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International Velvet is a heartwarming, emotional and exhilarating film that premiered in 1978. Directed by Bryan Forbes, the film is a sequel to the beloved film National Velvet starring Elizabeth Taylor. The film retains its equine heart, while presenting a thoroughly contemporary story that explores themes of family, determination, and personal growth against the backdrop of the competitive world of international horse racing. It incorporates elements of drama, family, and sport.

The film stars Tatum O'Neal as Sarah Brown, a young girl who experiences a childhood marred by tragedy. Following her parents' death in a car accident, Sarah, who hails from Arizona, United States, finds herself uprooted and transported across the Atlantic to England. She is taken in by her Aunt Velvet (Nanette Newman), the protagonist of the original movie. Velvet, herself a former equestrian champion, shares her love and knowledge of horses with her niece, helping Sarah navigate her new life while offering emotional support.

One of the film's central highlights is a strikingly beautiful horse named Arizona Pie, who is borne from the lineage of The Pie, the horse that Velvet rode to victory in the Grand National race in the original film. Sarah forms a profound connection with Arizona Pie, paralleling Velvet's relationship with The Pie in a nod to the first movie. This bond between Sarah and Arizona Pie serves as a foundation for Sarah's emotional resilience, acting as solace from her grief and displacement, while also paving the way for Sarah’s future in equestrian sport.

Starring alongside Tatum O'Neal's Sarah Brown is the veteran actor Christopher Plummer in the role of John Seaton. Plummer dramatizes the gruff but well-intentioned horse trainer who takes Sarah under his wing, imparting invaluable wisdom and guidance on her path to competitive horse riding. His influence helps Sarah hone her skills, solidifying her decision to pursue a career in the world of equestrian sports.

Furthermore, the film features a standout performance from Anthony Hopkins who plays Captain Johnson, another key figure who guides Sarah in her journey. His role is critical in providing Sarah with the tools she needs to navigate the maze of the competitive world of international horse riding and her burgeoning adolescence.

The film masterfully showcases the trials and tribulations, the success and failures experienced by Sarah, as she immerses herself in the world of competitive horse riding. Her bond with Arizona Pie and her determination to succeed in the equestrian world opens up numerous avenues of growth for her character, making for an engrossing narrative. With the encouragement and support of her aunt Velvet and her mentors, the film captures Sarah's wonderful journey from a grief-stricken girl to an accomplished equestrian.

In terms of technicality, the film features spectacular cinematography that beautifully captures the English countryside and offers viewers captivating horse racing sequences. Aided by its well-structured plot and the skilled performances by its cast, International Velvet is an impressively choreographed film that gracefully brings together elements of drama and sport. The engaging blend of thrilling equestrian scenes combined with the emotionally powerful plot creates a captivating viewing experience.

In conclusion, International Velvet is much more than a sequel to National Velvet. It stands independently as a tasteful and riveting sporting drama, drenched in personal growth and resilience. With a superb cast led by the then young and talented Tatum O'Neal, and supported by powerhouses Christopher Plummer and Anthony Hopkins, the film offers breathtaking equestrian sequences and a story steeped in emotions and determination. This compelling blend makes International Velvet a truly enjoyable movie experience for all, particularly lovers of equine sports and creature-centered story-telling. The resulting narrative is one that speaks to both the trials and triumphs of the human spirit, painting an enduringly captivating picture of resilience, love, and the remarkable bond between a girl and her horse.

International Velvet is a Drama, Kids & Family movie released in 1978. It has a runtime of 127 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8..

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