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Silent Scream: Part 3
Conclusion of the detective drama based on Lynda La Plante's novel. It seems as though egos may get in the way of solving the brutal murder of film star Amanda Delany.

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Silent Scream: Part 2
Second episode of the detective drama based on the novel by Lynda La Plante. After missing a promotion, it seems that Langton is conducting his own investigation into his trusted team.

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Silent Scream: Part 1
New three-part drama by Lynda La Plante. Film star Amanda Delany has the world at her feet. Young and talented, she has had a string of affairs with the hottest actors around. The tabloids cannot get enough of her and she in turn cannot get enough of the spotlight. Then, when she arrives home late one evening from a night shoot, Amanda puts the key in her front door for the last time. The next morning, the press gathers on her doorstep - but this time the journalists are reporting on her brutal murder. DI Anna Travis is shocked by what she finds out about the actress - especially the truth behind Amanda's glamorous public image. For all her fame and fortune, it seems Amanda Delany was lonely, damaged and afraid. Can the team work out whether jealous friends, jilted lovers or scorned wives were capable of her murder?

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Above Suspicion is a thrilling crime drama that aired on ITV from 2009 to 2012. It was released by Acorn Media, a company known for producing and distributing British television content worldwide. This three-season series is an adaptation of acclaimed crime novelist Lynda La Plante's best-selling books that carries the same name. Lynda La Plante is remembered for her creation of the show, 'Prime Suspect.'

The plot of Above Suspicion orbits around the dynamic duo of Detective Constable (DC) Anna Travis, brilliantly played by Kelly Reilly, and her boss Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) James Langton, portrayed by the seasoned and highly regarded actor, Ciarán Hinds. With its first episode airing in January 2009, Above Suspicion follows DC Anna Travis' ascendance in her career and offers viewers crime investigations heavily punctuated by thrilling suspense and raw authenticity.

Young, dedicated, and ambitious, DC Travis is fresh from police college, and her journey to becoming a detective constable is the backbone of the series’ storyline. Thrown almost immediately into her first murder case, she must handle the pressures and responsibilities that come with the job. In an environment that's often hostile to women, she’s never shy about proving her worth and capabilities. Notwithstanding her inexperience, her determination, sharp intuition and dogged work ethic make her an indispensable member of the team.

On the other hand, DCI James Langton, Anna’s boss, is a senior and experienced officer who is battling the challenges that come with time and high levels of work-related stress. He shares a unique, mentor-mentee relationship with Anna, coaching her through the rigorous demands of the job while wrestling with his feelings for her. The chemistry between these two characters adds a layered emotional dimension that elevates the series beyond a standard procedural drama.

The series features a range of intriguing cases, right from high-profile murders to sadistic serial killings, extending up to the criminal underworld. With its masterful narrative, Above Suspicion keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as the team delves into grimy cityscapes, wrestles with darkness, and confronts dangers to catch culprits and serve justice.

From a broader point of view, Above Suspicion also navigates the world of metropolitan police atmosphere with unflinching realism. The series offers an unvarnished look into the life of a detective in the ranks of London’s Metropolitan Police Force, exploring the personal trials, intense stress, and emotional baggage that officers have to bear. It effectively shows both the glory and the brutal side of the job, cultivating a deep respect for those who serve in such grueling roles.

Above Suspicion's cast also deserves notable recognition. Kelly Reilly’s enigmatic and intense portrayal of DC Anna Travis gradually demonstrates an inspiring and proud evolution of her character. On the other hand, Ciarán Hinds, with his deep portrayal of DCI Langton, exhibits the stern, passionate, yet sensitive soul of a seasoned police officer compelled to conceal his vulnerabilities while ensuring justice. Their acting skills, along with a robust supporting cast, sketch an enthralling view of the law enforcement world.

Fans of the crime genre will appreciate Above Suspicion. From its stellar cast to its arsenal of compelling storylines, this TV series captures the essence of intrigue, suspense, and the relentless quest for justice. It offers a blend of character development, engrossing plots, and a fascinating exploration of the homicide detective's life, making it a must-watch if you're hungry for crime mysteries that are dramatic, intense, yet true to life. The show further stands out in how it compassionately handles women in authoritative roles within the police force, adds a layer of romantic storyline, and delves into the emotional labyrinth faced by those in law enforcement.

Above Suspicion is a passionately directed, well-scripted and compellingly acted series that unravels mysteries with grit, professionalism, and humanity, proving it's never too late to demand justice.

Above Suspicion is a series categorized as a cancelled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 11 episodes, the show debuted on 1970. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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How can I watch Above Suspicion online? Above Suspicion is available on Acorn Media with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Above Suspicion on demand at Amazon Prime, Apple TV Channels online.

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