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Whiskey Lake Dozer
Winter is coming, and it’s a race to squeeze in as much work as possible before business dies down for the season.

Watch Big Fix Alaska Season 1 Episode 8 Now

Cabin Fever
A team of master mechanics work around the clock to repair super machines in the remote corners of Alaska's tundra.

Watch Big Fix Alaska Season 1 Episode 7 Now

Gravel to the Finish Line
The team takes on repairs of a fishing vessel and large-haul truck, even as tensions mount at the shop over jobs that are slipping through the cracks.

Watch Big Fix Alaska Season 1 Episode 6 Now

A high volume of jobs force the team at Jim’s Equipment Repair to divide and conquer, including getting a whole town’s power back up and running.

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Muddying the Waters
In this episode of Big Fix Alaska, Jim hires Duane's archnemesis Todd Anderson and then goes on an adventure to fix a hydro-locked Thiokol Snow cat.

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Treading Water
When a financial crisis hits Jim's Equipment Repair, the team bands together to tackle jobs on land and sea in hopes of making payroll.

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Kill Drill
Jim and Austin attempt to save a town from starvation. Aven returns to his roots to fix a mid-century Nodwell being used to drill seismic test holes.

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Long Gone on the Yukon
The mechanics at Jim's Equipment Repair go out in the field to fix three large machines, but they must overcome lost luggage and other challenges.

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Big Fix Alaska is an intriguing and thrilling reality TV series from National Geographic that made its on-screen debut in 2016. The show magnifies the underlying raw, forceful, and exciting mechanics of the technology world, contribuing to an adrenaline-fueled experience for the viewers. Transpiring in the grueling and unpredictable climatic conditions of the largest American state, Alaska, the reality show takes audiences on a remarkable journey of innovation, survival, and resilience.

The central narrative pivots around a squad of mechanical maestros operating in the sub-zero temperatures of Alaska, a land closely defined by its challenging terrain and extreme weather conditions. The geographical isolation of this state adds a tint of mystery and excitement to the show as the team confronts unexpected and unforeseen hindrances.

The narrative focuses on the Diesel West crew, a top-notch mechanical repair team headquartered in Delta Industrial Services in Fairbanks, a frontier city in the interior region of Alaska. The team was known to breathe life into almost any piece of machinery thrown their way, regardless of its intricate complexities or the degree of damage. Engaged in the robust yet thrilling business of machine repair and maintenance, every episode is full of adventure with a unique set of challenges for the team. Whether it's repairing a wrecked snowmobile in the midst of a blizzard or revamping a broken-down logging truck in dense woodland, the team's raw determination and brilliant problem-solving skills are put to relentless tests in each episode.

Diesel West Hour is a unique storyline feature in this series. This hour-long event highlights the hustle and chivalry of the Diesel West team under intense pressure as they repair humongous machines within an hour. With the clock ticking, the stakes are high, and the viewers are on a rollercoaster ride of suspense as the team manipulates the challenge with exceptional brilliance.

The cast of the show includes the mastermind Jimmy, who is the proud owner of Diesel West, is an experienced mechanic who holds an unconventional and innovative approach toward problem-solving. Known for his courageous personality and quick wit, Jimmy is a veteran of a plethora of mechanical repairs.

His team members include Todd, who plays the role of a skilled hydraulic specialist, while Duane is the welding expert of the team. On the other hand, Ayla and Joe have years of experience in working with heavy machinery and play a critical role in the team's success. Together, they form a fascinating and unstoppable squad capable of taking on the harshest of hardships that come their way.

Another intriguing element of Big Fix Alaska is its setting, which single-handedly sets the stage for a high-intensity and ever-challenging reality field. Alaska, with its mesmerizing landscapes, acts as the perfect backdrop, offering not only visually pleasing scenery but also a heightened sense of suspense with its freezing temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions.

The show offers viewers an up-close view of the life, struggles, highs, and lows of these mechanical geniuses as they grapple with the harsh Alaskan weather, the demands of their job, and the pressures of the unforgiving deadline. While the tasks are challenging, the team's spirit, camaraderie, and unwavering commitment to excellence, not only win the day but also the hearts of the viewers.

Big Fix Alaska masterfully blends the thrills of the mechanical world, humbling human struggles, and the ruthless beauty of Alaska into an entertaining and engaging production. Between the fascinating dynamics of the team, the varying degree of mechanical challenges that they face, and the pervasive suspense of the Alaskan wilderness, the show offers viewers a unique insight into a world where resilience under pressure is the only way forward.

With its precise mixture of adrenaline, adventure, resilience, and human spirit, Big Fix Alaska stands tall as an exciting contribution from National Geographic. It is definitely a must-watch for adventure enthusiasts and anyone drawn to the unending charm of reality television.

Big Fix Alaska is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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