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The Apple of My Eye is a heartwarming family drama film from 2017, featuring renowned actors Amy Smart, Burt Reynolds, and Lindsay Lamb. Directed by Castille Landon, the film tenderly captivates the audiences with its heartening tale of overcoming personal tragedy and discovering the potential within oneself when faced with life’s adversities. The film unravels around the life of an enchanting young girl named Bailey, superbly portrayed by Amy Smart. Bailey, a free-spirited, vibrant equestrian fondly attached to her horse, is suddenly pushed into the throes of a life-altering accident. This inferentially takes away her normalcy, and she succumbs to a deep-rooted fear of horses. In this newfound terror, crippled with emotional pain, she is forced to redefine her life in a perspective she never imagined. Her life turns upside down as this unfortunate incident tears apart her dreams and defies her lifelong passion. Enter, Burt Reynolds, who is playing the insightful character of Charlie. Charlie is a retired horse trainer, who bonds with Bailey over their mutual loves and despairs in life. Through Charlie's thoughtful guidance, Bailey rediscovers hope and gets introduced to a horse named Apple. Apple is no ordinary horse, but a horse with distinctive phobias, and his condition is not dissimilar to Bailey's. The beautiful narrative of Apple of My Eye revolves around Bailey's journey towards healing with the companionship of Apple. The anchor of the story is Bailey’s healing journey, but that’s just one part of it. With multiple layers of emotions, struggles, hope, and poignancy, the movie also explores the essence of familial relationships, tender friendships, and human connection with animals. It dives deep into the complex network of emotions and fears encircling life when a drastic change happens, especially for somebody as young as Bailey who had her entire life in front of her. On the other hand, the film offers a charming portrayal of Lindsay Lamb's character, who provides further emotional depth and drama to the story. The ensemble performance of the cast, especially that of Amy Smart, in portraying a young woman's struggle and journey to a triumphant resurgence is laudable. A significant feature of The Apple of My Eye is its articulation of the human-animal bond. It beautifully draws the parallel and connection between Bailey and Apple's fears and their subsequent journey towards overcoming them, thereby building an unbreakable bond of trust and love. The well-depicted idiosyncrasies of Apple the horse make the character something beyond just a pet. The presence of the veteran actor Burt Reynolds as the calm yet inspiring Charlie, a man wise with age and experiences, stylishly uplifts the impact of the movie. His mentoring aids the journey of the young protagonist and subtly paints the picture of an individual who has grown by overcoming his own adversities. The film's narrative is filmic poetry that intensifies its well-defined plotlines, and the superbly crafted characters embark on a beautiful emotional rollercoaster ride. The natural bond between the characters, particularly the connection between Bailey and Apple, makes up an essential chain of the plot that binds the viewers till the end. The overall atmosphere of the narrative successfully reflects the complexity of healing, the patience and resilience it requires, and most importantly, the power of companionship. The Apple of My Eye is a well-intentioned, beautifully shot film which deftly explores the themes of resilience, recuperation, and the therapeutic power of companionship, while providing wholesome family entertainment infused with enough tear-jerking and uplifting moments. The audience is guaranteed to embark upon a journey filled with emotions, unity, and the reinvention of oneself through Bailey's eyes. This film leaves one passionately invested in Bailey's story and moved by her courage, allowing one to leave the theater with an uplifted spirit, and more than a few happy tears.

The Apple of My Eye is a Drama movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 84 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6..

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