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Our Sons is a profoundly moving and subtly captivating drama released in 1991. Marking its unique space in the landscape of LGBTQ cinema, the movie draws focus towards AIDS and its effect on familial relationships. Considering the early 90s setting, the exploration of such a significant and powerful subject was rare and commendable. Filmmakers brought forth the brutal reality of the time but sprinkled it with the healing power of love and acceptance.

The nugget of the story of Our Sons centers around two mothers who find themselves entangled in each other's lives due to an unimaginable predicament. Audra, portrayed with unflinching realness by Ann-Margret, is a rough-around-the-edges Arkansan waitress with a heart that hides tenderness under her steely exterior. The other woman, Luanne, is gracefully embodied by Julie Andrews, who brings a vulnerable sophistication to the character. A well-to-do Californian businesswoman, Luanne’s world is a far cry from Audra's, both geographically and socio-economically.

The paths of these two seemingly disparate women cross when Luanne's son, a successful architect named James (Zeljko Ivanek), falls sick with AIDS. In his sickness, James expresses his longing to see his estranged lover, Donald (Hugh Grant), whom he learns is also ailing from the disease, lying on his deathbed and longing to see his mother. Running against his usual charming rom-com persona, Hugh Grant brilliantly explores the pathos, vulnerability, and muted intensity that his character demands.

With the spectral force of AIDS hanging over the plot and the characters, Our Sons weaves a sensitive and emotional narrative dealing with sentiments of love, redemption, and acceptance. Furthermore, it inspects the contrasting figures of motherhood from the diametrically opposite characters of Luanne and Audra.

Julie Andrews, as Luanne, is composed and tasteful, a reflection of her high-level executive life in San Diego. Her portrayal seizes on the internal turmoil of such a poised woman coming to grips with her son's sexuality and his impending death. Simultaneously, Ann-Margret brilliantly absorbs the persona of Audra, who, in contrast, is seemingly coarse and crass but holds within her a sorrow rooted in her own inadequacies as a mother.

Despite their differences, both women share a common pain - the imminent loss of their sons. The movie thus beautifully illustrates their journey of understanding, acceptance, and transformation — from previously estranged or uninvolved mothers to becoming pillars of support and love when their children need them the most.

This delicate situation also causes the women to confront their sons' homosexuality and their own latent homophobia. This enlightening transformation, which is one of the central themes of Our Sons, was a potent message during the early 90s when discussions surrounding homosexuality and HIV-AIDS lacked visibility. Therefore, the film portrays not only an individual's struggle with disease but also society's struggle with acceptance and understanding.

The movie is a symbolic representation of the times when an AIDS diagnosis meant definite death and ostracization from society. The gravity of this subject matter is sensitively handled by the director, John Erman, who ensures the story is about love, acceptance, and reconciliation over judgement and stereotypes. The script, penned by William Hanley, rests heavily on the emotional quotient and is filled with turmoil, pathos, and ultimately redemption.

This 90s drama gives a riveting yet hard-hitting glance into a reality that existed not long ago. Our Sons defies the bounds of its time, acting as a moving testament to the power of human compassion in the face of adversity and societal judgment. It acknowledges the disease that changed countless lives and forced society to see beyond its prejudices.

Whether you're a fan of the brilliant Ann-Margret or the ageless charm of Julie Andrews, or the pre-romcom Hugh Grant, or merely a fan of profound storytelling, Our Sons defiantly stands as a must-watch movie. A poignant, emotive, and compelling drama, Our Sons opens a dialogue around AIDS and Homophobia whilst subtly illustrating the enduring strength of a mother's love even in the face of adversity.

Our Sons is a Drama, TV Movie movie released in 1991. It has a runtime of 92. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8..

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