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Justice League: The New Frontier is an animated feature film released in 2008. It is a direct-to-video superhero film adaptation of DC Comics' limited series "The New Frontier." This thrilling movie was produced by Warner Bros. Animation and directed by Dave Bullock, and it features the vocal talents of a remarkable ensemble cast that includes David Boreanaz, Miguel Ferrer, Neil Patrick Harris, and John Heard.

The film is set in the 1950s, at the end of the Korean War, during the golden age of comic books. It serves as an original look into the history of the Justice League, which includes legendary superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter. A central point of the plot is an exploration of the socio-political situations that led to the formation of the Justice League, offering a fresh take on their mythology.

David Boreanaz lends his voice to Hal Jordan, a war veteran recently returned from Korea who later becomes Green Lantern. Superman is impressively voiced by Kyle Maclachlan, who captures the Man of Steel's courage and nobility while also highlighting his ethical struggles. Meanwhile, Batman is embodied in true Dark Knight style by Jeremy Sisto, Neil Patrick Harris gives the Flash his characteristic light-hearted and witty edge, and Lucy Lawless gives voice to a powerful and compassionate Wonder Woman.

The narrative of Justice League: The New Frontier skillfully interweaves the personal crises and professional lives of these individuals, as they grapple with their roles as both superheroes and members of society. This period piece deftly humanizes these larger-than-life characters while situating them within the larger context of a world emerging from war and on the brink of an equally significant internal turmoil.

The iconic villains of the DC Universe are not left behind either, as we see a formidable antagonist in the form of The Centre, voiced by Keith David. The Centre is a primordial entity awakened by the advent of the nuclear age, threatening humankind's very existence. This perceived threat of nuclear annihilation is addressed throughout the film, serving as a potent reflection of the Cold War-era fear that gripped the world in the '50s.

The movie investigates the heroes’ struggle to define their roles in this new era, reflecting the social, political, and ethical changes in post-war America. These themes allow Justice League: The New Frontier to use superhero storytelling to tackle broader cultural issues unique to this historical period.

In true superhero fashion, when the world faces an unprecedented threat in the form of The Centre, these individuals must set aside their personal dilemmas and ideological differences to unite. However, it is not simply a tale of superheroes saving the day, but much more than that. In its essence, it is a profound exploration of the society they protect, the ideals they embody, and the price they need to pay for it.

Justice League: The New Frontier also deserves considerable praise for its animation style. The film uses a unique aesthetic that is a worthy tribute to the silver age of comic books. The animation is crisp and clear, faithfully recreating the distinctive art style of the original comics.

Despite being an animated feature, Justice League: The New Frontier does not shy away from exploring mature and complex themes. The characters are richly drawn and well developed, creating a superhero film that appeals to a wide range of viewers, not just those who are fans of comic books or animation. It's a compelling investigation into the psyche of the people behind the masks, set against a backdrop of social and political reform.

To sum it up, Justice League: The New Frontier is more than just another comic book adaptation. It's a thoughtful and introspective study on the nature of heroism, constructed with respect for the source material while still not being afraid to innovate. Whether you're a lifelong fan of these timeless characters or a newcomer just starting to explore their universe, this film is a must-watch. It's an intriguing dive into the mythos of the Justice League that offers an exciting and insightful adventure from start to finish.

Justice League: The New Frontier is a Action, Adventure, Animation, Science Fiction, Kids & Family movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0..

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