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Detective McGee stumbles across a bizarre and grotesque underground criminal enterprise.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 14 Now

The Assy Diaries
The stink of corruption wafts through the Exeter P.D. forcing Detective McGee to make some tough decisions.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 13 Now

Johnny Arson
A serial arsonist targets Exeter and Detective McGee's online lover is suspect number one.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 12 Now

The Ballad of Blind Anthony
When a legendary entertainer is assaulted, Detective McGee finds himself locked in a deadly battle with a familiar foe.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 11 Now

Showdown in Magic City
Out-of-state thugs infiltrate a local sports arena and Detective McGee must deliver a to-go order of Exeter justice.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 10 Now

Bikes for Bombs
Detective McGee discovers a risk to national security when a rogue government intends on disabling foreign regimes.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 9 Now

Hands Up
Detective McGee decides to a career change after experiencing a freak accident...until disaster strikes.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 8 Now

Vowel Play
A foreign crime syndicate's extortion scheme causes chaos at the annual Exeter Spelling Bee.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 7 Now

Irish Wake
When a beloved member of the community is murdered, the Exeter P.D. must set aside their grief until justice can be served.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 6 Now

After a series of violent assaults, Detective McGee must rely on an unlikely ally -- a criminal he put behind bars long ago.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 5 Now

Murder on the Midway
Trouble hits close to home for Detective Sanchez when a cold-blooded saboteur targets the Exeter Fireman's Carnival.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 4 Now

Mile High Mayhem
Detective McGee volunteers for the Federal Air Marshall program and accidentally stumbles upon a drug smuggling ring.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 3 Now

A hostage situation gets even scarier when it's revealed the Mayor of Exeter is one of the hostages.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 2 Now

Ring Of Fire
Someone -- or something -- is killing the city's most promising boxers and Detective McGee finds himself in a fight for his life.

Watch Assy McGee Season 2 Episode 1 Now

Assy McGee is an animated television show that aired on the Adult Swim channel from 2006-2008. Produced by Williams Street and animated by Fluid Animation, it holds a distinctive place within Adult Swim's lineup. As an irreverent, dark comedy, it pushed the boundaries of traditional animated shows with its peculiar premise; the protagonist, after whom the show is named, is a walking, talking pair of buttocks.

Assy McGee, the central character, is a rough talking, heavy-drinking cop who puts his life on the line fighting crime. Despite being just a pair of legs and buttocks with a hollowed-out rear end that somehow facilitates all his human functions, he is a relentless law enforcer in a crime-ridden city. Assy has an abrasive personality and a take-no-prisoners approach to police work. He is an embodiment of the hardened, tough-nosed cop often seen in police dramas, albeit in a satirical, cheeky manner.

The show revolves around Assy's adventures as he takes on a variety of capers, solving crimes and tackling the oddball villains that populate his city. While the city's name is never revealed, it serves as a simmering pot of nefarious activities, ensuring that there's never a dull moment in Assy's life. From solving murders to busting drug cartels, Assy takes on criminals with a unique, no-nonsense, and often hilarious style.

Assy's partner is Don Sanchez, a calm and balanced straight-man to Assy's impulsive and reckless demeanor. Sanchez often ends up dealing with the fallout of Assy’s chaotic decisions. Nevertheless, he stays loyal to his partner, always present to provide his insights and down-to-earth perspective on each case. This dynamic duo's contrasting personalities forms the core comedic aspect of the show's narrative.

The other characters mostly form the background of the stories - a mayor constantly at odds with Assy's methods, the chief of police with a begrudging respect for the results that Assy delivers despite the unconventional ways in which he operates, a bar full of locals offering comic moments, and an array of villains exhibiting various shades of absurdity. All are peppered with their peculiar characteristics that make the city's ecosystem a vibrant and entertaining place.

The series aesthetically echoes film noir mixed with action movies elements. Assy McGee often feels like a parody of the hard-boiled anti-hero detective trope, drawing comparisons with characters like "Dirty Harry". The scenarios sometimes border on the surreal, ensuring a potent mix of action, comedy, and occasionally a touch of drama. The overarching narrative is laced with satirical commentary on crime shows and action films.

Assy McGee, like many shows on Adult Swim, is distinctly adult-oriented. Its humor is mature, and the subject matter is often edgy, featuring adult themes and language, parodic violence, and crude humor. Additionally, Assy’s unique anatomical condition becomes a source of a consistent flow of sight gags and physical humor throughout the series. His unconventional existence is portrayed in such a normalized way that it enhances the absurdity and coherence of this animated world.

Despite the absurd premise, what sets Assy McGee apart is its commitment to the central concept and characters. From the animation to the voice acting, everyone involved seems to be on board with the vision of the show, lending it a charming authenticity that resonates with viewers.

In its short run, Assy McGee managed to make an impression with audiences who appreciated its unapologetic handling of the bizarre concept and its satire of cop dramas. Its unique wit, rooted in its odd premise, came across strongly week after week, quickly gaining appreciation and becoming a cult favourite.

In conclusion, Assy McGee is a show that boldly embraces the unconventional. Its satirical take on popular crime shows and action movies, mixed with slapstick humor and offbeat characters, proves to be an entertaining recipe for those open to unconventional and mature animated comedies. Despite its unusual protagonist, or perhaps because of him, Assy McGee created a memorable impact during its two-season run on Adult Swim.

Assy McGee is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.8.

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