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Batman: Soul of the Dragon is an animated movie released in 2021, featuring an all-star cast of David Giuntoli, Mark Dacascos, and Kelly Hu. It brings together characters from the DC universe and throws them into a world of martial arts and references to 1970s pop culture.

The story centers around Batman's early days when he trained under the tutelage of an enigmatic martial arts master named O-Sensei. The plot also involves three other apprentices: Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, and Ben Turner - all trained in different styles of martial arts.

The movie opens with a scene that sets the tone for what to expect throughout the runtime: a group of ninjas killing a woman in a temple in front of a golden dragon statue. This then leads to a montage that introduces the main characters and their respective fighting styles, followed by a time jump of a few years.

We see Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) being summoned by his former master, O-Sensei, to a reunion with his fellow apprentices to investigate the disappearance of another former student, Jeffery Burr. Burr was believed to be a student at O-Sensei's temple before he graduated and became a world-famous businessman, using his corporation to fund a dangerous cult that is trying to summon a dragon demon that can give them immense powers.

The investigation leads them through a series of intense fights, high-speed car chases, and plenty of close calls. They are aided by a government agent named Richard Dragon, who turns out to be one of O-Sensei's former students. He joins forces with the group to take down the cult and Burr and prevent the dragon demon's summoning.

Throughout the movie, the characters' backstories are revealed through various flashbacks, showing their struggles and how they came to train under O-Sensei. While Batman is the most famous character, the movie doesn't focus solely on him. Instead, it gives equal weight to Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, and Ben Turner, and their roles in the team. Each of them is given a chance to shine in their own fighting sequences and contribute to the overall story.

The animation is top-notch and seamlessly merges the martial arts action with the retro and psychedelic aesthetics. There is a particular attention to the details of the 1970s - the outfits, the music, the kung fu references - which all add to the mood of the movie. The choreography of the fight scenes is especially impressive, with each character's fighting style feeling authentic and unique. The villains have a menacing presence and provide a real challenge for the heroes.

Beyond the action, the movie also deals with themes of redemption, forgiveness, and loyalty. Throughout the story, the characters must confront their past mistakes and come to terms with the cost of their choices. This gives the film an emotional depth that balances well with the action and adventure.

Overall, Batman: Soul of the Dragon is an entertaining martial arts movie that should appeal to both die-hard DC fans and casual viewers. It features a strong cast of characters, stunning animation, and memorable fight scenes. However, it may not be for everyone, as the retro vibe and the heavy martial arts focus may turn off some viewers. Nevertheless, it's worth a watch for those seeking a unique and action-packed superhero adventure.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon is a Action, Adventure movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of 83 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1..

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