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Show Yourself is a psychological thriller film directed and written by Billy Ray Brewton. The movie tells the story of Travis (Ben Hethcoat), a young man who decides to go on a solo camping trip after his girlfriend recently abandoned him. Travis seeks solace in the woods, but soon discovers that he is not alone. As he wanders through the forest, he comes across a strange figure that seems to be following him.

In an attempt to ignore the presence, Travis continues on his journey, but the figure becomes increasingly more ominous, making it impossible for him to ignore. As the days go by, Travis begins to lose his sense of reality and struggles to maintain control of his mind.

Throughout the movie, Travis experiences a range of emotions, as the figure in the woods taunts him with memories of his past. The film explores themes of grief, heartbreak, and the negative impact of suppressing emotions. Travis's journey in the woods serves as a metaphor for his internal struggles, with the figure representing the manifestation of his past trauma.

As the movie progresses, the audience is taken on a rollercoaster ride, as Travis struggles to overcome his internal demons. The film's use of flashbacks and dream sequences effectively adds to the confusion and psychological torment Travis is experiencing.

The movie's setting in the forest offers a beautiful and haunting backdrop to Travis's journey, with the cinematography effectively capturing the atmosphere of the woods. The film's soundtrack features haunting piano and violin melodies that complement the movie's tone.

Show Yourself's cast consists of a small ensemble, with the majority of the screen time dedicated to Ben Hethcoat's portrayal of Travis. Hethcoat delivers a powerful and emotional performance throughout the film, effectively conveying Travis's internal struggles.

Corsica Wilson plays the role of Lindsay, Travis's ex-girlfriend, and Barak Hardley plays the character of Josh, Travis's childhood friend. Both Wilson and Hardley deliver solid performances, despite limited screen time.

The film's ending offers a satisfying conclusion to Travis's journey, while leaving the audience with a sense of ambiguity. The open-ended conclusion leaves room for interpretation, allowing the audience to form their own conclusions about the movie's themes and meaning.

Overall, Show Yourself is a well-executed psychological thriller that effectively explores themes of grief and trauma. The film's use of flashback and dream sequences adds to the confusion and torment Travis is experiencing. The movie's cast delivers solid performances, with Ben Hethcoat successfully carrying the majority of the film. The setting in the forest offers a haunting and beautiful backdrop to Travis's psychological journey. The film's soundtrack effectively complements the movie's tone, adding to the overall sense of unease. The movie's ending offers a satisfying conclusion, while leaving the audience with a sense of ambiguity.

Show Yourself is a Drama, Horror movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 79. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.9..

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