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Episode 7
The Roman Empire is the world's first superpower, but it has grown so much that it is now more of a weakness than an advantage, and the cost of keeping the barbarians at bay is high.

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Episode 6
Boudica tries to beat Rome in their own wild game in one of the bloodiest rebellions in history.

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Episode 5
The Barbarian resistance increases in a do or die by confrontation with the Empire.

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Episode 4
The Republic becomes an empire and follows a policy of Romanization designed to educate the barbarians, but even the first emperor, Augustus Caesar, is blind to the growing enemies within the very ranks of Rome.

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Episode 3
Rome rules the Mediterranean with an iron hand and embarks on a strategy of domination through expansion. Conquering and enslaving the barbarians of every new territory they claim.

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Episode 2
In ancient Hispania, Rome seeks revenge on the barbarian tribes who fought with Hannibal in their failed campaign to overthrow the Republic.

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Episode 1
The battle for supremacy begins when the ancient world divides into two: Roman vs. Barbarian. Hannibal builds the first great alliance to defeat the barbarians of Rome before they are unstoppable.

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Alaric's Goths sack Rome; Attila the Hun seizes power through chaos and destruction while the barbarians move in for the kill.

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Arminius combines tribes and organizes an ambush to push Rome out of Germania; Boudica causes bloody havoc on the Empire; and Rome's betrayal of the Goths results in an apocalyptic clash.

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Rome brings its enemies inside its borders as the age of Empire begins.

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An epic 700-year battle for freedom begins as the barbarians rise against Rome; Hannibal builds a rebel alliance and conquers the Alps; the shepherd Viriathus unleashes a wave of resistance to save his people from destruction.

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Barbarians Rising is a historical drama mini-series produced by the History channel that premiered in 2016. The series is an epic saga of resistance and rebellion against the world's greatest empire, Rome. This visceral and immersive historical programme seeks to tell the stories of the Romans from the perspective of the Barbarians who fought against them. The series comprises eight episodes, each one delving into the life and struggles of the legendary barbarian leaders who led brave rebels and unlikely heroes on an everlasting quest for freedom from the oppression of the mighty Roman Empire. The show focuses on various characters, including Hannibal, Spartacus, Arminius, Boudica, Attila, Fritigern, Alaric, and Geiseric, detailing their lives, their leadership, their beliefs, and the battles they fought. In Barbarians Rising, the eponymous characters aren't merely portrayed as mindless savages but instead as people who had their own cultures, societies, and institutions which the Romans attempted to destroy and assimilate. These are tales of heroic individuals who stood up to the merciless invading Romans, fighting for their home, their beliefs, their culture, and their very way of living. Barbarians Rising uses a blend of storytelling elements like captivating narratives that blend documentary style historic retelling with vivid dramatic sequences. This approach successfully humanizes these historic figures and deepens our understanding of their motives. It presents the strategic genius of ancient battlefield tactics, the visceral reality of brutal hand-to-hand combat and the political machinations of ancient politics with high-quality visual effects and recreations, helping to vividly bring to life these important pieces of history. The show follows the rise and fall of four of the greatest barbarian leaders - Hannibal, who vowed a blood oath to Rome at age nine, Spartacus, the slave-turned-rebel who led a catastrophic slave uprising that threatened Rome, Arminius, the stolen son of Germany who sought to alter the balance of power in Rome, and Boudica, the Celtic warrior Queen, known for her fight against Rome. By focusing on these key figures, the show explores how each rose to power, resisted Roman domination and then met their tragic end. Barbarians Rising succeeds in delving into the tormenting emotional journey of these historical figures. It portrays their undying will and relentless courage in the face of insurmountable odds which helped shape the course of history. It also does well to illustrate the cultural, political, and military challenges these leaders encountered as they clashed with the Romans on the sprawling stage of the ancient world. Simultaneously, the series attempts to trace the fractures within the Roman empire itself which led to its ultimate downfall. The corruption, decadence, and internal strife within the Roman ranks are placed into sharp relief, presenting a contrasting view of the seemingly invincible empire. The series’ technical aspects such as cinematography, costume design, and the set pieces are meticulously crafted to give a sense of authenticity and are highly commendable for a docudrama. The amount of research and detail that went into the making of the series reflects in the accurately recreated battle sequences, strategic planning, and the depiction of socio-political scenarios of those times. The narration is another remarkable feature of the series. It is engaging, evocative, and carries the audience through the centuries-long narrative while maintaining the emotional connection and drive. Combined with a particularly enchanting musical score, this helps to fully immerse viewers into the volatile era of the ancient world. Barbarians Rising is not simply a history lesson; it's a highly engrossing tale that paints a different perspective of the so-called barbarians. By the end, viewers may find themselves questioning the very definition of a 'barbarian' and who indeed deserves that label. In conclusion, Barbarians Rising from History channel offers an engaging, riveting, and educational take on a lesser-explored perspective of history. If you are a history buff or simply someone who enjoys well-crafted storytelling and cinematic drama, these tales of courage, cunning, and resistance from the leaders who dared to rise against one of the greatest empires in history, are sure to grip your attention and leave a lasting impression.

Barbarians Rising is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 11 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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