and intelligent sports agent, played by Jason George, and his best friend Donovan Brink, a witty and sarcastic Harvard graduate and bar owner, portrayed by Sean Maguire. Their bromance adds another layer of humor and warmth to the storyline.

At its core, Eve seeks to represent the life, dreams, and struggles of an independent woman in the modern world, while also exploring the complexities of romance and friendship. The lead character, Shelly, captures the aspiration of many women to make a name for themselves professionally while simultaneously navigating the world of dating and personal life.

The milieu of Miami is vibrantly represented throughout the show with its stunning aesthetics and cultural diversity, serving as the perfect backdrop for the narrative. The series gently explores typologies of contemporary relationships, the dichotomy of love and career, and the complexities of friendships, all of which make it relatable and engaging to the audience.

Eve's comedic brilliance is born out of character relationships and personalities that engage in witty dialogues, hilarious misunderstandings, and comedic situations. While the show is primarily an urban comedy, it manages to delve into the exploratory world of fashion and the entrepreneurial spirit in a comedic setting. This combination of fashion and comedy provides a unique flavor to the series, allowing for a unique and refreshing approach to situation comedy.

A standout aspect of the series is the on-screen chemistry between the cast members, which serves as a bedrock for the narrative and comedic timing. The camaraderie between the leading ladies and their interactions with the male leads brings a delightful energy to the show which viewers cannot help but find appealing and entertaining.

Impressively, Eve also hosts a cast of guest stars that include the likes of Queen Latifah, Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, Missy Elliot, and others who add their signature flair to the storyline, making the show even more engaging.

The series, while light and comedic, also integrates a variety of social issues and themes into its episodes, subtly exploring these subjects without detracting from its humor. Themes such as body positivity, self-love, and the importance of communication in relationships are some of the crucial points woven into the storyline.

All in all, Eve is a potent blend of comedy, friendship, and fashion, seamlessly merged in an urban Miami setting. The show's upbeat and infectious energy, combined with its captivating storyline, complex characters, and modern themes, helps to create a unique and refreshing viewing experience. It is this unique combination that makes Eve a must-watch sitcom.

Eve is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 66 episodes, the show debuted on 2003. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

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