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Reign of the Supermen is a direct-to-video superhero animated film that was released in January 2019. This sci-fi fantasy comes as the sequel to the Death of Superman, the two-part event crafted by the infamous DC Universe Animated Original Movies. It mirrors the comic book of the same name, offering fans a visual version of the engaging story. The movie features an ensemble cast, headlined by notable voices such as Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn, and Rainn Wilson.

The narrative for Reign of the Supermen picks up right where its prequel left off. Metropolis is left to mourn their beloved Man of Steel, who gave his life to save the city from the deadly Doomsday in the previous installment. Now, the people of Metropolis, along with the rest of the world, are left to deal with the emptiness left by Superman's disappearance. It's a world without Superman, and the atmosphere is dramatic, brewing with tension and fragility. At the center of all this, we see Lois Lane, accurately voiced by Rebecca Romijn. She really captures the essence of a grieving partner, striking a sympathetic balance between the reporter's tough exterior and vulnerable heart.

Yet, in this time of profound uncertainty, potential successors start to come forth in the vacuum left by The Last Son of Krypton's death. Four new self-proclaimed superheroes appear on the scene, each claiming to be the reincarnation of Superman and each providing their unique spin on his iconic persona. The quartet includes The Eradicator, Superboy, Cyborg Superman, and Steel. Their sudden appearance adds an exciting twist to the narrative as each of these claims the mantle in their different ways, providing their versions of justice in a world that needs a beacon of hope.

Meanwhile, the world has no easy job deciding who, if any, of these new protectors could truly fill Superman's boots? Could it be the young clone Superboy, the strictly no-nonsense Eradicator, Steel with his mechanized suit, or the ultra-high-tech Cyborg-Superman?

Jerry O'Connell as the voice of Superman does an excellent job. Whether it's the iconic calm authority or showing a surprisingly vulnerable side to the character, O'Connell's performance is heartfelt and warm, capturing the essence of Superman capturing a hint of the turmoil within.

On the other hand, Rainn Wilson provides the voice to Lex Luthor, who is as manipulative as ever and is genuinely enjoying the power vacuum and the opportunity it presents – to manipulate and control. Wilson does a fantastic job reinforcing Lex's cunning nature and charm, playing a vital role in keeping the story thrilling.

This high-stakes, suspenseful narrative about the new supermen's reign and the political implications is directed by Sam Liu and written by Tim Sheridan and Jim Krieg. The gripping storyline filled with many plot twists and surprises keeps viewers on the edge and makes the film remarkably captivating.

Reign of the Supermen serves as a strong second chapter; it has its moments, grand scale fights, emotional heft, and even some humorous detours to lighten the mood. The film retains what we love about these characters while showing us new angles, leaning into the more complex aspects of their identities. This makes the narrative gripping and unpredictable, making the film a must-see for any Superman fan and devotee of the DC universe.

The animation and art style of Reign of the Supermen also deserve a separate mention as being top-notch: bold colors, detailed backgrounds, expressive characters – there's enough eye-candy to keep animation lovers engaged. The action sequences are a spectacle and beautifully rendered, offering a visceral viewing experience.

In essence, Reign of the Supermen is an epic tale of identity, responsibility, and legacy. It's about stepping out of the shadows left by a legend and finding one's path. This unique take on the classic Man of Steel narrative makes it an exhilarating addition to the DC animated films. It stylishly addresses the question – "If Superman ceased to exist, what would happen?" The answer is a high-powered, action-packed roller coaster of speculation and spectacle.

Reign of the Supermen is a Science Fiction, Animation, Action movie released in . It has a runtime of 87. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8..

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