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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is a thrilling animated movie from 2013 that brings viewers into an alternative universe with a completely different version of the beloved Justice League. Directed by Jay Oliva, the film is an adaptation of the comic book arc “Flashpoint” by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. The voice cast includes Justin Chambers as the Flash, C. Thomas Howell as Professor Zoom, Michael B. Jordan as Cyborg, and Kevin McKidd as Batman.

The story focuses on the Flash, who is voiced by Justin Chambers. In this alternate universe, he wakes up to find a world that is very different from the one he knows. In this new reality, his mother is still alive and his powers have diminished. As he tries to figure out what has happened, he discovers that the world has been changed beyond recognition. The world is in ruins, and a war between the Amazons and Atlanteans is raging. Additionally, the Justice League has never existed, and the heroes are in different places in their lives.

The cause of these changes is found to be the result of the Flash's decision to change history when he goes back in time to save his mother. The story takes us through the Flash’s journey as he fights to fix the timeline. As he races against time to make everything right, he encounters new versions of his closest allies and foes, discovering a new perspective on the world he thought he once knew.

As he searches for a way to fix the timeline, the Flash teams up with other superheroes that are new to this version of history. This includes Cyborg, who serves as the President's personal defense and weaponry specialist, who joins the mission to save the world. In this reality, he never acquired his powers through the same tragic event with the Mother Box. Cyborg is now a clear government agent acknowledged by most world leaders, holding increasingly more influence.

With the timeline distorted, several other characters have altered versions of their original designs. A more cynical take on Batman, voiced by Kevin McKidd, is one of them. Whether by design or by accident, an inciting event in Bruce Wayne's past altered his trajectory, causing him not to take the path of heroism. He lives a life of luxury with no causes to take upon himself until the Flash brings him back into the fray, opening his eyes to the destruction of his city.

This timeline also has a reversed Aquaman, an Atlantean raised on land as opposed to the aquatic upbringing of the traditional character. He is aggressive, violent, and irrational compared to other versions of the character. Another interesting example is the alternate Wonder Woman, a ruthless warrior who is locked into a prolonged conflict with Aquaman's people.

The villains in this story are those who usually pursue the Flash, such as Professor Zoom, voiced by the impeccable C. Thomas Howell, who is the cause of the altered timeline in the first place. Zoom’s presence in this new world makes itself known through a series of encounters with the Flash, with dramatic result after result. He is a character who doesn’t just stand in the background, but is a central part of the story, both as antagonistic and as a driving force.

As the Flash tries to figure out a solution, he invariably faces conflicts from all sides. The different superheroes have different ideals and beliefs, creating conflict even among themselves. This puts an added burden on the Flash, as he tries to stay true to himself - and his own ideals - while working with characters that are different from their original sources.

Overall, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is a fast-paced and action-packed movie with a lot of intriguing twists and turns. The film manages to balance the different characters while taking in the alternate reality that should be familiar to comics fans. The animation is top-notch, fluidly animating a story that's both well-written and well-accomplished.

In conclusion, the movie is definitely worth watching, especially for fans of the Justice League and the Flash. The characters are fascinating and the story will keep audiences engaged from beginning to end. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is a gripping adventure into an alternate universe that changes everything that viewers thought they knew, bringing new perspectives and exciting twists to the beloved Justice League.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is a Science Fiction, Animation, Action, Adventure movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 75 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.1..

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