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In the animated movie Planet Hulk, we see the iconic Marvel character the Hulk crash land on the planet Sakaar, which is controlled by a tyrannical ruler named the Red King. As the Hulk is taken captive, he is forced to fight in the gladiator-style arena for the entertainment of the citizens of Sakaar. But the Hulk is not alone in this fight for survival as he joins forces with other gladiators seeking to overthrow the Red King's rule and free the planet from his oppressive regime.

The movie opens with Dr. Bruce Banner (voice by Mark Hildreth) launching himself into space in an escape pod in an attempt to get away from Earth and the ever-present danger that the Hulk poses to those around him. Banner is hoping to land on a remote planet where he can live in peace, but instead finds himself on the savage planet of Sakaar.

The planet is ruled by the Red King (voice by Mark Hildreth), a green-skinned despot who has enslaved the people of Sakaar and created a powerful police state to maintain control. The Red King uses a group of elite warriors known as the Shadow Guard to keep the population in a constant state of fear, as they perform brutal acts of violence to maintain their master’s power.

After being captured by the Red King's forces and sold into slavery, the Hulk (voice by Rick D. Wasserman) is forced to fight in the arena for the entertainment of the citizens of Sakaar. He quickly proves to be a formidable fighter, defeating all challengers sent his way. The Hulk is unable to control his rage during these battles, and the people of Sakaar begin to see him as a monster.

The Hulk is not alone in his captivity, as he meets a group of other gladiators who share his desire to escape the Red King's rule. This unlikely team includes an insectoid warrior named Korg (voice by Liam O'Brien), a warrior priestess named Hiroim (voice by Paula Tiso), a member of the Shadow Guard named Elloe Kaifi (voice by Lisa Ann Beley), and a betrayed king named Miek (voice by Sam Vincent).

The relationship between the Hulk and his fellow gladiators is what drives the heart of the movie. All of the gladiators have lost something during their time on the planet, whether it be their homes, their families, or their freedom. As they fight together, they begin to form a bond and see each other as family. They are united in their desire to overthrow the Red King and bring freedom to the people of Sakaar.

The gladiators must use all of their skills and strength to survive in the arena and ultimately overthrow the Red King. They face off against a number of formidable enemies, including gigantic monsters and the elite Shadow Guard. But with every victory, the gladiators become more united and closer to achieving their goal.

The animation in Planet Hulk is stunning, with gorgeous landscapes and vivid action scenes. The voice acting is also top-notch, with each character bringing their own unique energy to the film. The movie's score is also exceptional, creating an epic feel to the action on the screen.

Overall, Planet Hulk is an exciting and action-packed movie that showcases the Hulk as a formidable and compassionate hero. While the movie takes the character in a different direction than what we typically see in the comics, it still manages to capture the essences of the Hulk as a character. The Hulk's struggles with his inner demons are still present, and we see him learning to control his rage in order to become a true hero. The themes of family, loyalty, and freedom that run through the film make it a must-see for Marvel fans everywhere.

Planet Hulk is a Science Fiction, Animation, Action movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 81 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8..

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