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Good Old Teddy!
Bertie helps Britain forge a treaty of alliance with Russia, despite Wilhelm's continued attempts to interfere. Meanwhile, a constitutional crisis looms in Britain, as the House of Lords resists the rise of the House of Commons and its social reforms.

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The Peacemaker
With Britain's popularity at a low point across Europe, Bertie courts friendly relations with other nations in defiance of the government ministers.

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King at Last
Taking Edward as his royal name, the government wonders what kind of king he will be. Anxieties mount as his sister warns him of Wilhelm's intentions.

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The Years of Waiting
Queen Victoria celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, but the festive spirit is short-lived when conflicts erupt in other parts of the world.

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Bertie's scandals rock the royal family once again. Trying to protect his dalliance from public exposure, he exacerbates the situation.

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The Royal Quadrille
Bertie finally gains employment as head of a housing commission but still has time for an affair with the beautiful actress Lillie Langtry.

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Dearest Prince
Restless and frustrated with Victoria's constant refusals to assign him work, Bertie finally wins her consent to take an official tour of India.

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The Invisible Queen
Victoria's self-imposed isolation stirs republican sentiment in Britain, which Bertie's social scandals further enflame.

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A Hundred Thousand Welcomes
Distraught with grief, Victoria secludes herself from the public and insists Bertie marry Alix. The couple finds happiness together.

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Although Victoria searches for a suitable wife for Bertie, he remains reluctant to marry, despite the appeal of Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

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The New World
After charming America, Bertie returns home to attend Oxford University. Entrusted to the eye of his guardian, Bertie manages to make some friends.

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An Experiment in Education
Suffering under a tyrannical educational system designed by his father and Baron von Stockmar, Bertie grows up perpetually disappointing his parents.

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The Boy
A young Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert juggle marriage, a newborn and the demands of government.

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Edward the King is a compelling historical drama series produced by ITV in 1975, drawing viewers into the captivating life and reign of the British Monarch, King Edward VII. Spanning thirteen episodes, the series takes a deep dive into the complex life of the British ruler, his personal challenges, political episodes, and his significant relationships that shaped his reign. At the centre of this drama series is veteran actor Timothy West, who brilliantly portrays the complex figure of Edward VII from the perspective of both a human and a ruler.

The series commences with the early years of Edward's life, focusing on his challenging upbringing, and the tribulations he faced under the watchful eye of his parents, Queen Victoria (played by Annette Crosbie) and Prince Albert (portrayed by Robert Hardy). This time of his life is laden with high expectations and the burden of royal duties, a narrative brought to life with exceptional veracity by the cast.

West's towering portrayal of Edward VII's life from childhood to his death, exemplifies the transformation he undergoes, from the playful “Bertie”, the Prince of Wales into the incredible monarch, Edward the King. He balances the royal persona with the flawed human being underneath the crown, highlighting Edward's lavish lifestyle, his amiable personality and political tact. Furthermore, his relationships with an array of women - from his wife, Princess Alexandra played by Helen Ryan, to various high-profile mistresses - add to the allure of his character.

Aside from Timothy West, the series boasts an epic ensemble cast. Annette Crosbie as Queen Victoria offers profound nuance and pathos, epitomising the domineering, yet mournfully isolated matriarch. Robert Hardy as the idealistic and earnest, Prince Albert contributes an earnest performance while Helen Ryan's performance as the loving but neglected wife of Edward, Alexandra, is emotionally gripping.

The role of Alice Keppel, Edward's last mistress and confidante, is masterfully portrayed by Deborah Grant. Christopher Neame impresses as Edward's eldest son, Duke of Clarence and Jane Lapotaire brings undeniable charisma to her role as his other long-standing mistress, actress Lillie Langtry. A younger Charles Dance, probably best known for his later role in Game of Thrones, has a minor part to play in the series as Edward's personal secretary. This exemplifies the depth of talent in every actor in the myriad of roles embodied in the show.

Scripted by David Butler and dramatized by John Elliot, the series does a commendable job at amalgamating detailed historical research with the compelling arcs of storytelling, resulting in a multi-dimensional characterisation of Edward VII. The script cleverly navigates the era’s political turmoil and international intrigues, as well as the intimate trajectory of Edward's personal life.

Beyond the intricate character portrayals, the lavish costume and set design deserve special mention. The period-evocative sets do a remarkable job of transporting viewers back to the era of Edwardian England, further enriched by the luxurious and detailed costumes.

Moreover, the series masterfully contrasts Edward's hostile childhood, filled with a pressure-packed relationship with his parents, with his later life filled with lavish parties, indulgences, loving mistresses and a suppressed longing for his mother’s affection. It is this interplay of pathos and pomp, power and pretence, that makes Edward the King a captivating watch.

In summary, Edward the King is a monumental ITV historical drama that skillfully brings to life the complexities of King Edward VII's personality and reign. Richly textured with periodic details, a stellar cast, and an engaging storyline, the series paints a vibrant portrait of the man behind the monarchy. For history devotees or aficionados of royal dramas, this series offers a historically accurate and intriguing glimpse into the life of one of Britain's most fascinating monarchs.

Edward the King is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 1975. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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