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The Whisperers is a 1967 British drama film that delivers a deeply evocative and captivating portrayal of old age loneliness, wrapped in layers of profound humanity. The film is a significant piece in the filmography of the acclaimed director Bryan Forbes, whose work often exhibits a strong penchant for capturing the complexities of human nature. This film is a stellar example of British New Wave cinema which brought about raw, realist features in the 60s, leaving behind the glamour and gloss of Hollywood to authentically portray a more flawed, human world.

The compelling narrative revolves around the life of a poverty-stricken, lonely elderly character Mrs. Ross, portrayed brilliantly by Edith Evans. Evans is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the film, as she perfectly captures the character's isolation, emotional torment, and obsessive personalities. The performance earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, which was widely acknowledged as thoroughly deserved. With her powerful acting, Evans compels viewers to fully invest in Mrs. Ross's plight, resulting in a film that is both heart-wrenching and impactful. Her mesmerizing solo acts showcase the depths she reaches to personify her character, making her portrayal of Mrs. Ross unforgettable.

The film also stars Nanette Newman as the daughter-in-law, who also contributes a moving performance. Harry Baird takes on the role of the mysterious Manny, introducing an enigmatic presence that rotates the plot dynamics. The human emotions and relations embedded in the storyline are decoded through commendable performances across the cast, making "The Whisperers" an impressive ensemble piece.

Shifting between reality and delusion, Mrs. Ross spends her days in a dilapidated flat, leading a life of profound loneliness. She is drawn into a world of her own where she impersonates 'whisperers' who engage her in conversations as she navigates her bleak existence. The narrative maintains a heightened sense of mystery and emotional tension as it portrays Mrs. Ross's delusions, pairing elements of psychological investigation with a societal study of old age.

The Whisperers paints a comprehensive picture of emotional desolation and mental instability that is amplified by sharp dialogues and haunting monologues, adding depth to the narrative. The film uses the backdrop of an urban, dreary town, capturing an atmosphere that echoes the central character's despair and isolation.

Director Bryan Forbes complements the intense plot with extraordinary visuals, employing a bleak color palette that reinforces the film's somber mood. His direct and straightforward style eases viewers into the narrative, keeping them engrossed in the storyline. The cinematography of Gerry Turpin accentuates the sense of desolation, the drab cityscape serving as a stark reminder of the mundanity of Mrs. Ross's existence. The sounds are meticulously employed to intensify the chilling undertones of some sequences, adding to the film's overall effectiveness.

Not just a commentary on mental health and loneliness, The Whisperers subtly details the fringes of society, the socio-economic conditions, and the apathy of a world that overlooks the vulnerable and the neglected. The film offers an astute and direct critique of society while cleverly disguising it behind the intricate personality of its protagonist.

The Whisperers is a moving reflection on solitude, age, and mental health, powered by a magnificent lead performance from Edith Evans. The film leaves a long-lasting impression on the viewer with its powerful narrative and poignant performances, making it a prominent British classic.

In summary, The Whisperers is a compelling exploration of old age, mental health, and societal neglect. The exceptional performance of Edith Evans and the masterfully executed direction of Bryan Forbes ensure that it stands as a timeless piece of cinema that serves as a painful reminder of forgotten people who live on society's margins. The film gracefully intersperses the bleak reality with elements of compassion, resulting in a cinematic experience that intimately engages the viewer from start to finish. Its reflective narrative and the unforgettable character of Mrs. Ross make The Whisperers a must-watch for every cinephile.

The Whisperers is a Drama, Thriller movie released in 1967. It has a runtime of 105 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2..

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