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The Portable Door is a thrilling fantasy adventure film starring a talented cast of actors, including Christoph Waltz, Sam Neill, and Miranda Otto. Directed by Jeffrey Walker and based on the popular book series by Tom Holt, this highly anticipated movie takes audiences on a wild ride through a world of magic, mayhem, and corporate greed.

The film follows the story of Paul Carpenter (played by actor Dan Stevens), a young graduate who is desperate for a job in the competitive world of finance. Despite his lack of experience, Paul is offered a job at the mysterious firm of J.W. Wells & Co., which specializes in acquiring and managing magical properties. Paul soon learns that the company's real mission is to control the supply of magic and use it to gain power and influence.

As Paul begins to unravel the truth behind J.W. Wells & Co., he teams up with Sophie (played by Miranda Otto), a researcher at the company who is equally disillusioned by its practices. Together, they discover the existence of a magical portable door that can transport people to other dimensions. When Paul's job is threatened, he decides to use the door to escape the firm and explore the wondrous worlds beyond it.

However, things quickly spiral out of control when Paul and Sophie realize that J.W. Wells & Co. will stop at nothing to retrieve the portable door and use it to further their own agenda. The two must navigate treacherous landscapes and dodge dangerous obstacles in order to survive, all while trying to prevent the company from acquiring ultimate power.

The Portable Door boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Christoph Waltz as the charming and ruthless CEO of J.W. Wells & Co., Sam Neill as the enigmatic founder of the company, and Miranda Otto as the savvy and sharp-witted researcher who helps Paul on his journey. The film also features stunning visual effects and a captivating soundtrack by composer David Hirschfelder.

Overall, The Portable Door is a thrilling and fantastical adventure that will transport audiences to a magical realm full of danger, wonder, and intrigue. With its talented cast, engaging plot, and stunning visuals, it is sure to become a beloved classic for audiences of all ages.

The Portable Door is a Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy movie released in 2023. It has a runtime of 116 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1..

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