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Two best friends, Lily and Gerry, are finishing up their last summer before they head off to college. They live in New York City and are experiencing the thrill of newfound freedom, hanging out at the beach and attending parties. The girls come from very different backgrounds - Lily comes from a well-to-do family while Gerry lives in a rundown apartment with her single mother. Despite their differences in social class, the two girls have an unbreakable bond and hope to stay close even as they embark on new adventures in life.

One day, they both develop a crush on the same guy, a street artist named David who is working on a mural at the beach. David is charming, confident and has an artistic spirit that immediately draws Lily and Gerry in. The girls are both smitten, but neither of them wants to ruin their friendship by making a move on David. As the summer progresses, Lily and Gerry begin to navigate the complexities of their feelings, testing the boundaries of their friendship and exploring their own desires.

Meanwhile, Lily's parents are going through a rough patch in their marriage, and she is struggling to come to terms with their betrayal of each other. Gerry, on the other hand, feels abandoned by her mother, who has started dating a man and seems to be neglecting her daughter's needs. Their personal troubles mirror the confusion they feel in their relationships with David, and the girls are forced to confront the realities of growing up and leaving their childhood behind.

As the film reaches its climax, Lily and Gerry must make tough decisions about their future, their friendship, and their relationships with David. The movie explores themes of identity, independence, and the difficulties of communication in adolescence. The two lead actresses, Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen, deliver standout performances that portray the complex emotions of their characters with depth and authenticity. Sterling Jones plays David with a subtle sensitivity that makes him both compelling and mysterious.

Overall, Very Good Girls is a coming-of-age tale that captures the uncertainty, excitement, and heartbreak of adolescence. It is a moving portrait of female friendship and the challenges of growing up in a world that can feel both beautiful and cruel. The movie is directed by Naomi Foner and features a talented supporting cast that includes Boyd Holbrook, Demi Moore, Ellen Barkin, and Richard Dreyfuss. It is a must-watch for fans of indie dramas that explore the complexities of the human experience.

Very Good Girls is a Drama movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 91 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 35.

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