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Love Locks is a heartfelt, romantic drama from 2017 that effortlessly combines familiar elements of homecoming, rediscovery, and the inevitable ups and downs of a love story. Starring prolific actors Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell, it’s a Hallmark production both directed and co-written by Martin Wood.

The protagonist is Lindsey Wilson, convincingly portrayed by Rebecca Romijn. Lindsey is a successful, focused businesswoman who co-owns a prestigious art magazine in New York. She has an accomplished and fulfilling life, but it feels incomplete following a recent divorce. Amidst this emotional upheaval, she decides to take her college-bound daughter Alexa, played by Jocelyn Hudon, to her own alma mater in Paris.

After twenty years, she returns to the city of love and light, uncovering much more than just a nostalgic walk down memory lane. This return does not only signify a passing of the torch to her daughter, but it also rekindles a past she left behind. As she strolls through the enchanting, quaint Parisian streets, Lindsey encounters her once passionate European flame, Jacques Deveau (Jerry O’Connell).

Jacques Deveau is a successful painter whose persona is filled with vibrant charm and cheerful disposition. Lindsey and Jacques's reunion rekindles their erstwhile unfinished love story and the promise they had made to each other many years ago. Each interaction, with its silent undercurrents of their shared past, reawakens feelings they once thought were lost.

Giving another depth to the story, the title Love Locks carries a delightful symbolism, a romantic tradition in Paris. Couples would etch their initials on a padlock, affix it to a bridge then throw the key into the Seine River as an eternal promise of their love. This tradition becomes a potent metaphor in the movie, representing characters' internal emotional states, past promises, and their hopes for the future.

Accompanying the two leads is an excellent supporting cast including Bruce Davison, who plays a fellow American expatriate in Paris. His character, Hugh, provides both wise counsel and comic siding that adds a light-hearted touch to the plot’s dynamics.

While the movie is undoubtedly a romance, it also explores the mother-daughter relationship in depth. Lindsey navigates this complex dance of protecting her daughter and giving her the freedom to make her own decisions. The characters' development over time encapsulates the film's heart, exhibiting the complexities of real-life love and family relationships.

The film's enchanting setting, Paris, is a character in itself. Its distinct romantic charm provides the perfect background for a story of love, loss, and reconnection. Whether it is the luminous view of the Eiffel Tower or the reflective surface of the Seine river, Paris's landscapes are both picturesque and meaningful, intricately woven within the narrative.

Love Locks invites its audiences to look into themselves, emphasizing the importance of confronting past choices and reopening closed chapters for us to grow and heal. It asks important questions about regret and resolve and manages to distill complex emotions in a simplistic but effective manner.

One of the film's unmistakable strengths is its ability to capture and portray a sense of nostalgia. The well-fleshed out characters coupled with the inviting cityscapes of Paris make it a must-see film for anyone who is a romantic at heart. Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell's chemistry is palpable and progresses naturally, making viewers root for their characters as they navigate the delicate walk between their past and present.

Moreover, Love Locks is beautifully captured, showcasing enchanting Parisian architectural landscapes, intimate cafes, art studios, and the quintessential Paris charm that magnetizes and immerses viewers in a city where love feels as essential as the air one breathes.

In summary, Love Locks is a captivating exploration of past love, facing unresolved feelings, and finding comfort and acceptance through it all. It is a story of chances, growth, family, and above all, the echos of a love that is always alive. A captivating tale, it will make you laugh, cry, and feel, all while being visually entranced by the beautiful city of romance that is Paris.

Love Locks is a Drama, Romance, TV Movie movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4..

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